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wet san diego

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  • wet san diego

    Well Mike (pocketrocket) and I just got back from San Diego and the worst poker trip i've ever been on. It was great meeting Shaky, Rags007, Jschamba, (OTL)doc, Upsman, Chipmech, Megabit, Breadguy, Tsmcauley, liquid ghost and all you other fine pso jackasses but in the 4 days I was there I think it DIDN'T rain for about 2 hours. Traffic was awful, didn't win a pot till the second day, and the beers were 4 bucks plus tip. Played 5 sats and was lucky enuff to get my money back in 1 of them and lose ,lose,lose,lose on the other 4.

    In the 1 sat I got my money back I saw one of the worst plays ever when there were 4 left (3 in this hand) a guy bet a drypot on the river...basically no sidepot (2 small denomination chips in it) with 7 high....I folded my 9 high and the all-in guy won with 8-high and preceded to win the next 6 hands in a row and go on to win the sat and knock me out second .(somewhere there is a lesson to be learned here)

    PSO live tourney I was pretty much card-dead for the 3 hours or so I was in it. Won 2 pots (with no meat in em) AA --took the blinds plus 2 limpers and JT- bluffed in a headsup small pot-flop AA4 where i had raised pre. Made a bad play with KQs (was short stacked) and busted...had 18 or so outs on the turn but i'd hate to actually make a hand there in california.

    There are some very nice casinos in southern cal anyway including the harrahs, pechenga and viejas but I don't think i'll be heading that way again for awhile....too many crazy people and it rains there every day. Laterz,


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    all i have to say is... bad luck all around.

    You came to southern cali during one of our wettest winters in history and didn't do well at the tables either. The one thing that is normal is the price of beer, as high $7 in LA! Anyway, don't give up on us... sd is usually gorgeous.


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      Ok, I thought AZs post was bad at first. And then wolff, you say that beer costs 7 bucks?!?! And with out tip?!?! Next thing you are going to tell me is that the main attraction at the San Diego Zoo are homosexual penguins!!! And some say things are always black and white.... Iambrant as known as Iamblitzed


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        Re: wet san diego

        Originally posted by AZhardballz
        the beers were 4 bucks plus tip.
        Now this is the part that really sucks! I guess that's why we like Tunica.


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          We do leave the water running sometimes.
          Seems to discourge zonies :lol:


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            After a long drive from my sister's place in Carmel Valley(7 plus hours) and getting lost once or twice, I made it to the casino. Got to meet fellow PSO'ers which was great; after that it was all downhill tourney wise. I didn't get much in the way in hands in the 1st event, and those I did get there was no action. I decided to play the limit tourney on Monday since I'd won a sattelite to get into it. Best hand I had in that one was pocket tens. A set on the flop, and I get beaten by a gut shot str8 on the river.

            I had a nice time nonetheless. Rain, rain, and more rain; I'd booked for 3 nights but left Monday evening and made it back to sis's place this morning. There is sun in Northern Cali......Back to unpredictable weather in Baltimore on the 1st. Maybe next time,......Os


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              Ya Eagle the free beers make a trip wayyyy better. If I drank as many beers in Cal as I did in Tunica my bankroll would really be hurtin. As it was I'll take the under on 10 beers for San Diego that I drank in 4 days. Vegas will be a little better than least you get free beers sometimes.

              Was good meetin you O-zone...sorry your luck ran like mine pal.




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