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joker's wild

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  • joker's wild

    If improving your game or just looking for people who are like minded and actively trying to achieve the same is your goal, then this is the place to be.

    I read a post in here that asked "are you learning from someone who has made a career from playing poker" and I am proud to say that we have several that do. Time is money to these players so one has to be patient to learn from them. The opportunities are few and far between but are well worth the wait.

    From the outside this club appears to be a social club and mostly this is correct but it is these few gems of a moment that makes this a great place and I have made a lot of good friends here as well.

    Also this club is more of gathering area that leads to other places with more players, more opinions and more knowledge. It is at these places that some of the best stuff happens so it is important to be willing to venture outward with us to take advantage of everything we do.

    Lastly, I have been at odds with the way this forum is being handled and instead of arguing or fighting I have just come to the conclusion that I can not contribute here in a fashion that is acceptable and this will be my last post in the forum.

    ID# 12468
    PW= 04161973

    Good luck on the felts and remember to enjoy the game and not let the game enjoy you.

    Read more: The Joker's Wild Home Club - PokerSchoolOnline Forum

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    about the tournament

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      just a reminder that this is a friendly tournament where we get to meet other players and test our skills with out the risk of money


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        This room is fun nothng but fun!

        Originally posted by joker41673 View Post
        just a reminder that this is a friendly tournament where we get to meet other players and test our skills with out the risk of money

        Hey Joker thanks for forming this club. It is just a fun room to get to know each other. I have had a blast each and everytime I come in and play. I know its just play money but the fun and smiles(LMAO) are not play. I enjoy talking poker and life with a lot great players whom I now call my freinds.

        Hope to see y'all there.

        Julius aka BUDA505


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          it makes more sense to update the members list than to just say bump
          tired of updating this one

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            don't forget to bring your sense of humor

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              Thank You

              Hey Joker,

              Just wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you for the kind invite! Not sure I'm as yet, in any position to truly challenge anyone, but I'll certainly join and see how I fair? At least a great chance to make a few friends and learn at the same time.

              See you on the Home Game

              Thank You Again



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                well the second day of playing hi this month
                still @

                everyone is to ask you if you can play

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                  Thanks for the admittance to your club. Looking forward to the Saturday tourney.
                  3 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    Originally posted by Yawni View Post
                    Thanks for the admittance to your club. Looking forward to the Saturday tourney.
                    no problem
                    we hang out there all day as i'm sure you can see us sitting there right now
                    not much playing just BS'ing and stuff but we will play when we're not too busy

                    have fun and see ya' soon


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                      Originally posted by joker41673 View Post
                      about the tournament

                      all tournies are deep stack with slow blinds
                      the game will change every month and the leaderboard is yearly
                      this month is no limit hold 'em
                      next month will be pot limit omaha hi/low

                      made a few changes here
                      2nd this

                      April will be as

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                        lots of peeps hanging out and everyone to come out
                        you want a table or tourney just any

                        unfortunately moving soon without for a while
                        with that said all members who have yet to show up will be removed departure the open invite closed won't be around remove anyone

                        i will be setting up tourneys far ahead and hope before my take a hit

                        any questions or comments to me post here

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                          April is nearly upon us and it time for this tired old dog to take a bow and leave the PSO stage, I'd like to say its been fun, but it hasn't, I detest playing the PSO with what few functional brain cells I have left, PSO being to poker what Attila the Hun was to public relations.

                          In my time playing the league I have added to my poker skill base the following - NOTHING, whereas in my time as a member of Jokers Wild I have learned to enjoy poker once again and am fortunate now to have a bunch of complete strangers who I can truly call friends, whilst they I'm sure still call me all the names under the sun.

                          It is therefore my intention to leave with one last "hurrah", this coming month I am swallowing the bile and I am playing the PSO in earnest for the first and last time, not for the hope of a bankroll boost but to donate whatever winnings I can gain in April from the PSO to the Jokers Wild Stake Holding as stake for the Home Club Members to enter and play tournaments that their bankrolls may not normally permit.

                          No point posting any further details at this time because if I win zip then the stake holding contribution is zip, well not quite, if i fail to cash at all I promise a $10 donation.

                          The wine is stocked, the loins are girded and I am steeled for 1 month of poker purgatory.


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                            Nice post

                            I'll add 5 to the pot when my roll hits 30.

                            Ericnancy has already quoted you as being another satisfied psoer who is gratefull for the opportunity to play one of the most prestigeous leagus on the planet, I think he will upload it once he has finally got his second shoe on..........So you should be safe for this month!



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                              i'm making a pledge but can't until
                              i think we will set the final how but for now look to be play for the prize
                              a series of games with a tourney and prize for all games

                              we can cuss this at times at the club

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