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Harrahs WSOP Circuit at Rincon

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    Guest started a topic Harrahs WSOP Circuit at Rincon

    Harrahs WSOP Circuit at Rincon

    First off I would like to thank Mark, Tina and Sharla for helping me this weekend. I played in the Harrah's Rincon Worlds Series of Poker Circuit $550 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament.

    Starting chps 1500 50 min. levels first level 25-25. 223 total players.

    I ended the first two levels with 3500 in after getting some very good cards early on. The third level saw me limp ug get raised then I reraised just the 1 player with AQ he reraised all-in and I folded. Level 4 was 75-150 and it folded to me in the BB I made it 350 to go. Flop came T83 he checked I bet 700 he called. Turn was a 6 he checked I bet his last 1800 and he folded. Last hand of the round the I raised to 450 in early pos. The same guy called flop came T94 I checked he checked turn was an 8 check-check river was an Q. I had AK he had KJ and rivered a straight. I played the hand poorly and should have bet the flop but I think he would have called and I also think he would have called a turn bet after picking up a straight draw. He only had about 1800 in chips left and the pot had 1125. So I ended the round with 5000 in chips average was 3500 and 100 players left.

    During level 5 they brought a very good tricky player with a lot of chips to the table. Not a very good combo for me, but the last hand of level 6 he limped as did another I was in sb with TT I decided to just limp hope to spike a set and win a good size pot. If I dont flop a set I can get out cheaply. Well that didnt work because the BB raises from 200 to 800 the limpers fold, as my plan now didnt work I also fold and show my TT to the BB he shows KK. I end the level with 7500 in chips 5700 is avg. and there are 59 players left. Level 7 ends with me at 8300 7800 is avg 43 players left and 50 min. till dinner break.

    At the end of level 8 ug limps at 200-400 50 ante I raise to 2000 it folds to him he calls. 5650 in pot we check it down TT784 board he had 55 and it now was the biggest pot I lost all day. I really believe if I bet he folds but I didnt have the balls. End of the level now saw me below avg for the first time. 7300 in chips 9900 avg 34 players left. After diner I think I was to tight I didnt attack the blinds because my stack was short but that was the wrong thinking. I was afraid to go broke and that is not good.

    Finally we get down to 3 tables we are 7 handed it is folded to me in cut off I look at AJ 5600 in chips level is 400-800 100 ante so pot is already 1900 I move in get called by sb with KK and im done in 20th place. Tourney paid top 18 so I was almost on the bubble. The bubble was only 1000 and first was I think 38000 so I look back on it as the right move to try and be a factor in the tourney but a bad outcome.

    All in all I think I played good early levels 1-6 to tight in the middle of the tourney levels 7,8,9 I needed to build my stack and I played a little tight post flop on a few hands. After I got short stacked and the pots started getting bigger I just didnt want to risk a lot of chips and thats not the way to make a final table. It was a great learning experience and after this tournament I can build on what PSO has thought me and next time win the darn thing

    I played in 3 tourneys this week cashed in 2 and was on the bubble in the 3rd. 639 players i came in 51 and 203 players I came in 18th. I had a great time and believe PSO can teach you to be a good poker player. There is no substitute to live play. I am more aggressive online and need to learn how to do that live. I think the PSOC tourney's and leagues are a great way to teach that.

    Thanks for well at the table every time.........

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    Guest replied
    You cashed in 2 out of 3, almost in the other. Wow, what a result. Well done!


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