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LA Story, Part 1

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  • LA Story, Part 1

    I'm going to break this into parts, as it promises to be very long...and you may want to skip parts.

    Short version for those with ADD: LA…rain…Jackpot!...rain…watched WPT taping… rain…played tourney with lots of famous people…SUN…Ocean…home.

    Now here’s the LOONNG version…

    Arrived Saturday night…raining…found hotel, checked in, cruised by the Commerce, but didn’t have the energy to go in…that 3 hour time difference is a killer. Ate dinner & crashed about 10:30 local time when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

    Sunday, up early, kinda drizzly outside…decided to try some shopping, found a mall -- unfortunately nothing opens until noon. Tried again after lunch.

    About 2pm, raining harder outside, so I wandered into the Commerce and found the poker room…little did I know that I had wandered into “The Big Game” room….I checked the boards and the lowest no-limit holdem game they had was a $10-20 blinds game with a $600 minimum (no maximum) buy in. I got on the list and was seated fairly quickly. The game was somewhat loose as I noticed players tended to limp in with almost anything, and if they had limped, they would usually call a small raise. Larger raises would thin the field and there were a couple of fairly aggressive players at the table. I had also noticed that they would bet their draws VERY aggresively.

    I was in for $1,000 and was holding my own, up and down, over the next few hours, when this hand came up about 7pm. I was in late position and after 2 players had limped in for $20, I looked down to find pocket 8s. I decided to see if they were serious about their hands and made it $100 to go. Everyone folded except the player on my immediate right, who called my raise…well, at least I had position on him. The flop came 982 rainbow…I’m a happy camper, as I’ve flopped a set of 8s and I’m contemplating the size of my bet when this guy bets $400! There’s no way he’s got a set of 9s – from my previous observation I knew he would have raised pre-flop with pocket 9s. I push all-in and when counted out I have $350 more after calling his bet. He’s got me covered and calls and turns over JT offsuit! All he has is an open-ended straight draw. I’m thrilled, for about 5 seconds, until the LA poker gods decide to smack down the southern girl and the dealer burns and turns a 7, to complete his straight. Bummer…I’ve got 10 outs: the case 8 or any 9, 7, or 2 to pair the board. The 6 on the river is the crushing blow and I’m busted. Well I can say I lasted 5 hours in The Big Game. I wish everyone good luck aloud, (while cursing this asshole on the inside) and get up to leave. At least I got my free dinner delivered table-side while I was there. :wink:

    As I’m wandering away from the table, wondering what I’m going to do for the rest of the night, I see another room off to the side…oh gee…there’s another whole room of poker tables (duh!) with lower limits (sometimes I can be really dense). I wander around and check the boards and they have a $3-5 blinds no-limit game with a $200 (only) buy-in…much more my speed…and immediate seating available. I get situated and remind myself to let my previous loss go so that I don’t tilt off any more money.

    There are two guys at my end of the table who seem to be taking turns getting pocket kings every other hand. I’m getting nothing worth playing so I ask them how I can get in on the deal. The table has one of those auto-magic shufflers in it and there is this running joke about the ‘midget under the table’ who is shuffling the deck. So I get in on the act and start promising the midget sexual favors if he’ll hook me up with some decent cards. This is when we decide the midget must be gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) as he’s not taking me up on my offers.

    About 11pm and I’ve more than doubled my stack; got fairly good reads on the table…we’re a happy bunch, chatting it up, and a new guy takes the 2 seat (I’m in the 7 seat on a 9 handed table). Under the gun, I look down to find QQ, and make it $15 to go (3x the big blind). Seat 8 player is away from his seat, seat 9 calls, seat 1 is empty, then the new guy re-raises $50 more. All fold back to me…I don’t have a read on this guy, he’s got position, so could be making a move trying to take the $30 pot. I’ve got to get some information, so I re-raise him another $50. The 9 seat folds and the new guy pushes all in for another $165 (after the call). Now there’s $410 in the pot and it is $165 to me to call (I’ve got him covered and the call will still leave me with my buy in). I really start to believe he’s got AA and I’m in trouble, but I’m a stubborn southern gal and can’t get away from QQ, so I call.

    We roll our cards and yes, of course, he has AA. The whole table is watching intently and the dealer is really working the crowd. She burns slowly, flicks off 3 cards, and as she turns them over, the door card is an Ace…I’m crushed and flop back in my seat, saying ‘nice hand’. I’m kicking myself as I know this is a weakness in my game…I can’t get away from my big hands, even when I know I’m beat. :

    As the dealer spreads the flop, right behind the Ace comes a Queen…just to rub salt in my open, gaping wound. I’m counting what’s left of my stack and the dealer burns and turns…a Queen. What?!?!? I look at the board…everyone is standing up…someone says “we need an Ace on the river for a jackpot”. Someone else says no we don’t…dealer puts up the last, irrelevant card and says…”JACKPOT”. My miracle Quad Queens just beat Aces full of Queens for the Bad Beat Jackpot!!!! (I guess I'm going to have to pay off the midget under the table.)

    We’re all jumping around high-fiving each other…seat 2 reaches over and shakes my hand, says “nice hand” and “thanks for calling!” Everything stops while the suits come over. They set up the deck to make sure all cards are accounted for. They collect everyone’s IDs (everyone but me was from California) and asked me for my SSN. They finally give the go-ahead and the dealer pushes me the pot. I toked the dealer $5 from the pot and told her “this is just for starters”.

    I had no idea how the Commerce would chop up the $6000, and learned that the guy who got bad-beat gets 60%; ($3600) for applying the bad beat, I got 20%; ($1200) and the other 5 players (one empty seat, one player walking) chopped up the other 20% ($240 each). Of course the absent player has returned by now to see what he missed.

    We try to resume play while the suits go away to work out the details. I later learned that they actually go review the security recording of the hand to make sure there was no ‘monkey business’. We try to get back to playing poker, but everyone is distracted. Finally the suits return with a form and get signatures of the players and pay off their $240s. Then seat 2 and I are directed to follow them to the back room…”but its my small blind” I say, and suit says “what do you want, $3 or $1200?”. Right-eee-oh! Lead on, McDuff!! 8)

    In the back room, I have to sign a form with my SSN on it saying I received $1200, which they are required to present to me in chips, but I can cash immediately…well DUH!! This I going to cover the $1000 I lost in ‘the big game’ earlier – that cash is going straight into the purse. I get my dough and get back to the table, where I give the dealer $60 of the cash I just collected and a big THANK YOU. Shortly after, Seat 2 returns, tosses the dealer a $100 chip, says thanks, and disappers. OK, so on top of all my other great qualities, I’m a generous tipper.

    Now its just a big party and the guy on my right is buying drinks for the table (Yes, at the Commerce you have to buy your drinks – not like Vegas or Tunica where they’ll bring ‘em all night for free). I say ‘what the heck’ and order a dirty vodka martini (extra olives).
    New players arrive as others leave and we have to tell the story again every time a new player sits down. We get another round of drinks when they announce ‘Last Call’. Can you believe it??? A 24 hour casino has ‘Last Call’ at 1:30am?!?! I learn that they start serving alcohol again at 6am…I guess they want everyone to sober up for 4 hours a day. :P

    Now I’m beyond tired, still on Georgia time, but I forgot to mention earlier that my hotel notified me that they would be shutting off the hot water between 9pm Sunday and 6am Monday, which would mean no hot water to wash my face before bed, so I had planned to stay out until 6am (is there a ‘First Call’?). Well, when the floor man had to come over and tell me I couldn’t lay my head down on the table, I had to give up and cash out (about 5am). I was up $279 from this game, not counting the jackpot, so all things considered, it was a good first day at the Commerce!! (Washing my face with cold water was a bitch, though.) be continued...

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