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Ultimate Poker Challenge

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  • Ultimate Poker Challenge

    I just returned from participating in the Ultimate Poker Challenge at the Plaza in downtown Vegas-and I have mixed results to report. If you want to understand completely the format of this tournement, go to
    Anyway, in the last event leading up to the finals, I made the final table of 7, which included Scotty Nguyen, Barry Greenstein, Joe Awada, and (the maniac) John Phan. It was a televised event and was a great experience. I was told it will be first broadcast on Feb. 19th.
    That's the good news, the bad news is I was the shortest stack and lasted only 4 hands!
    Briefly, I had $3,200, blinds at $800, $400, with $100 antes, and I was the big blind for the first hand. I get rags and fold. In the small blind I get Ax, call all-in, and win! I now have approx. $6,500.
    Two hands later I have KQc, and Phan, who is to my right, raises close to half my stack. I have been at the same table with him for the entire tournement, and for most of that time he was next to me at my right. He raised EVERY hand-no exaggeration-I never remember unraised action coming to him that he didn't raise. And he would lay down his rags SOMETIMES. Anyway, I decide this is my best chance to really get back in the tournement, so I go all in, and he calls. He has 10-10 (one of which is a spade). The flop has a K!! Great-I'm really excited-but it also has two spades, and the turn and river come runner-runner spades! And so I'm gone. Maybe I should have been more patient, but my experience with that kid caused me to take that action.
    At the expense of boring everyone, I qualified for the main event. We started with $5,000, and real low blinds. I'm at a very enjoyable table, with everyone mixing it up and really playing poker-very few all-ins, etc. Then, about 3 hours later I'm next to the UTG, and he raises $400. I have about $7,200, and I look down at KK. Not wanting to mess around, I make it $2,000. A new player at the table, with a few more chips than me, and one off the button, starts to call, and then goes all-in. The UTG folds. I'm thinking, have I run into AA? Should I be thinking survival? But he almost just called! Well, I just couldn't lay down the KK, so I call, and he has....QQ!!!!! I am really happy. Flop comes 3, 10, 9 rainbow, turn comes 8, and river brings a J, he has a straight and I have my walking papers! (If I wasn't a grown man I would have started crying!) Oh well, such is poker-maybe I'll get the runner-runner in Tunica!
    In any event, the T.V. thing with the name players was a really exciting experience. In my interview I tried to plug PSO and say hello to my fellow schoolers, but they cut me off and made me start over-I was not allowed to mention anything about it!
    The entire experience was very encouraging to me, and has further convinced me that this place offers a very realistic simulation of tournemnet poker-as well as a lot of fun and a place to make good friendships. Hope I see you all in Tunica!

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    WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! I simply can't wait to see you on tv, even if just briefly. This is such an awesome outcome for you, and I hope you are very proud of yourself!

    Now, POOO on them for editing out your PSO mentions. Eventually, the poker world will recognize the value of PSO, and the worth of our members. You have taken huge strides in that direction! thanks.

    Cant wait to see you in tunica. And I will be watching for you on tv!!


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      Grats i got to meet Barry at Belliagio did you get to talk to him he is a super nice guy


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        U R D Man!

        I have played 2 major events that were televised. One I got cut out after they filmed my table for 15 minutes and at least 2 hands I was in (and won). (WSOP) The other was in October in Aruba, which is not out yet, but I did not make the final table.

        IT sucks they would not let you talk about PSO........typical media..want free speech for them but not others! LMAO.

        Good job and I hope WE meet at the final table in Tunica!




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