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Day 3

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  • Day 3

    Day 2 is over and with 37 players left, I figure avg. stack to be 200K (Close enough, you don’t need to whip out the calculators) I feel pretty good about my 240K. Blinds will start tomorrow at 5-10,000 and after I bag my chips (For those of you who don’t know about this, At the end of every day they give you a plastic bag, about the size of an overnight letter express bag, that you write your name and chip count on. Then you have to wait for a tournament official to verify the total, together you drop the chips into the bag and seal it. The next day you come back, open your bag and get to work!!!) went to the Poker Room to round up my wife then went up and grabbed a snack.

    We went back to the room and I started going over the day with my wife and she asked me about the payouts. I decided to run down to the poker room and grab a payout sheet and when I got there they had the results and next days draw already posted (You redraw for seats every day, and once you get to the final 3 tables, every table that goes down, there is a redraw. It just takes a minute – they mix up the seat cards and high card one of the tables and pass them out) . I found out that I was in better position than I had thought!!! – I was sitting in 12th spot and the leader only had 445K . Here, this is what I saw:

    I ran into some players who I had played with earlier that night and all congratulated me for hanging in there since I had been so short to start. That was nice. I checked who was at my table and chip counts relative to my seat assignment (It gives you the seats on the above link).

    Now I know I have a real shot at this thing, I’ve been playing with Lindgren all night and if I can play with him, I can play with the rest of them. I’m not afraid of any of them and haven’t been the entire time. I watched what Erick was doing and how everyone else was playing. I think I’ve played pretty well up until this point. Now to try to get some sleep………..right. No Chance. I finally fall asleep about 7:30am and wake up at 9am – We are in port at Puerto Vallarta this morning and decide that we’ll go in and get some stuff for the kids and then I’ll come back and sleep until 5:30 or 6. Good intentions. I laid down a little before 1pm and tossed around until 5:30pm I might have slept another hour or so. Awful.

    At 6pm they hold a Calcutta. You bid on the remaining players and the top 3 finishers split the pool 50-30-20. I watched for about 15 minutes then went to get some dinner before we started at 7pm. I went for $1200, bought by my wife – lol. She sold 10% of me to a dealer that knew us from Pechanga. Calcutta pool was $37,000 by the time it was finshed. I think Mel Judah had bought the first 3 spots plus 5 more, top price paid was $2000. John Esposito had 5 or 6 people too. I think they had half the field between the 2 of them.

    Play starts and I lose the first hand I play. I have QJ in the BB – Scott Buller raises, again and I call – flop is J high I bet he raises I call, turn is a blank , I check and call and we check the river (another blank), he raised with KJ and I’m down to 145K again. We get moved to another table as we are down to 36 and start up again. I steal a couple blinds, no confrontations and hover around 200K, next thing you know we are down to 27 and we redraw. I get the 9 seat and get Mr. Lindgren again in seat 6. Nice to be behind him. His chips are constantly moving. Yesterday he went from 50K to 580K and finished the day at 180K. When he went to 580 it was amazing, he made every hand he played. It wouldn’t take him long to get to 800K. He had a TON of hands, made 1 nice call, but the rest were just having the best hand. The secret of Limit Hold’em. I’m down to about 140K again and we are down to 20 players.

    We are 6 handed – Blinds are 10-20K. I’m in the BB. The kid in the 4 seat is raises it and the SB calls. I find 44, not my favorite hand, but I’m getting 5-1 and for 20K I have to try to hit something. Flop comes 467 rainbow, How to play it. SB checks. I figure that if I lead out that he will probably think I have a 5, maybe 78, or 89. A feel like a check/raise
    here might lose him if he has AK or such and I know that he will bet if I check. I would imagine that the SB has overcards, he wasn’t too much better off than I was, and I couldn’t see him calling 30K with any of that flop. If he has an overpair, good for me!!!!

    I check it, the raiser bets, SB folds (I was hoping he would ck/raise) and I call – I only have 80K just enough to cover the turn and river bet of 40K. Turn is awful for me, a 7 to fill me up. I know I had the best hand before, but now he might not be willing to pay me the full amount if he thinks I have a 7. If I lead out he’ll probably fold, I have to check and hope he bets. He does, this is perfect. I can’t raise, which is fine. If I raise he’ll muck it for sure. The play is to call and then lead on the river. It doesn’t show as much strength as a check raise and is easier for him to call. I lead out on the end and he didn’t like it. But he gave me the crying call. Now I have 320K and am back in it again.

    A couple of rounds later I’m in the SB and the same kid raises. All muck to me and I have KQs. I call as does the BB. Flop comes Js 9h 5s – hmmmm 2 overcards, a gutshot and the 2nd nut flush draw. I like it. I lead out the 20K, I guess this is one of those classic semi-bluffs, BB mucks, raiser calls. Turn is the 4s, how much do I like it???? I’m trying to think how to play it, I played the last hand with him lead,ck/call,lead. Now I’ve lead again. How do I get paid the most? This kid liked to raise a lot, so 6 handed it was probably any A , good K, or any pair. The board was ragged, I thought he would bet if he had the As on a semi bluff, he didn’t raise me on the flop, so a J was out of the question. I don’t know. I check again and he bets. I’m going to give it the long thought and try to look like I don’t like it and check/raise the river. We can discuss it later. I don’t know if it is right or not, probably should have led out but this is what I decided. He bets, I call. River pairs the 5 – I check, he bets, I raise, he doesn’t like it again. He thinks for a minute and throws the other 40K into the pot. I turn over the flush and he about fell out his chair to turn over his cards, I hated it. All fears were confirmed when he turned over the A7s for the nut flush. He said that he thought I had him for sure and that I had played the 44 against him very well and he really thought he had been trapped again. I did trap him, with the second best hand. Not a good habit. Back to the drawing board. Down to 120K again – CRAP. Lindgren comments on what a cooler that was. Doesn’t make me feel any better, but I’m not giving up yet.

    We lose 2 more and redraw right before my blind – 18 to go, blinds still 10-20K.

    Now I have Paul Darden on my left, he’s been all-in about 4 times the last ½ hour. Has a little more than me, not much.

    I’m in the 8 seat, and I raise with A2s from MP – The kid from the other table is in the BB with a healthy stack and calls, we are heads up. Flop comes 8 high – he checks, I check, turn is nothing – we check check again. River is a J – He looks at me for a minute and bets. I call him and he says A high is good and I take it down. What did he do to make me think he was weak? I honestly don’t have an answer. Just didn’t think he had anything, he would have led out if he caught a piece of the flop and I was surprised he didn’t bet the turn. But, then I just thought he didn’t have anything. So I called.

    I grind it back up to 300K again then go thru the blinds, which are now 15-30K.

    I called from the SB and with 98s in a 4 way, unraised pot but didn’t catch a flop.

    When the BB comes around again I have 260K – Mr. Darden has been a little active. He’s raised the last 3 hands and won uncontested. Now he makes if 4 in row UTG. All muck again and I look down to see QQ – woo hoo!!. I’m hoping he has an underpair, but again, we are 7 handed and any A is pretty much enough to raise if you are 1st in (See the Gap concept in Tournament Poker by Sklansky, this is it to a tee). I just call. If no A flops, I’m gonna get him. I have 200K left after calling the raise. Plus, he can’t put me on QQ and just calling heads up. Flop comes 653 with two diamonds – I check, he bets, I raise. He calls. Turn is the Jd. I bet he raises, uh oh………Does he have a flush, I don’t have a diamond either. I’m pot stuck now anyway, I’m hoping he has AJ with the Ad, so I call the 60K and put my last 20K in. He calls. I show QQ , the first card I see is the A of spades…..yes, it is AJ, then I see the other Black A and I’m in baaaaaaaaaaaad shape. Every tells me nice game, Matt Savage comes over and tells everyone I’m out in 14th place. I say “Hey, can I see the River????????, a Q might throw a damper on all of this”

    But it wasn’t to be. Out in 14th place. UGH. So depressing, so close to 1.5 million. I didn’t feel too good about it the entire next day. Everyone telling me how well I did, just wasn’t good enough to me.

    But now………………yes!!!!! I did do very well, I guess the competitiveness just takes over and you want to win so badly. But it was a great experience.

    Now I have to get some more live NL tourneys in before the World Series, as I was lucky enough to win a seat on UB last month.

    If you read all of this….phew. Sorry it was so long. But I tried to let you know what was going through my mind (besides air).

    We’ll get a winner of one of these things sooner or later.


    PS - you know who wins this thing?? The kid who had the A7s against me. Maybe if I had those 450K chips..........

  • #2
    WOW, great report Jerry! Congrats on the nice finished & payday.

    How do you remember all that so you can report on it? I can't remember my name after a long tourney. :roll:
    2 Time Bracelet Winner


    • #3
      Great report and great job Jerry! Way to go!


      • #4
        Great report and the more information the better in my opinion! I wish you the best of luck in future events.



        • #5

          I made it all up to make it sound dramatic, Lidgren and Darden weren't even on the Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Just Kidding

          I remember it because I still think about it everyday - lol

          But seriously, the hands that I posted were ones I went over after the day was over, trying to figure out what I did right or wrong. So, a couple I didn't remember the exact boards, most I did. The KQs hand I still have nightmares about. It's in there forever!!!!!

          Good to hear from you



          • #6
            Jerry you big pirate hunk...
            WOOHOOO!!! Ihave read all three entries and loved every moment of them. Thanks for the details on the hands and your thought was very informative. Almost like being there!

            I am so proud of you!



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