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Tunica - I love PSO!!

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  • Tunica - I love PSO!!

    What can I say!?!?! Tunica was great! I flamed out in the 4th round of the PSO Championship tournament when I made the worst call in the history of poker. After kicking myself around the rest of that day, I resolved to do better the next day in the Live Tour Final. Of course I never expected to win it!!

    Trying to be realistic, I thought I should at least be able to make the final table (top 10 out of 21) with my tight play (and those paperweights were really cool). When we formed the final table, I had an about average stack, so when someone suggested we make a deal, I agreed right away. The deal was that should whoever won make the money in the WPT event, they would pay each of the other 9 at the final table 1% of their winnings.

    Well, I stuck to my game plan and was adding to my stack slowly, when the key hand came along. I was in the small blind and Cockney Kid had raised from late position, about 3x the BB. I looked down to find AA (the one and only pocket aces I had all tournament). I tried to make it look like it was a hard decision before I moved all in. The rest you can see on the video: He called and turned over KQ. I flopped a set and turned quads and he was out, and I was the chip leader.

    With the chip lead, I was able to make a couple of calls that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. My A6 suited sucked out on A8 when the board came 6767x. My QJ sucked out on Ax when 5 hearts hit the board and I held the queen of hearts. To the best of my recollection, these were the only two cases where I got my money in with the worst of it, but I was not in danger of busting out if I lost.

    Obviously I got very lucky to win this tournament, as I was playing against some of the best players at PSO. But as the saying goes, "luck is when preparation meets opportunity". Now I have to prepare for the WPT Championship!!!

    If any of you have any advice in this area, I would be happy to hear it. The highest buy-in tournament I have ever played was $550, so playing in a $25K event kinda has me intimidated. 8O

    I'm also looking for advise on a clean, safe, inexpensive place to stay in Las Vegas. April seems to be a VERY expensive time to visit sin city!!

    In summary: PSO Rocks! PSO members are the greatest!! I look forward to the next time we get together!

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    kaeline, i am not too bright so my advice is to WIN IT!!! Kick some butt for all of us here! Iambrant


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      I am so proud of you!! You did awesome, and the win is well deserved and couldn't go to a nicer person :-). THe highest buy-in event I have ever played is a $225 entry, so I have absolutely no advice for you but I have full confidence in you, woman!!!! When exactly is this event? I wish I could be there to cheer you on!


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        WPT Championship dates

        According to the schedule, this event is April 18 - 24, with the final table and TV taping being on the 24th.

        If any PSO'ers are going to be in Vegas during this time, let me know!


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          kaelane, good job in tunica and you looked the part of a champion on Mark's great video. With you constant record of cashing you should not be intimidated by anything in the big one. Just play your excellent game and you will be fine.

          And what are you doing with a dealer certificate? you should be a professional poker player.

          good luck



          remember the alamo


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            Hi KaElaine

            Bruce and I always stay at the Flamingo Hilton on the strip. It is centrally located, walking distance to most any other place you want to visit with the exception of the Orleans, and the rooms are nice, safe, and usually affordable.

            Cant' wait to hear how you do in the WPT. What an excellent game you played..

            Did you make it home safely with the crystal trophy?


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              Trohpy survived!

              The trophy traveled snugly in its box in the back of my explorer and now graces my mantle. It's beautiful!!

              Ouch on the Flamingo!! rates are $110 to $180 the nights I need to be there in April (course that beats the $189 to $299 at the Bellagio!). Don't these people know that the WSOP has moved to June?!?!?!

              I may have to start looking for a travel buddy to split the cost of the room. Anybody wanna go to Vegas in April???



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                A few suggestions . .

                Have you tried looking at discount sites like

                Are you planning to rent a car? If so, I like staying at the Orleans. The Orleans also has a free shuttle to the Barbary Coast, which is across from the Bellagio. The Gold Coast is another off-strip property with a free shuttle to the Barbary Coast.

                If you want to stay near the Bellagio (and that's certainly the easiest way to do it if you don't have a car), then you're probably on the right track with trying to find a roommate.

                Good luck!



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                  Final Table

                  Congrats on your 1st place finish Kaelaine. I like the idea of the 1% deal you guys all agreed to. I would've suggested something similar had I been lucky enough to get there. Any chance you'd donate 1/2% to the 11th place finisher? After all, if our table had 6 players and the other 5, I might have outlasted the other table's short-stack.


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                    Palace Station usually has decent rates, but you will need to rent a car.

                    As for big buy in events, learn from my errors. DO NOT change your game. I did in the WSOP main event and in the WPT event in Aruba. All it did was cost me chips.

                    Play YOUR GAME, without fear. The money for the buy in is spent. All you can do to get it back is to play your best and play without fear.



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                      Didn't you take some pictures there pal????


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                        Yes I did.....and my wife has loaded them in to her computer.

                        I am going to put them up on my website here in the next few days.

                        Work schedule changed, bleh, bleh, bleh....I will get it done here in a couple days!



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