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Casino Poker Comes to Oklahoma

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  • Casino Poker Comes to Oklahoma

    It's twue, It's twue.

    Live Poker started in the Cherokee Casino in Catoosa (suburb of Tulsa) las night. I was not able to go, but my friends tell me it was very crowded. I went this morning, then left to make it to work by 2 pm. They have about 12 tables now, but have room for a total of 30. Dealers are all very new, but friendly. I played No Limit with blinds of 2 and 5 for about 3 hours, and was up $150.00 One dealer forgot to rake the pot during her shift. Rake was really high!!!!. $3.00 to the house and $2.00 for the bad beat jackpot. All the house rake chips went down the same hole. So----How do they know how much in the rake and how much is the bad beat jackpot???. AND---------One time everyone folded to the Big Blind, so he grabbed his $5.00 chip and the Small Blind's 2 $1.00 chips. The dealer grabbed one of the $1.00 chips and said "It's the rake", WHAT????? Yes, That's right. If everyone folds to the Big Blind, then the house gets a Buck.

    The good news--- There were some really bad players at my table with chips to burn. These folks came to play. Several $200.00 pots with both players having only top pair. Kickers???? We don't need no stinking kickers. QJ preflop was good for a raise from 1st position for some (not all) of these players.

    TAke Care all. Shane is headed back to the Cherokee.


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    I was wondering if they had actually opened up yet. I plan to visit the W. Siloam Springs casino soon. Do they have plans for tourneys? Or, is there a website that one can get more information from?

    Thanks for posting.


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      Hi Papi. Here is the link

      Also, Enough players brought it to the manager's attention, so now it's "no Flop, No Drop"

      Cherokee is up to 15 tables now.

      The heavy duty No Limit players are coming out now. Some stacks up to 1000 plus. Saw a $2500 pot. Nut flush vs top set.


      Good luck. I suspect it will be a "target rich enviroment"


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        Went to Cherokee on Friday night to find a 4 - 7 hour wait to get on a table.

        Got on Sunday in about 1.5 hours. Played NL - no sharks but a combination of maniacs and some who were up good for the day and were afraid they might give some of it back.

        Overall I thought the managment was doing a good job trying to make everything work as smooth as possible. Some of the dealers were even seasoned dealers brought in from Kansas City.

        Yes the rake is very high. $5 on the first $30 at the NL table. Not sure whether or not that included the bad beat rake.

        I wasn't disappointed and will be back as soon as possible.

        Firelake in Shawnee advertised on the radio poker tables were open but some friends who went down on Sunday said they were not. They played some Blackjack and had to pay $.50 per hand.


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          Look forward to checking out the W. Siloam location soon. Will post and let everyone know how it goes. I'm not much for ring games tho.



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