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PSO Convention 2005

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  • PSO Convention 2005

    I went to Tunica. I had fun.


    See what happens when I write my own trip reports? The advantage to the anonimity of the internet is that I have long had a helper monkey, who, under the influence of enough psylocibin, typed like a champion. He was a humorous little thing, although I kept trying to wean him off of the use of the word 'asshat'. Unfortunately, while I was gone, he discovered that he could beat a couple of on-line sites and has apparently moved to Texas to be closer to his dealers (not to mention the Oil Doe).

    So now all of you are stuck with the 'real' Bill. Sorry. Luckily enough, Chim-Chim left some his 'special' monkey chow behind, so I will eat a handful and try to channel the monkey madness one more time.

    Natuarally I arrived in Tunica an hour and a half late (Maybe if the airlines could get the Horseshoe to schedule their flights, the on time record would improve) Paul (ftp109) had patiently waited in the baggage area for me because I had'nt told him the source of the ride, just that one existed. 8) While we were standing around waiting for my suitcase, Al Spath, attracted by my PSO cap (At least I hope that was it) came up and introduced himself. He said he was waiting for a limo, when we said we had other transport arranged, he disapeared. We beat him to the casino by about a half hour. I hope that was the worst beat Al took all week. :lol:

    The fair Kailine showed up to take us casinowards. All I will say about that is that I was sure that the winner of the Live tour was riding in her Explorer, and I was right. I did hope it was going to be the one I shaved everyday though. I guess I should have offered her a shave. :lol:

    Arrived and the debauchery began. Many beers were had. Hugs were exchanged. Chat was plentiful. Tko14 taught a group of us to play 3 card poker. At one point we made the dealer cry. She was laughing so hard she had to ask the pit boss for a tissue. We somehow lost money though, despite the fact that we had a 'system'. Stupid RNG.

    I dont know why people complained that it was hard to get into a hold-em game. I never had any trouble. Of course the only times I tried were between the hours of 2 and 8 AM at Sam's Town :lol: I even won a few hands.

    While it doesnt top my Clonie story of last summer, I did get to use a urinal next to Men the Master this trip. I have an unblemished 45 year record as a heterosexual man, but I couldnt resist peeking over the divider just for proof that beer flowed out of an orifice other than his nose.

    Ran into jmuzzey and iambrant one late evening playing video poker. Brant said 'If I hit this draw, I am going to give wildbill 50 bucks.' He did and he did. Brant should know better than to offer cash to a poker player. I think I paid him back at the blackjack table though. Not that I gave him any actual money :lol: but my advice seemed to work and we had a nice winning session.

    Spent a night drinking with AZhardballz, Ricky Hard, CC518, Oil Doe, Pocket Rocket, Omaha Ron and a rotating cast of people who would have a beer or two then leave when our behavior became embarrassing (? hard to believe in that crowd I know) At one point we were joined by a guy I thought was a PSO'er. At least until he started telling us how wealthy he was and trying to borrow money. Even we were'nt that drunk. Well we were, but we were'nt that freaking stupid. If Chim-Chim were only here, I think that guy would have been refered to as an asshelmet. I miss Chim-Chim

    Summary. I spent a week in Tunica for at a cost of about 350 bucks. I would have been close to even if I didnt tip for drinks :lol: I hung out with lots of old friends. I met lots of new friends. I finally have good blackmail material on Amy. I lost a perfectly good helper monkey. I am counting the days until the next time......


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    . I finally have good blackmail material on Amy.
    Oh this we have to hear.


    Play with fire, you get burned


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      Originally posted by wildfire21
      . I finally have good blackmail material on Amy.
      Oh this we have to hear.
      Which part of the word 'blackmail' did you fail to understand?



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        Which part of the word 'blackmail' did you fail to understand?
        Oh sorry Bill, thought you got Amy to wear "Black Mail" to match her stetson.

        Definition of blackmail according to webster:

        "A tribute anciently exacted on the Scottish border by freebooting chiefs for immunity from pillage."

        So does that mean we're going to get a Wildbill goes to Scotland trip report? :twisted:

        Inquiring minds want to know!


        Play with fire, you get burned


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          LMAO wildfire!!! Iambrant


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            Come on, Bill - spill the juicy stuff. We want to hear about you swinging from chandliers, running around the hallways naked, chasing women to their rooms and other debaucheries. :twisted:

            I guess we will just have to wait for others to tell on you.


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              For the record....I don't drink....and I did not need too as AZ and Wildbill drank enough for me! (take my wife please!) (rectum? DAMN near KILLED Em!)

              I had a blast meeting many of you.

              Hopefully we will get together again in Reno during the World Poker Challenge.



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                Hey CC I drink nothing stronger than pop....

                course he'll drink anything.....BADUMP BUMP!!!!!!!!!

                Thanks for coming out tonite gotta great show for ya!!!!!!

                Boy it was sure hot out there today in Phoenix.
                HOW HOT WAS IT??????
                It was so hot I saw a tree thank a dog....BADUMP BUMP!!!!!!



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                  that is it. I nominate AZ for post of the month after all that wonderfull humor! DAH!!!!!! Iamblitzed


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                    "I just flew back to Reno today........"


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                      and boy are my arms tired. Ba-da-boom.

                      Wildbill - you KNOW I'll pay any amount.


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                        I think we can pass the hat to secure a suitable counter offer. ;-)


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                          PUMPKIN :lol:


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                            What do you call a guy with no arms,no legs and no head?


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