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PPM Day 2

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  • PPM Day 2

    Here we go – Day 2. 280 left and I draw Table 3. Probably won’t be moving if I can make thru the day.

    Blinds continue at 500-1000 as we finish the 9th level, then go to 1000-1500 in 30 minutes.

    Everybody is playing pretty tight as we go for the $$$. They are paying 180 spots and bottom prize is $5,215. Pretty damn good considering only 67 out of 735 actually bought in for the 10K and I don’t believe anyone who said they got in for $32. That means that you won the first 1 table satellite you played and then won the 1st Semi that you sat in with 1200-1600 people (1 package for every 60 entrants). Plus – The semis are in blocks of 4 days every couple of months – usually people try to qualify for all 4 – If you win multiple cruises, they give you the $12,600.

    Oh well, back to this other stuff. It was pretty tight at my table. Chip Jett (Not at my table) rocketed up to 300K, I heard he raised 21 hands in a row without getting called, amazing. My hands were few and far between. It was mostly raise and take it. I got to about 17K and that was about it. I know that when we had 185 left I had 7500 again and 2 people got knocked out the same hand at our table. Of course I get Erick Lindgren as a replacement. He was in the 9 seat (I was in the 4, and that was just fine). I actually got to steal the blinds with my monster stack because the BB couldn’t cover the SB if he called and lost and $5K is $5K, good spot for me. Next hand I actually pick up JJ and get action from the BB and win, now I have 21K. Blinds are now 1-2K and we are in the $$$$$. – next pay raise is at 144, which will happen quickly as all the short stacks can gamble. 144th pays $10,426, nice raises in these big buy-in events.

    Blinds went up to 1500-3000 and Mr. Lindgren is settled in, raising every hand. My BB I have A 10 and he raises, The SB goes all-in and I muck it. He says “you picked a good time” and turns over 42s, and loses. Now I’m talking to myself a little bit after that, but my A-10 would have lost to the all-in and I didn’t flop anything and I’m sure he would have bet me off it, so no big deal.

    Let me tell you about Mr. Lindgren though, I end up playing the remaining 4 hours with him this night and for 2 hours the next day. This is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He talks at the table A LOT and tells stories and gets everyone pretty relaxed, I’m sure this is for his advantage, but I really enjoyed playing with him. The day after the tournament I saw him in the Internet Café and wanted to ask him for some pointers so I waited for him to get done on the computer, then for him to do 2 interviews, then waited while a couple of other people he obviously didn’t know took up some of his time, which I also hoped to do. (How do stalkers do it? I waited over an hour for him to get free, BORING) But he never even looked disturbed and was very gracious to everyone. And gave me a couple of minutes to boot. Great guy.

    Back to the play – I win a pot with 10’s and now have over 30K when Erick raises my blind again. He’s all prepared for the steal when I look down to find KQd and I 3 bet him to 9K. Flop comes 9 K 5 – I lead out at him and he raises, I call. If he has AK so be it. I’m check raising him on the turn. Turn is a 7, I check, he checks, I think he has A9, 9 10 something like that . River is a 6 and I lead out at him for 6K – He thinks about it an calls – I show the KQ and take the pot – He says “Jeez, never afraid of a straight there” and I said “No, You’d never raise with an 8 in your hand”. He laughs and said “Nah, I’ve never raised with an 8 before” and we go on.

    Now I’m getting a few chips, 70 K or so, and I get AQs on the button. Erick raises, all muck, I 3 bet, he calls. Flop comes A 10 4 – He checks and calls, turn is a 10, I HATE IT. He checks again and I’m thinking, “What could he call the flop with that I could possibly now beat. KQ, or QJ maybe, but I doubt it, that’s a bad call heads up, especially in Limit where the upside is Limited. He would have led out with K’s Q’s or J’s to see if I raise and he’s probably not going to call with a pair under 10, that’s just a bad play all together. I can hope he has AJ, A9 which are possible, but the only card that could really hurt my hand on the river would be a K so my kicker was no good. Plus, if I bet and he raises, I’m in a bad spot and will probably lay it down, this way if he leads out on the river and has a 10, I only lose 1 big bet (8K now) and I get to see the hand. It also gives him a chance to bluff at it. Plus, I think he has a 10. I check. He bets the river and I call. He shows me 10 8. I showed him the AQs and he says ”How can you check that” and I’m happy to only lose what I did. I pick up a couple of small pots and get to 70K (It starts adding up quick now)

    My BB. Blinds are 2500-5000 and all muck to SB who raises (again). I have KQh and just call. Flop comes Jh 10d 5h – 2 overs, a straight and a flush draw, I love it. He bets, I raise it, he calls. Turn comes a Q.. Good card?? Don’t know. He checks. I thought for a long time on this one. QJ10 on board I should have probably bet it, but I didn’t. River comes 8h – I like it now!!!!! He bets, I make it 20K, he thinks for a couple of minutes and calls. I win it with the flush – he shows me AQ

    Blinds are up to 3-6K. I raised with 88 from MP (1st in) and the SB went all-in for 21K total. He shows me A5off and flop comes 78J – why would you go all-in with A5 when you have 18K left and position coming up? Yuck. I’m over 150K now and just trying not to do anything stupid. I don’t know how many are left, I’m just playing till they tell me to quit. The money will take care of itself, I’m not going to vary my play now to wait for “3 more and I get 10K”, It’s past that now, I want it. I have respect from the table, I’ve shown good hands and can steal in the right spot, I didn’t steal every round, if you mix it up and give some walks to the blinds from the button and cutoff, then they have more respect when you do take it from them.

    I hit 210K and was feeling pretty good – lost 1 hand back to 140K then won 1 more to close the night at 240,000

    Not much else happened, as you can see, your chips can soar in a hurry and go away the same way. Limits are so high, we finished at 4-8K blinds so you’re playing $8,000-16,000 hold’em.

    We finish day 2 at 3:10am with 37 players left – 36th pays $31,279, I think I’ll make it.

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    WOW Jerry, thanks for the detailed and fascinating reports!! You are doing great!! I can't wait to read the rest of the story!!!


    • #3

      Those are some of the best TRs I have ever read here. Entertaining AND educational. You oughtta start your own mentor program!


      Big "it was like I was in your head" Sissy


      • #4
        Sorry I didn't finish it. It was 1am and I was ready to keel over. It'll be up later today

        And thanks.



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          Great reports Jerry - I was living vicariously through your descriptions!



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