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First Live Tourney - WOW

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  • First Live Tourney - WOW


    I have played at PSO for approx 1 month, and have financed many member's trip's to the final table/money. I had never palyed poker prior to joining PSO. After working through many of the classroom lessons, and playing many Sats and Tourneys at PSO, I worked up the nerve to sign up for the Wed night $65.00 NLHE tourney at Turning Stone Casino in Upstate NY.

    To make a long story short, I made it to the final table (there were only 3 to start with) with the 3rd highest chip count. The player in seat 9 (a large cocky loudmouth with the requsite WSOP baseball cap and mirrored sun glasses - I internally referred to as Jabba the Hut [JTH]). JTH did have a 3 to 1 chip advantage to me (I had approx 8500.00), so I decided to respect that facet of his persona, and to aviod him when possible. Through selective yet agressive play, I ended up 1 of the final two at the table (yes, JTH was my opponent). I was in the BB with KJs, and JTH called. Flop was A5s, Kh. JTH bet, I called. Turn was Qs. JTH moves all in, I call. His large mouth dropped open in disblief. He flipped QQ, and counted off 9500.00 from his stack after a rag river was dealt. He had murder in his eyes, but mumbled "Nice hand sir" and I thanked him. I now had a slight chip advantage over him. 3 hands later, I had A3c in the Big blind. JTH called. Flop was 2h,4s,5d. JTH moves all in, and and I call. My heart is pounding, my mouth feels like I gargled with beach sand. JTH flips AA, and nearly implodes when I flip my A3.

    I apologize if this seems boring to those of you that have done this at a much higher level for years, but I had just won the first live poker that I had ever played. First prize was $1200.00. I owe it all to PSO, and I plan on improving my game further by continuing to play againt some of the best players around.

    I will then use this knowledge and experience to hunt down and dominate additional JTH's, wherever they may surface.

    See you at the tables.

    ZimBob (Rob H)

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    excellent job, and thanks for the report. just one thing, next time you write up a report in the forum, and refer to the other player that you are playing heads up against aas being jabba the hut, make sure they dont read this forum. as i was the one that busted with aces and took second place against you.

    hehehe, just kidding............ :lol: :lol: :lol: i just thought that would be really funny if that was true. seriously though, congratulations on a game well played, and giving yourself the chance to get lucky and take home the money!!!!!!!


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      You are correct. I wrote the report as soon as I got home last night, still buzzing from the victory.

      I was just very surprised at the constant verbal abuse I was subjected to from my esteemed opponent. It made it all the more pleasant to quietly, and with class, relieve him of is stack.

      Mr Hut, if you are out there, and if you can read, I apologize for my grossly accurate depiction of your behavior and demeanor.

      Rob H


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        Congratulations. That is wonderful. He has probably posted somewhere about his "bad luck" and that he "Shoulda won".

        Way to go



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          Congratulations Rob!!!

          That's awesome. Nice trip report. Did you mean you never played poker before 1 month ago? or never played a tournament? Because if you just took up poker a month ago then this is an even greater accomplishment. Congratulations again.

          Peace, Starrs LSOGC


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            only 1 thing better than a money finish on first trip and thats a win congrats


            • #7

              Never played at all prior to PSO


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                Wow, excellent Bob.

                lol at jmuzzey

                The other player was unlucky though, but it sounds like he deserved to be


                • #9
                  Some players talk a better game than they showed him in the end.

                  Congrats and keep up the great work!


                  • #10
                    Congrats on a great win!


                    • #11
                      WTG!!!! Keep up the good work!!

                      IMO, you chose the right approach to deal with the wonderful JTH;
                      you can never get the upper hand on one of these types, and I, too, llike to let everything go by and (hopefully) take every chip from them.



                      • #12
                        Didn't read this til today, but wanted to say GREAT WIN!! and keep up the good work.


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                          A NLHE tourney with only 3 starting tables????
                          I wish I could get in on that!

                          Nice Job!!! It's fun to bust those cocky fellows isn't it?!



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