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  • AC-Ballys

    Bally's Hotel and Casino is located down the boadwalk from the uptown area and is really considered midtown. The poker room at Bally's is located on the 6th floor of the casino and the path to it is well marked with signs on the casino's main floor. Taking the elevator is the quickest and easiest way up. Once up there you will have to go thru the Keno parlor and sports book to find this smallish poker room. With 20 tables it is one of the smaller rooms in AC and is aso the only "SMOKING IS ALLOWED" poker room I have found (not that I was looking). The staff were very helpful and seemed willing to answer every question I had. At the time I was there the only games going on were a low limit 2/4 HE game and a 5/10 Stud game. The staff told me that they often have a low buyin limit no limit game in the evenings. The way this was described was players are limited to a $300 buyin with the game being a no limit HE game with $1/$2 blinds. This game structure is fluid depending on what the players who are signed up want. There is a tournament schedule:
    Tournament Schedule:
    Wed NL HE $60+$15 3000 chips no rebuys or add-ons Reg 4pm, starts 6pm
    Friday NL HE $200+$25 5000 chips no rebuys or add-ons Reg 7pm, starts 9pm
    I sat down at the 2/4 HE game, that immediately turned into a 3/6 game, for about an hour and had one of the biggest monster hands of my brief poker life. I just gotta tell you about it. I was dealt Kh,Jh in BB. The pot was raised twice pre flop before it got to me and I called (it was a very loose game). The flop came Js,Qh,9h. Holding middle pair and a flush draw I raised (for information as much as hand strength). Original raiser reraised and original reraiser also reraised. We also had two callers along for the ride. The turn came Jc. Fearing a pair of Qs or a JQ (remember the two early position raisers) and the Ah I checked, original raiser checked, a former caller raised, next raiser reraised and last caller capped it. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!. The second J seemed to hit everyone at the table. I eventually decide to call with the intent of passing on the river if I didn't hit. Why? Two of the players who raised the turn had both been raiseing regularly on scare cards. The player I most worried about in early position had slowed down and the size of the pot almost demanded a call. The river came with the, drumroll please, 10h. I just rivered a straight flush. I raise, next player reraises, next player caps it, next player calls and last guy folds. We all turn over our cards. The early first raiser has Ah,5h (flush), next player has the pair of Qs, next player shows QJ, last player shows Ad,Kd. It seemed like every picture card in the deck was on the table. The dealer starts to push the chips towards the player with the Qs full. I go "WHOA DEALER", "my hand is the winner". It is only then that the rest of the table realizes that I don't just have the flush, I have the straight flush! WOW, what a feeling and what a monster pot. While everyone was shaking thier heads, complaining about losing with a full house and/or congratulating me almost everyone at the table,except me, lit up a cigarette. What is this? It is only then that I notice that everyone, except me, has at least one ash tray on one of the many folding tables that are placed behind each player. I announce my regret that I cannot play in a room where the smoke level conceals the table and try a graceful departure. Several players grumble about me "hit and running" but no one makes a big deal out of it. While the floorman is getting me some chip trays I explain that I have heart disease (true) and that the doctors say smoke filled rooms are a high risk factor for me. After that everyone (except the guy who had the Qs full) relaxes, wishes me well and I make my getaway. Now I have to cash out. I find out that the cashier is on the first floor of the casino, remember we are on the 6th floor. This is very inconvenient as I have to wade through all the slots, carrying two chip trays, to get to the cashier.
    This is a nice medium sized room shared with several black jack tables and could very easily be expanded in the future. There is no comp or room rate. I will probably not play here in the future due to the smoking policy but if you like to smoke while you play and you are looking for a nice,friendly well managed room to play in this may be your kind of place.

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