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Vegas Virgins: The Finale

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  • Vegas Virgins: The Finale

    Vegas Virgins: Part III
    The Game

    Lou is giving the virgin a final pep talk, so I kill some time playing video poker and thinking about strategy.

    At this point, I don't know the exact blind structure, but the producer assured me it would be very fast paced so that 1) the actual filming wouldn't take too long and 2) to give the virgin more of an edge. The virgin would also be starting out with twice the stack of the veterans. And there will only be five players, including the virgin.

    As Drawing Dead pointed out in an earlier post, I have a tendency to play tight. And this is obviously not going to work in a winner-take-all tournament with a short table and the blind structure from hell. I will need to push or get lucky early. I want to wait a little in the early going to get a read on my opponents – but not too long as I will need to make some moves pretty regularly to keep pace with the blinds.

    When I walk over to the set, I am the first player there. I don't want to make myself nervous by waiting around. So I head over to a nearby bank of progressive nickel video poker machines. Five minutes later I hit some jackpot for $200+. Yee haw.

    I head back to the set, feelin' pretty good now, and see that everyone else is there. I joke with the camera crew about getting a good cleavage shot. The director butts in and says, "Oh this crew doesn’t need any prodding in that direction." I guess in an earlier episode, the director told the cameramen to get a close-up of the British players. Both cameramen zoomed in on two of the women players' chests. The director yelled, “No you idiots. I said ‘Show me some BRITS!’”

    The Competition:
    So I commence to meet my competition. I know my biggest threat is Matt Lessinger. The next guy I meet is Colonel Bruce Hampton. Most people know the Colonel for his music and his current band, The Code Talkers, comes through Austin regularly. While the Colonel was a tourney player back in the day, he is mostly a big cash game player now – both on the road and back home near the Florida/Alabama border. He's a good ol' boy. But something happens early in the conversation, and then at the beginning of the tournament, that makes me not want to underestimate him. As we’re talking, he says, "You’re an Aries aren't you. Let me guess. Your birthday is April 16th." Well I am an Aries and my birthday is April 17th. He then guesses Matt's within a week. Hmmm. This guy has pegged our personalities in relatively short order. I'm pretty sure he'll be able to read me like a book…which he does.

    My next opponent is John (and I'll have to look up his last name). He is also active in the music world as well as an experienced cash game player, formerly out of Vegas, but recently transplanted to San Francisco. He is also a University of Texas grad and a hell of a nice guy. So as we go through the painfully slow dress rehearsal, John, the Colonel and I have a great time swapping stories about music and the Austin scene. I remark that there seems to be some unknown synergy between poker and music. The Colonel points out that both poker and music are a combination of math, mystery and magic. Hmmm. I'm not sure Sklansky mentions that.

    Our virgin is a stunning blond from New York. And I hate to admit this, but she has me placing a distant second in the cleavage department. So much for my edge. She doesn't appear nervous. In fact there is a steely "don't **** with me" resolve about her.

    No fishies here.

    The Game:
    The blinds are 25/50 for ten hands. After that, the blinds will double every five hands. Hold on to your seats. I get the button and audibly hope that it isn't the last thing I win.

    I don't want anything tempting early and my wish is granted for a few hands. The Colonel shows an early propensity to limp with a drawing hand, forcing the virgin to fold top pair when the river delivers the flush he's been waiting for.

    I turn up my big blind for the camera and spy pocket rockets. This is good news/bad news for me. I will have to play these strong enough to potentially be the first one bounced. So be it. The Colonel leans over and says, "So you got a monster this hand." Crap….like a friggin' book. He gleefully folds under the gun. Matt folds. The virgin and John, the small blind, limp. I think I want them out. I raise it 400 more. The virgin calls and John reluctantly folds. The flop is K99 with two clubs. The virgin limped and I know she knows enough to raise with KK. I don't think she would necessarily call my pre-flop raise with A9. And I don't think she'll call a flush draw if I push all-in, which I do. She calls. She shows KQ. Her two outer doesn't come. I double up. And on the fifth hand of the tournament, she has lost her chip advantage.

    The Colonel and John tangle over a few. And I can see that the Colonel is willing to play a wide variety of hands and bet when he has caught little. I'm lucky enough to catch AKs and TT, both raised with no callers. Matt has been pretty quiet and looks a little frustrated. He has obviously not caught even enough to bluff with, which at these fast moving levels is fatal. At this point he and the Virgin are about neck and neck for "first out" honors.

    I have AKo in the bb and John raises me. I think about pushing back at him, but I feel very comfortable with my read on him. He and I talked earlier about his propensity to play AT. I am almost certain he has AT and I'm pretty sure he'd make a stand with it. If anything but a ten flops, I decide I'll make a play for it. The flop is T rag rag and he bets out. I fold. He turns over AT. When I confess to AK, Matt says he would have gone broke on the hand. But at this point my stack gives me more options than Matt has.

    I don't get much to play for awhile and the blinds are already at 200/400. Matt pushes all-in with one to get back to a decent position. The virgin isn't so lucky. While she stole one or two in lower blind rounds, she is now at 600T. When the bb hits her, she knows she is pretty much toast. John goes all-in under the gun and she calls the raise in the dark. Her 94o is little match for his QQ. When the second ace hits the turn, she is drawing dead – and first one out.

    With the blinds about to go to 400/800 with only 6000 chips in play, Matt suggests a talk. While John and I are in decent position, neither of us is in a comfortable position. And both Matt and the Colonel can see a round. So we talk. The deal: $2000 to everyone and an additional $2000 to the winner. We agree in a heartbeat.

    With the blinds at 400/800 and the deal solidified, it is basically pump it or dump it. It's hard to pick a spot with the all the action. I'm down to 900T by the time I push in with KTo on the button. Matt calls the additional 100T in the bb. He has 56. The flop is T47, giving me top pair and Matt the open-ended straight draw. The turn is a 6, presenting Matt with even more outs. Luckily the river is a blank and I double up.

    At these levels, if you win a hand you're safe for a round. If you lose a hand, you're in big trouble. Matt is in trouble and is the next one out. I let the Colonel and John tangle over a hand that puts the Colonel out.

    The good news is that I am heads-up. The bad news is that John has about a 2-1 chip advantage. We trade spit for a couple of hands. I know if I can win one hand, I can either to go on to win it or at the very least get him to split the remaining $2000. I find K5s in the small blind. The tournament director announces that the blinds are going to 800/1600 on the next hand, which will put me all-in on my big blind. I push in. John unfortunately calls with almost the worst possible hand for me; A5. Predictably there is no improvement, and I'm out.

    Silver Linings:
    So technically I am bubble girl again. But the deal gave me $2000 with a legitimate shot for more. While it can hardly be said that this will achieve a high water mark for televised poker, I had fun and didn't embarrass myself with my play. The table company was terrific. I confess to being a little sassy and silly at the table, although I have no idea how much of the table banter they'll use. The production team loved me and said I was great on camera – again this could have been more smoke up the butt. Although they were quick to offer me references for future work. The programming director of Casino and Gaming Television watched the filming and said he wants to use me in a poker instructional video being filmed in Canada later this year. So I got that going for me…which is nice.

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    Non-stop giggle-fest of a read, Amy. What with all the jackpots and the $2k, you had a very profitable trip, unless you are leaving out the fact that you bet it all on one hand of Pai Gow, when the inevitable law of averages reasserted itself. Maybe VD Greek Isle style was worth it, eh? Thanks, marshfield, for that lmao reply!

    I feel sorry for the Virgin[TM], though. First out, that had to be rough. Do you think she needs consoling? Maybe Lou will give me her number ...


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      May I have your autograph pullleeeeze! Well done lady!!


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        vegas trip

        Oil Doe:

        This is the first step of an incredible journey made even sweeter by a cash reward at at the end.
        I just read Danial Negraneau's post about getting berrated by Phil Ivy for being too busy to play poker with all of his TV appearances interviews etc. (I think I'm going a little nuts@Poker Pages).
        We could be light years away from jumping the shark.



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          Again, Amy, your knack for trip reports remains unchallenged! What a great experience. I guess for once being the bubble girl paid off a little. Whenever you hit chicagoland on your tour, promise to look us chaps up. You are great to play with!!! Iambrant


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            Thanks for all your reports...My eyes were glued to the screen - your posts are a great read!!! Congrats on your fine finish!! Glad you had fun - it sounded like a fabulous time :-) You go, girl!!


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              Not one damn sleazy offer or proposition the entire time in Vegas?
              What a world....... or are you holding something back from your action starved PSO buddies? Its cold and dark here, for goddess sakes, make something up!


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                Well I have to confess that most of the "action" I get is in Tunica. I'm guessing this has something to do with all those young, long legged, implanted women in Vegas...just a hunch.

                And reporting my offer from Casino and Gaming Television was a little tongue in cheek. CGTV is slated to launch in Canada this year in conjunction with Bell ExpressVu, which primarily offers interactive promgramming. While they are talking about a US launch, the interactive model hasn't ever really caught on here - and my guess is that they haven't nailed down either a model or a venue for a US launch. I do think they will go through with an instructional poker video, wanting some branded merchandise to sell through the network. But I'm guessing this investment be predicated on the strength of their Canadian launch.

                So to me, their offer was sort of like the Dalai Lama's promise to Bill Murray in Caddy Shack of total consiousness on his deathbed. It sounds pretty good, but you might have to wait until your deathbed to know if it's real.


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                  Originally posted by oil doe
                  wanting some branded merchandise to sell through the network.
                  As in an Oil Doe bobble cleavage doll complete with Stetson?


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                    Oh man! Wouldn't that be cool!! 8O


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                      Both cameramen zoomed in on two of the women players' chests. The director yelled, “No you idiots. I said ‘Show me some BRITS!’”
                      Best line in the post, lol. Good job Amy!


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                        Very nice post. I second the above comment that your trip reports are among the best reads on this forum.

                        Congrats on such a great experience!

                        - Rockdoc


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                          :lol: Let me be the first to offer my services in any capacity to be part of your entourage.

                          Amy you are nothing but top notch class.




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