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Aqua Caliente

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  • Aqua Caliente

    I was in Palm Springs for a conference and snuck away on my last night to the Aqua Caliente casino a few miles away.

    There are about 12 tables. Some Omaha and then Limit Hold Em.
    The HE tables were 3/6, 4/8, 5/10, 10/20 and 15/50(I think).

    Many of them had either 1/2 or full Kill.

    9 seats.

    Drinks were slow in arriving, non-smoking, but allowed food to be brought in.

    There is usually a wait, but they will hold your seat for 45 minutes if you go to eat or take a break.

    When I arrived (about 3 pm) I was worried that it was all local rocks, well I was 1/2 right. It was all locals at my 3/6 table. But hardly rocks. Often I was the only one NOT seeing the FLOP.

    Blinds were $3 and $1. The 1 is removed for the bad beat pot.
    Rakes is MAX of $2 when Pot gets to $15 (preflop for most hands.)

    Raising was also a foreign concept and if you raised someone it would get checked to you and then you would get called down.

    Generally I would say 8 saw the flop, 6 saw the turn and 3 saw the river. I suspect that about 1 hand an hour was not called down.

    I bought in for $100 and did not win a hand for 90 minutes. I managed to get JJ, QQ (), KK and AK without any help. My KK hand was quickly useless after preflop and flop raises...but when there was a 4th suited card on the Turn, and I did not have the matching K - I folded.

    Most hands needed 2 pair or better to win.

    I got short stacked so bought in for another 100.

    Then figured got J9s on the BB. So I called a raise (loose I know) with about 6 seeing the flop. Flop had 8Ts so I had 4 to a straight flush. called a bet. and 4 saw the river. Qs :-) I checked (yes Al I could not resist a check raise.) One bet, one fold a call, I raised. Both called :-) So I was quickly back to near even.

    A ROYAL gets you a jacket.

    There is a bad beat jackpot (Aces Full losing to 3 of a kind or better.) 50% to loser, 25% to winner. Balance to other players dealt in.

    Eventually, I cashed out + $137. That was after tokes and after
    tokes and tips for water. So that gives me about 70% ROI and about 9BB/hr.

    There was one hand where someone folded before the River saying they had ONE out. The Jd falls and he says that was his only out...I stare at the board and only see one more diamond, my head hurts trying to figure out what he had. Turns our he needed any J to complete his straight. Guess he needs PSO to learn how to count outs and pot-odds. (although at this game there was always enough to call.)

    The table became more lively later as a local ATTY sat down 2 seats to my right and in between was Pat, a local woman originally from Russia. The three of us were the only ones who routinely folded or raised. We had a great time chatting.

    I should note that the ATTY had bought in for $200, was 'all in' eventually and then won 4 straight hands all with premium cards. Since the last two were KILL POTS (4/8). He was within $25 of being even :-) This was after getting AK 4x and never getting help.

    Lastly, Was told that the Fantasy Springs Casino offers a $100 buyin NL table and I heard that one of the local ones offers 5 card Omaha...


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    I work in Palm Springs so often stop at the casino's on my way home. Fantasy is good very loose at the NL taable locals play sometimes but mainly stay away from this game as it is usually kids who are trying to prove how good they are with daddys money. Casino Morongo about 15 minutes away is huge and has a very nice poker room where they spread just about everything with a 250 nl game that is very lively. The only game I have not seen spread there is 7 stud hi/low.
    Trump 21 is a joke with 4 tables and is a located in what looks like an old janitors closet.
    Fantasy is ok but doesn't get a great deal of players because the other casino's are better advertised and bigger. Your best bet is Morongo if u dont mind a little drive.

    What conference? Next time you are out that way let me know and we can play.


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      Thanks for the trip and card room report, psumike. I thought that 88% average players that see the flop was only something you could find online at microlimit.



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