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WPT Boot Camp

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  • WPT Boot Camp

    Hi all,

    I promised I would report on my attendance at the WPT Boot Camp held at The Mirage on April 2nd and 3rd.

    We were asked to arrive Saturday morning at 8:00 for registration and breakfast. At registration we were all given a very nice WPT duffle bag filled with goodies consisting of the book "Shuffle up and Deal" and Ron's new book "Poker Aces, the Stars of Tournament Poker." This is a beautiful book with a section of photographs, autobigraphy and playing style of 178 poker professionals. In addition the obligatory cap, t-shirt, decks of cards and poker software were stuffed in the bag. Breakfast was the typical sweet roll, fruit, coffee and soda table was very nice. Our instructor Ron Rose was there mingling with the students or disciples as he began to refer to us. Ron is a very bright and engaging individual. He began his first lecture with an introduction. He began playing poker seriously in 2001 when he had conquered the bridge world and was looking for a new challenge. He flew to Paris for a big tournament at the Aviation Club because he wanted to pit himself against the best and he also wanted to have an edge up on the European players since they are now attending so many of our tournaments. He won 3 tournaments there, Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

    When he returned to the states he was well known to the Europeans but no one here ever heard of him. In 2002 he made a final table in a WPT event and then won his first bracelet in 2003. This guy is simply awesome.

    In addition to Ron, there were about 6 WPT employees. Most notable was Alex "the insider" Outhred. Alex views all the tape of the final tables for WPT and looks at every hand and decides which ones to air on tv. He is also one of the instructors in addition to Ron, Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten, Scott Fishman and Clonie Gowan.

    The format for the rest of the day was lecture, lab, lunch (very nice), lecture, lab. The labs consisted of playing out pre stacked hands on two different tables and seeing how they developed. This was very similar to what we did in Tunica this year. With Scott and Alex doing the play by play, this was very well done. About every 20 minutes throughout the two days they showed a WPT film clip on a huge overhead projector to illustrate a point they were covering in the lecture. These videos were excellent.

    We finished Day 1 with 5 separate one table sats. Ron Rose sat in at our table and we knocked him out on the first hand. RHIP does exit so he "re-bought" and sat at another one of the tables where he knocked out most of the players.

    We went all the way till about 7:15 PM. It was a very long day. Scott Fishman sat in most of the day and observed since his first Boot Camp is coming up soon. By the way Scott is 23 years old and I'm sure many of you have seen his antics on TV and may have a negative impression. I did. I was completely wrong. He is pleasant and very excited about all things poker. I think some of his antics on TV were similar to the Pokermatts display. Young unbridled enthusiasm that just can't be held in check, not intentional bad behavior. BTW Matts, if you're reading this, that is how I explained the "DA" thing to everyone there.

    Day 2 started with breakfast and then we all trooped down to The Mirage poker room for a multi table freeroll event. The winner was given an $1,100 one table satellite seat to win a WPT $10,000 entry. 2nd through 10th place received a $120 satellite seat. The rest of the day went lunch, lecture, lab, lecture. Clonie showed up late in the day and sat in. Yes Zipman, she does remember you from Tunica I reminded her of the afternoon we all had drinks together and Ron Rose piped in, "she never had a drink with me" We all have our areas of expertise Bobbie.

    OK was it worth it? $1,495 (minus the $200 rebate they sent me when I found out they were selling some seats for $1,295) was the price. Frankly I felt for the entire two days like when you sit in a movie and keep thinking its going to get better. What they did was excellent but I would say it was geared more for the novice tournament player. There were many very experienced players there and they all felt the same. All the basic concepts were covered but we all kept waiting for the real pearls of wisdom that would elevate our game to a higher level. They never came.

    My final reflection is that even so it was worth the money. Anytime you immerse yourself for two days discussing tournament concepts, your game has to improve. I'm glad I went but once was enough.

    We finished around 5:00. Ron gave us his personal email address since we are all Ron's disciples now. Three of us then jumped in my car and drove to the Plaza for their evening tournament. There were 54 entrants. All three of us made the final table. Luck? You be the judge.

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    Great Trip Report Bill! Thanks!



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      Great report, Bill. As the Vegas season gets into full swing, starting with the Bellagio 5 star and closing with the WSOP, it seems like everyone was in pre-game this week. I noticed that Howard Lederer also had his poker camp in Vegas this week. I would have loved to see a tournament pitting the two camps against each other for bragging rights.

      But I think your trip report had a comment that bordered on genius.

      Anytime you immerse yourself for two days discussing tournament concepts, your game has to improve.
      After the first PSO convention, I noticed a marked improvement in my game. It wasn't like I got a whole lot more experience during the days that I was there. But after a few days of staying up until all hours, sitting around with PSOers, debating poker strategy - something apparently clicked. While playing poker is a brutally independent enterprise, a lot of the best poker thinking is done collaboratively and through the exchange of ideas.

      And is Ron Rose not the sweetest guy in poker?

      Well thanks again for the report,



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        All I can do is add my green with envy, heartfelt, thanks for the report!

        Warm regards from a cold fish


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          Thanks for the report...I've been wondering what the WPT Boot Camp was like and if it was worth the money.

          If you want to take your NLHE Tournament game to the next level, I would strongly recommend thehazyone's mentor program. I'm 10 weeks through the 12 week program and I'm already seeing a marked improvement in my tournament play.

          As evidence of this:

          won the PSO Championship for NLHE in March;
          won the 2-Day this week (118 players);
          currently ranked 2nd in the Bronze League for this month.

          Compared to never having been ranked anywhere prior to the start of this mentor program.

          In my opinion, this program is well worth the price: $50. Of course you don't get meals and you don't get to admire Clonie's cleavage, but does that really improve your game?


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            Good report, Bill.

            I guess it was news to me that you are hob-knobbing with the rich and famous!

            Next time you are hankering for some 'real life experience' camps, why not try one of those major league baseball camps! That is my dream, a Cubs uniform, and watch the transformation!


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              There's a decent TR about Howard's camp at 2+2:


              Sounds like it might be of more use to the experienced player than the WPT camp.

              The cool wife and I had a very nice impression of Scott F. after spending a 4 seconds in the elevator with him in Tunica. Just seemed like a nice kid. I think his strange banter concerning Brunson at the WSOP main event last year was probably nervousness.

              I still can't figure out why Clonie Gowan is considered anything special in the poker world.

              Big "no flies on me" Sissy


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                Clonie? All that glitters is gold.

                Last night I was watching one of the Battle of the Sexes matches. Flack and Vahedi were giving Clonie a hard time. She was short stacked and said something like she was still a threat because this was poker. Amir responded, yes it is poker, something about which you have no clue. The tone was different than the previous banter. It was obvious that was his true feeling.


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                  Clonie is not the greatest player out there but she can play and she's hot. I guess it's a bit like anna kournikova and tennis lol.


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                    DAMN NEAR KILLED EM!

                    This is what I learned in Tunica during the room game!

                    Great report!



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