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PPM - Day 1

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  • PPM - Day 1

    Before you read this, it is long. You might want to print it out and read it while in the bathroom. Then you can use it for .....

    OK – let me see if I remember how this went…, like I’d forget.

    I won this cruise and entry back in September, nothing to it. Just have to place top 23 out of 1400 and they give you a cruise for 2 and entry into the Party Poker Million ($10,000 entry fee). The PPM is a Limit Hold'em Tourney, the only one on the WPT and I was lucky enough to play in this event last year also. I placed 59th out of 547, worth $3,000 and some invaluable experience.

    When you board the ship, you receive your seat assignments and find out which day you are to play (The field is split in half. You sail on Saturday, Tourney is played Sunday and Monday mornings from 10am-7:30pm. You play 8 1/2, 1 hour levels on Day One, with 15 minute breaks after each 2 Levels (They extended it to play 30 miutes of level 9 because of the size of the field, that's why 8 1/2). Then the remaining players are combined on Tuesday Night at 7pm and you play until 3:10 am or to 27 players, whichever comes first.) I drew Monday, so I could play tonight, have some cocktails and have Sunday to recover, if necessary.

    We (Myself and my wife Stephanie) left Saturday night and once we were out to sea, the Poker Room opened. No such problems as the report I heard from Jane and Gioia about lack of tables. The entire 2nd floor of the dining room was the main Poker Room with 45 tables and in the front of the ship they had another room with 15 tables that was used for Sit n Goes ($115 & $220) and overflow if needed, and of course the tourney. Games ranged from $2-4 to $100-200 Hold em, No Limit games were $1-2 blinds/ $100 max, $2-5 blinds /$200 & $500 max and $5-10 blinds /$1000 max. The first night, I jumped into the $200 NL game and had a great time. After a few beers the game loosened up a little, the young guns in the game were talking about all the reads they had and I gave them some of my “read this, make it $37 to go” – Then lead out for $16 or something stupid like that. Drove the intellectuals nuts, but a lot of fun. I end up cashing out $550 winner and prepare for my hangover.

    The next night I played a little $6-12 Hold em, didn’t feel like getting involved in anything that could cause damage,I had to play in the morning, and I wasn’t quite recovered form the previous evenings festivities. End up losing $92.

    The first day completed with 367 players starting and 137 remaining. Big stack was 92K, same as last year. Amazing how consistent the elimination process is. When the next days play was over. 368 players had started and 143 made it. Big stack was Chip Jett with 102K.

    My first day was nowhere near smooth, You start with 10K in chips and blinds are 50-100. I had some marginal hands to play in late position for cheap, but never connected on them. The player to my immediate right was a complete idiot. Every time he bet he said “I raise”, even if he’s first into the pot, never knew how much the bet was, and never asked!!! Just said “I raise” and threw in some chips. The good thing was that he played every hand the same. Only check raised with 2 pair or better, if he had position he would always bet if checked too, yada, yada, yada.. I pretty much was stuck between 8K and 9K the first couple of hours. Nothing bad, nothing good. Then got rivered by a 5 outer from the BB who had 92…..Bad. Knocked me down to about 7K and I took a walk for about 10 minutes (I had AJ – board came A94 7 2, lovely) about an hour later I pick up QQ in the SB, yeah!!!. There was 1 raiser and I just call, the raiser played pretty much premium hands, except for his blinds, which he NEVER laid down, but he was a chaser – One who thinks if he has AK it must win and called to the river with it. Flop came Q 10 4 , sweet I check and call. Turn is a J, I hate it, but check raise him anyway to see if he 3 bets it. He just calls. River doesn’t pair but hits a flush. I check and he checks, I think I must be good then but shows me AK
    Now I need a beer. I throw my hand away on the button and go grab a cold one. I’m down to 4800 and not happy – I stay away for 15 minutes or so and return in the cutoff, missing 1 round. I look down to find JJ and actually win a small pot – I then get nothing for a while and am looking at a dwindling stack of 2900 – yikes. But the blinds are 150-300. No time to panic. I tell myself that I have 10 BB’s and just play solid, I’m not getting knocked out the first day. I grind it back up to 4200 with a couple of steals and then my buddy to my right raises it from the 2 hole. I look down and find those damn QQ’s again. I make it 900 to go and the SB calls!! I hate it, she’s won every hand she’s played and not with crap either!!! She has a hand and I know it. Donkey boy to my right calls and we have 3K in the pot. Flop comes K 5 3 rainbow, CRAP!!They both check and I bet it, I have to find out where I’m at. If either of them raise me, I’m gone. The SB mucks, Thank God. Donkey boy calls, that’s very good. Now I know he has an A, probably QJ or 10 kicker. He would have led out with AK – Trust me. Turn is an 8, he leads out 600 – Sweet!!! He has A8, I pretty sure of that. I just call because I know exactly where I’m at, and he’ll call the river even if he misses – river pairs the 5 – he bets, I raise, he thinks for minute (If that’s possible) and calls. I show the QQ he shows me A8 and throws it away. Now I’m back up to over 8K and back in the ball game.

    Our table breaks and I get moved to the front room, 2 seats behind Chris Hincliffe, who came in 3rd last year. He’s very aggressive and I’m glad to have position on him. I pick up a couple of hands FINALLY. AA vs JJ and with the limits increasing, so did my stack – I hit 27K with about 2 hours to go. Then disaster,. QQ runs into AA. QQ runs into KJ, and QQ runs into 109s. 27K is now 7500K again.

    The last hand of the day with the Blinds 500-1000, I pick up KQs UTG, I decide to limp in with it. I have shown nothing but Premium hands and I don’t think that I’ll get raised. They’ll probably think I’m going for a 3 bet preflop. I just want a cheap flop. I get it – 2 others call and the flop comes K 10 9 – could be worse. I bet 1K and only Hincliffe calls. Turn is a 5. I lead out 2K and he shows me K4c and mucks it. I finish the day at $12,500.

    But, I did finish. There are 280 left and I’m tied for 225th.

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