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WPT Championship 3, The End

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  • WPT Championship 3, The End

    Thursday, April 21

    Early reports of my Wednesday finish had me in 20th place, but
    when all the reports were in, I was 21st of the 164 remaining
    players. Incredible. I couldn't believe it. 8O

    Again, sleep was a commodity beyond my reach...I might have
    clocked 3 hours last night. Fired up the laptop because I
    wanted to know what my table would look like for today:

    41 1 Arnold Spee 181,600 (winner of Reno WPT event)
    41 2 Paul Darpino 39,500
    41 3 Tuan Le 315,700 (winner of Foxwoods WPT event)
    41 4 Phil Hellmuth 85,200 (well, you know)
    41 5 Kaelaine Minton 233,800
    41 6 James Bechtel 175,000 (WSOP winner)
    41 7 Max Pescatori 223,400 (Ultimate Poker Challenge)
    41 8 Rob Schwieger 102,500
    41 9 Nick Hanna 124,400

    This table is accurately called the "Table of Death" for
    today, and I'm stuck right in the middle. I felt good about my
    chip position (2nd at the table) but the chip leader, Tuan Le,
    is the button to my big blind, and I don't want to tangle with

    We started 9-handed, but some other tables were still playing
    with players bust out, all tables will become 9-handed

    Round 11, blinds 1500/3000, ante 400; each round costs 8100.

    Paul Darpino went out early and Alan Schein was moved into the
    2 seat. On my Big Blind, Alan limped in, Phil completed the
    small blind, and I held AQ...I decided to raise...and Alan
    moved all-in!! CRAP! Why didn't I just check and see the
    flop??? Phil had to think about this for a while - he was in
    a bad spot in the middle, not knowing what I was going to do,
    and him being short-stacked. He eventually folded, and I had
    to also. Phil says he threw away AK, so I may have lucked out
    not taking a flop...if an Ace had flopped, I would have been
    caught with a kicker problem. Alan took the pot and gave no
    indication of what his hand was...Phil says he made that same
    move in Reno with a ten-eight. :?

    Later in this round, Arnold raises in middle position and all
    fold to me...I look down at QQ - the first pair of ladies I've
    seen in this tournament. They looked good to me, so I
    re-raised. All fold back to Arnold, who immediately moved
    all-in. I had him covered, so I called. I should have
    thought this through...he was putting his tournament life at
    risk ...if he lost this hand he would be out. How many hands
    could he take this risk with??? Of course he held AA and I
    doubled him up, leaving me with only about 70K in chips.

    I give myself a pep talk...I've got to look for opportunities
    to build my stack back up. I went from 2nd in chips down to
    the short stack due to one horrendously bad call, but I've got
    to get over that.

    A few hands later, a middle position player limped, Tuan Le
    raised from the button. I held T9 diamonds in the big blind
    and decided to call the raise, as did the limper. The flop
    was 9 high, rainbow...I moved all-in with my top pair. The
    middle position players says "I was going to do that if you
    didn't" and mucked his hand". Tuan also mucked and I breathed
    an inward sigh of relief.

    I took a couple of other pots uncontested and at the end of
    round 11 I was back up to 190,400. I was really having a hard
    time...this was a tough table. I'm still kicking myself over
    the Queens.

    Before Round 12 starts, we race off the 100 chips...I've got 4
    chips in the race, more than any other player, and I can't hit
    a face card.

    To start Round 12, I've now got 190,000; blinds are 2000/4000
    with a 500 ante. Each round will cost 10,500.

    Early in round 12, one player limps and Tuan Le raises to
    16,000. I look down at QQ again and make it 50,000 to go.
    Other player mucks and Tuan says "Ok, let's do it. I'm
    all-in". CRAP!!! I go into the think tank. Here I am in the
    same situation from round 11, facing an all-in with QQ. The
    difference here is that if I call and lose, I'm busted. Tuan
    is the big stack and could be trying to bully me, knowing that
    the short stacks will be trying to make the money. I look at
    the monitor and it says "Players remaining: 127". 100 get
    paid (51st through 100th get $30,000). Even if I'm ahead now
    with the queens, he could have AK and out-flop me...hell, he could
    out-flop me with any two cards. I've just bet about a third
    of my stack, but if I fold I will still have about 100K to
    work with. I tell Tuan I think he's bullying me and that I
    believe I'm laying down the best hand, but I'm not ready to
    bust out, and I fold.

    (Here I sit, a week later, wishing I had called him on this
    hand. We now know he went on to win this tournament. If I
    had called and won the hand, I would have taken the chip lead
    at the table and also gotten a big confidence boost.)

    The Stupidest Way to Blow $30,000:

    A few hands later, I'm in the BB. Max Pescatori limps, Phil
    completes the small blind, and I look down at T4 offsuit. Any
    raise at all pre-flop and I wing this crap into the muck. I
    check and the flop comes K46. I've flopped bottom pair, Phil
    checked to me, so I decided to probe and see if anyone caught
    anything. I bet 10,000 and Max calls, Phil folds. I figure
    Max has got a piece of it, maybe a King, and I'm done with
    this hand unless I improve.

    The worst possible card for me comes on the turn - a ten, giving me 2-pair. I bet 20,000 and Max wants to know what I've got left (about 70K). He raises enough to put almost put me all-in, and I shove my chips in without taking time to think it through. Max turns over pocket sixes for the set and just like that - I'm out. I look
    at the monitor and it still says "Players remaining: 127".

    I collect my stuff and wander over to Mike Paulle and tell him
    my story. The feeling is hard to describe. It's like driving
    100 miles an hour for two days, then WHAM, you run into a
    brick wall. You don't even get to coast to a stop - it's
    sudden death.

    How stupid is it to go broke playing a hand that you would
    never play pre-flop for any amount?!?!?! I got so concerned
    about Tuan Le on my right, I failed to pay proper attention to
    the threats on my left. My first thoughts were about how I
    had disappointed all the people that had been following my
    progess for the past 2 days, especially the people that had
    risked their hard-earned money buying shares to help pay my
    travel expenses. I'm still kicking myself over this, and
    probably will be, until I get the chance to go toe-to-toe with
    this crowd again.

    So here it sit...alternating between kicking myself and trying
    to figure out how to get into the next big tournament. And I
    get mail from Harrah's New Orleans about the WSOP Circuit
    event in May...there's a PSO Live tour event there also on May
    20th. Maybe I can swing that, considering the fact that I'm
    currently unemployed (another long story) but if any of the
    positions I've applied for comes through, I'll be starting a
    new job and that's a bad time to take a vacation to play

    I cannot say this enough: I would not have made it as far as
    I did without thehazyone's Mentor Program and the personal
    coaching I got from Aaron along the way. And the support from
    those who had faith in me and provided financial and moral
    support for my journey was incredible. I couldn't have done
    it without all of you...and PSO!!

  • #2
    Your story is amazing! A dream!

    You are a very talented player, Kaelaine. I have no doubt, that next time around, things will be different. You'll have the nervous jitters behind you. You'll regain the necessary composure when you start to feel on top of the world.

    You played something amazing! We are all so very proud.

    I look forward to reading/hearing of your stories & continued success.


    • #3
      Another great read K and an ever better performance.


      • #4
        K just think of all the proper poker desisions you had to make to get there,and we all know you can make them to get back again We are all so proud


        • #5
          Great report Kae...

          Every time the phone rang over those three days, I was nervous until I heard the words "I'm still in..."

          I know you were disappointed to get so close and not money... but all of us are and were very proud of you. Especially me.


          • #6
            Great report K and great job. A big payday is definately in your future! Well done!



            • #7
              Thanks for the wonderful live-the-dream report, K. I can't imagine how you felt during the tournament or how you feel now, but one thing is for sure, you can stop worrying about "letting people down". Are you kidding? Win, lose, or draw, you are one of PSO's best, and this one event won't change that.

              Besides, you outplayed DN! Just like June said, I'd give my left n---- to have seen that. (By the way, June, I've been meaning to ask you, how did you come by your pair of n----s?)


              • #8

                I have several pairs that I have collected over the years. :wink:


                • #9
                  An absolutley fantastic effort, are a great influence to us all....


                  • #10

                    I still remember that hand at the PSO final in Tunica that you busted me out with, 4 ACES. ops:

                    I gotta say what a fantastic attempt you made, outstanding, even though you feel you could have gone further you must have learnt a lot which I KNOW you will use and next time you will make it, as I believe you are a winner. You held your own against the worlds best.

                    Congrats again on a tremendous effort, hope to meet again as I will be in Vegas for this years WSOP.

                    David T aka Cockney kid


                    • #11

                      Congrats on a great tourney! The Chamblee Poker Game (now defunct) is proud of you. You are a tough competitor! Best of luck.



                      • #12
                        WPT event


                        You've described some very interesting hands and decisions you faced. You met the challenges with class and distinction-certainly in a way to make all PSO'ers delight with pride-I'd say superior to the typical pro.
                        The end was a bit of a bummer because you did have two pair, a winner in very many situations. It just wasn't your time but damn it was close.




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