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Turning Stone Turn Out

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  • Turning Stone Turn Out

    I arrived on Thursday night to find the smiling face of MaggieMayB in the poker room. She was already anxious to play and raring to go. I got the big ole PSO stand up and then started to meet the players. In the super sat I found Johnny_Bravo and GoJira. There were others too, but, I had yet to meet them. JB couldnt catch a hand and was eliminated early...but, I tell you this, that man never stops smiling. What a joy to be around.

    Friday morning, I woke up early in order to get all my tshirts, caps, card protectors, pins and whathaveyou down to the PSO stand and meet the 15 or so players who had said they were coming. I stopped briefly to check my emails and Ms. Tina had some things she needed me to do right then and there. (notice how I am laying the responsibility on her). After I did these tasks, I was running late. No breakfast for me, and barely a shower (which I thought to be more important that eating).

    So, I hustle down there, dragging all this gear along with me and I arrive in the crystal ballroom only to find a herd, and I mean a herd of PSO'ers. Some growling...but not loudly. I plop all the gear down and start taking names immediately. They line up and the line seems endless. There are 26 of them. I was so excited to see so many faces I had already seen and new ones I was just getting to meet. Partaker is a sweetheart. It was so enjoyable getting to visit with him about his wife, his wifes love of horses and their dream of completing their horse stable and riding school.
    It was fun getting to meet Kailyn31 at last. He came up to my room and played the BigOne on my laptop. It was really nice of Kailyn31 to let ChessSafari plug his computer into his dsl in his room to play the BigOne. If only people could see that it isnt all about playing poker. The friendships made and camaraderie abound.

    We had three beautiful ladies, MaggieMayB, Triathlete and Rudie. It is always a thrill to see more women coming out to play in these invitationals. Kaelaine has layed the groundwork for women everywhere to see it can be done. Kudos Missy!

    Several of the players were at Foxwoods, so it was great to see them again. Maggie, Runner_836, "kid" lucky, Espozuno, cannedham and of course, the infamous JCastle. I had met several of the players in line at Tunica, like Johnny_Bravo and it was nice to see them again too.

    I got everyone to do what they would regarding the donning of PSO gear. It wasnt that difficult and it was a pleasure to see 26 PSO caps and tshirts in the sea of 204 unfamiliar faces. Jason DiBenedetto, who I cannot say enough good things about, was the tournament director and was thrilled that PSO brought so many players to the event. He asked me to thank you all for coming and hopes you enjoyed the stay at Turning Stone. INMO, I think Turning Stone is a great casino. No alcohol, so, I know that eliminates a lot of you guys, hahaha...but, other than that, it is super nice.

    Now to the event. Seems like PSO'ers have a staying power that the other members in the field dont have. I believe we represented about 12% of the field and by the time we got down to the final 27, we still had 5 members playing, and in the money. That aint too shabby folks. ChessSafari was the first to fall. He was already a bit short and had to make a stand. Unfortunately for him, it was a stand and leave. Rudie came next on the chopping block. She too was short and had to pick a hand to go all in with. She backed up against a pair of jacks which promptly became quads and it was time to claim Bob from the rail and head home to feed and water the dogs.

    Now there were 3. Two were sitting side by side. JSYANKEY with Johnny_Bravo to his right, battling it down to the wire. Runner836 was on the other table and was holding his own. I think he took a stab at increasing his stack, made a play and ran into a wall. I think he might be rethinking that move even today. Overall, he played a super game. The final table would be created as soon as number 10 hit the dust. Unfortuate for JSYANKEY, his number was up. At nine players the bickering began.....chop this chop that, I want more than you, blah blah blah. One person stood out as the smiling face, closed mouth, noncombative player. That would be Johnny_Bravo. When it got down to what happened, he never had a cross word to say. I think that really speaks highly for PSO. Thanks Ed. Ed came in 7th in the touney and won the seat in the PSO Grand Finale. Congratulations Johnny_Bravo.

    Side note: ESPOZUNO FLAT OUT WON THE $500 EVENT THE FOLLOWING DAY! WHAT A RUSH THAT WAS!!!!! PSO..Home of Current Champions!!! Yes.......................!!!!

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    Thanks, Sharla. Almost as good as being there in person!!! Have fun in Tahoe!


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      Thanks for the side note. Seeing that I am also going to be playing in the WSOP Main Event I thought I would need a nick name. Tell me what you think about this one:

      Frank "The Force" Esposito

      This is because of my love for Star Wars movies and my uncanny ability to read my players this weekend!!!!!

      P.S. - I only finished 12th in the $1000 No-limit tournament on Sunday. I played bad for a few hands. QJs is Bad!!!!!!! Unless your planning to flop a straight.

      "The Force" lol


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        Hey Frank
        and WOW...another big finish for you at Turning Stone. 12th is nothing to thumb your nose at!! WAY TO GO!

        And if my opinion counts for anything, I really like THE FORCE


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          Hey Espozuno...Great May the Fours be with you, unless of course you have them in the pocket. Congrats on the 12th place. You are having quite the run there bud! Puts my 32nd place to shame. It was a blast getting to see you again. Hope it wont be a long time til the next one.




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            Hey Sharla,

            I wish I could come up to your room and play The Big One on your kidding...forgive me, I couldn't resist...


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