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the rebuy question

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    Guest started a topic the rebuy question

    the rebuy question

    last night (wednessday) i made my 2nd trip to the casino to play in the £10 multi rebuy event
    knowing this was smaller than the monday night event and i was told not as wild i thought i would try and see how long i could last without rebuying.

    answer was 90 minutes of folding rag after rag after rag
    won a pot with A8s when it flopped 4 to a flush i made a raise to play on my image and was called by the guy on my left also fishing for a flush and the turn and river help neither of us i took down the pot with Ace high
    also got my T9 filling in on a J82 board for a up and down straight i bet out and my image won me an uncotested pot.

    when it was annouced that there was only 3 more hands till end the end of the rebuy period and less chips in my hand than a rebuy i get a free look at a flop catch middle pair i go all in get called by top player with top pair and i make my first rebuy

    at the end of rebuys the best hand i had preflop was A8s but all i have lost is 1 buy in worth of chips
    this time i decide to take the add on making my investment £31 for the night
    i look over to the other table (only 2 tables tonight) and see that it looked as wild as the one i was on monday night and that they had about 75% of all the tourny chips.

    as the freezout period starts i am still getting no cards not even a small PP or an ace rag best hand i got in this period of play was J3s in the ante witch i ditched when it was raised preflop(would have flopped a moster but hey thats poker)
    suddenly players on the other table are busting out and a player from my table is moved(lowest stack moves)
    then a shout for another player (i look around and see that it will proberly be me unless someone gets crippled on current hand)


    i am a little short by now and with 5 large stacks on the table (80% of tourny chips i think are on this table)
    3 of whom i had played with on monday (the 2 i made a deal with and the player in seat 10 from my first table)

    i find AJh first hand i make a raise and get called by a player unknown to me i now only have enough chips for 4 antes if i dont win this and now that it wont be long before i am out.
    flop comes Q34 and i have to fold to a bet the player flashes QJ and i live to fight a few more hands

    few hands later i get JJ and raise the pot (all in as i only had 4 bets left) and all fold
    then player on my right and player on his right go all in with TT and 77 respectively the player with 77 had the other player out chipped and both live on when no help comes.

    then the 2 players i made a deal with on monday get involved in a pot flop 785 (2 hearts) the young boy raises the older man reraises and the young boy calls for all bar 1700Tpts(even i had more than this) when the turn shows a 3rd heart the older man raises and the young boy calls flipping over Ah5d and the older man (whom still had more chisp than the pot left ) flips 78 river is a blank and now we are 5.

    MY biggest mistake

    i am in first ante and find A8o with one limper before me and the 2nd ante all ready in the pot i check flop is rags all check turn is another rag and the 2nd ante makes a bet and takes down the pot uncontested with 2/4diamonds and a piar of 4s
    at the time i had though about raising preflop which would have driven out the other ante and i could have doubled thru off the limper. but decided not to.
    very next hand i see KK and i am thinking great i made right play not going with the ragged ace i know i am going to be 2-1 ahead of any hand that calls me (apart from AA) if not more the older man that took out the young boy limps in i am on button(2nd ante) and i raise all in the 1st ante fold and the limper calls with ATo
    flop T x A turn and river are both blanks and i bust out 11th and the other players break for the final table.

    i head out for the car the journey home in the knowledge that these people are going to think i am a rock in a few weeks and i'll be able to play on that image by raising and reraising with rags.

    ps note for geezer

    after enough players are knocked out they set up one of the tables in the room for a cash game the action is very wild and pots soon build up over £600 (i been told some go alot higher) this is the only cash game available ever in this casino and i simply dont have the bankroll to play in it.
    Aberdeen is the OIL CAPITAL of europe and therefore alot of these guys are very rich from either the oil field or from chains of shops they own and think nothing of putting £200 or more on the spin of a roulette wheel.

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    Guest replied
    Re: the rebuy question

    [quote="in the knowledge that these people are going to think i am a rock .[/quote]

    Great image to have, I believe, old pal.

    I don't play live as regularly as many, probably average about 5-6 tournaments a month, but I do have an image as one of the tightest since I play the fewest hands.

    Appart from the obvious benefits that this sort of image can give to your game, it helps me (and will you too!) to spend probably about a third of the average guy's amount of buy-ins and re-buys. I probably win about the same as the average guy (I'd like to think a little more!) but my profits are much, much better due to my reduce outgoings.

    If you're like me when I first went to play live, you'll also start to notice that whilst there are a large number of NE2 will do players, some of them actually can play exceptionally well in terms of the 'playing the player, not the cards' game that I personally am still trying to grasp. The great players and the poor players will make exactly the same play but for totally different reasons!

    Keep up the good stuff.

    You have to laugh,
    The Chuckle :chuckle:

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