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Vegas Virgins: Part II

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  • Vegas Virgins: Part II

    Vegas Virgins Part II

    I get up early because I have to decide on my wardrobe and do some major makeup. I’m meeting Lou for breakfast over at the Orleans. My interview segment is scheduled for 10:30 am. And the tournament itself has a dress rehearsal starting at 4:00pm.

    When it comes to wardrobe I decide to accessorize the Stetson with cleavage. I realize there are two reasons I got this gig. One is that Lou recommended me. The other is that they wanted a woman. In fact I understand that I got the gig over Alan Schoonmaker and Nolan Dalla. I decide to show them they got one. I also pack a small bag with other wardrobe options just in case I have a wardrobe malfunction somewhere along the line.

    When I meet Lou, he looks "mahvelous." I hadn't seen him since the 2003 WPT Championship at the Bellagio and he's lost some weight. His new marriage and poker's rising popularity obviously agree with him. Lou has been doing double duty for the show, coaching the newbies in poker by day and providing tournament commentary by night. His "color" person is pop psychologist Dr. Sally St. John. Apparently Dr. Sally has been a little high maintenance during the shoot, consistently showing up late for casting calls and taking a lot of unscheduled breaks to reapply makeup ala Taylor/Monroe. I've decided to dub her the "psycho-diva."

    My interview segment is taped in one of the Orleans' hotel rooms, giving it all the ambiance of a cheap porn shoot. There is a Monty Python-esque quality about the whole thing as we have to stop shooting every time the guy next door flushes, which happens with enough frequency to suggest a prostate problem. My interview actually starts a little later than scheduled because the psycho-diva has shown up predictably late for hers. The production team is not only incredibly professional, but also a ton of fun. And any feelings of nervousness on my part are instantly erased in the wake of their frivolity and efficiency. They keep me for almost an hour, and they seemed to be really happy with the material they got – or they were just very good at blowing smoke up my butt.

    As I was walking out of my interview, Matt Lessinger was walking in. I had never met Matt, but I have always been a fan of his Card Player columns. To make a suitably professional impression I say, "Matt, I refused to show my ass on camera. And if you’re wise, you’ll do the same." He laughed and a friendship was born.

    After Matt's interview, Lou, Matt, and Matt’s friend Jason, and I head to the buffet for lunch. Matt talks about his new book on bluffing. It sounds like it will not only have some good "how to" stuff, but will also provide the inside view on some of the major tournament bluffs in poker's history.

    In the course of the discussion, someone casually mentions that today's tournament is a $10,000 winner take all. What? Did someone mention money? And it becomes pretty obvious to me that Matt has come to Vegas for more than an opportunity to show his cleavage. He has come for the bucks. And maybe, just maybe, I better start thinking about that too.

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    Re: Vegas Virgins: Part II

    Originally posted by oil doe
    Vegas Virgins Part II

    When it comes to wardrobe I decide to accessorize the Stetson with cleavage.

    Great read.


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      Vegas Virgins

      Hi Amy:

      Thanks for the post. I felt like I was right there. Very good writing. I think I know your game a little; much like mine: probably too tight. If you're competing for a winner take all prize pool, play your normal game, get a read on the players and pick your spots to loosen up carefully. You're going to need more than one. One of the big plus items is you have a huge freeroll.
      You've got a nice fan base. We'll be pulling for you. Let's face it. You are due. Best of luck.



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        Great Read Amy... U Get'rr Done Girl.

        Best of Luck,

        p.s....Think you might be able to post up some pictures of that stetson???




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