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Taj Mahal

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  • Taj Mahal

    I was supposed to head to AC on Sunday for the $500 NLHE tourney at the Taj. I was excited to play and just as excited to meet up with a couple of PSOers. Well, James G. and GatorHB cancelled and then my girlfriend was feeling under the weather, so I decided to stay home and take care of her.

    Monday she went off to work feeling better and I went into work thinking about poker. While at work, I monitored the forum and read a couple of articles in card player. Man, do I want to play some poker.?

    Monday night at around 4:30 I decide WTF? and head down to the Taj. Sure, there aren't any tournaments, but when I was down there on Wednesday, the side action was pretty hot.

    Slight digression. I went to the Taj on Wednesday and played in the $300 NLHE tourney. Didn't do well. Mostly folded and then lost with pocket tens all in on the flop to A5s. A came on the turn. Played some side action. 20-40 holdem. Up. Down. Up. Down and left down about $300. Well I can't win all the time (sure would be nice, though). While I was there I met JCastle. He's a goot guy.

    So Monday night I get to the Taj. It's packed. I sign up for a bunch of games and then walk around the room. I come back to the podium thinking I want to play at a specific 30-60 table, but there are 2 other tables that look pretty good also.

    I ask the guy at the podium about the PL game that I'm 6th on the list for and he says there isn't one running. Damn. I ask him and the floor manager if I can get one started will they run it. Podium guy says no and the floor manager after a few minutes cajoling says okay.

    I go around the room asking a few players I know if they want to play. Okay, basically I ask all the fish. Lol. 4 say yes and a local pro says yes and we start a game 6 handed. Woohoo.

    It's 5-10 PL and the table fills up in a couple of minutes. We are playing with four truly lousy players. My favorite fish is Ben. He owns a few tatoo parlors in Jersey. He's loud and loooooooves to bluff. My other favorite is Dhimitri. He owns some type of fruit importing business and he's loaded and spends a lot of time playing poker but he's lousy.

    Anyway, you get the idea. So every pot is raised pre-flop and often re-raised. The first hand Ben loses his 1k buyin when his 88 fails to improve and another player makes a str8 with KQ. Yes, Ben lost all his money with 3 overs on the board to his PP. He immediately pulls out more money something like 4 grand. It's been one hand that I wasn't even involved and I'm in heaven.

    I see the flop for the next 4 hands and miss every one. I've decided I'm going to see a lot of flops and be very very aggressive whenever I have something. Loose aggressive.

    My 3k turns into 5k after an hour mostly from one hand where I made a str8 with K10s against another player's trip queens. I'm not seeing many premium hands, so I'm not being that aggressive. Also, there is a lot of raising preflop and on the flop and a lot of folding on the turn and the river.

    I'm used to playing PL at the Trop (and the Sands before that) with a 5-5 blind structure. This game has much much bigger pots. If I didn't know the people at the table, I probably wouldn't sit down because the stakes are higher than I've ever played before.

    I win a few more small pots. And lose a big one when I flop a flush and str8 draws that don't get there. I'm still up around 2k when I get QJ diamonds in late position. 2 limpers so I raise to take the lead. Blinds both call and the limpers call. We take the flop 5 handed (this was about average in this game). There's 275 in the pot.

    Flop comes Ad 10c 8d. SB checks BB bets the pot. Dhimitri calls. Ben folds I raise. SB folds. BB calls and Dhimitri goes all in. I think and think. I've got a lot of outs,maybe. Dhimitri can make this play with just about anything. He doesn't trust my raises and thinks I bluff a lot. He could also have a monster. But I think I'm ahead of a monster unless my outs are out there. He could have something like K10 of Diamonds. and then theres also the BB. What the heck does he have? He seems like an okay player, but a bit to "fancy" maybe.

    I go all-in and so does the big blind! Turn is an offsuit 4 and the river is the beautiful 9 of spades. Big blind has trip Aces and Dhimitri has trip Tens and I win the biggest pot of my life.

    Dhimitri leaves for like twenty minutes and comes back with more money. The big blind leaves in disgust. How could I have played so stupidly?!? Raising preflop with QJ! I'm thinking he pops it preflop and I'm out of there. And I don't think he noticed my flush draw.

    I play another hour. Playing waaaaaay too loosely. I lose about $500 when this hand comes up. I'm in the big blind with AJspades and call the raise. Me and a local good player are heads-up.

    Tthe flop comes Jd 7s 4h. I bet out and get called. The turn is the 3s. I check and he bets. I don't put him on 45, although he does like to raise with small suited connectors. I think he's got an overpair, but I call. The 4s comes on the river. It gives me the nut flush, but it pairs the board. Going with my initial thoughts that he has an over pair, I bet. He agonizes over the decision and then makes a crying call while saying your 4 beats me. I show my hand and he mucks two aces in disgust.

    I'm shocked he didn't pop it on the flop and I'm surprised he didn't fold it on the river.

    I split soon after this hand and booked a huge win. But there was one other hand that seemed important. I wasn't involved, but it went like this.

    Middle Position player raised. Button called and the BB called.
    flop 4 6 7 rainbbow. Middle position bets Button calls BB folds. Turn is a two putting 2 diamonds on the board. MP bets and Button calls. River is the 5 of diamonds. MP checks and the Button bets the pot. MP player thinks and thinks and finalled calls. Button has 9 10 for a complete bluff and MP has Aces.

    I would've folded those Aces so quickly. I made a mental note of that player. Won't fold aces when obviously beat. I already knew the button could bluff like that, but in this instance I would've fallen for it.

    So, that was my night in AC. I intend to head down again during the USPC. Maybe play a tourney or just some more side action. I'd love another pot limit game.

    Peace, Starrs LSOGC

    Only bad note is the dealers at the Taj, for the most part, do not know how to count the pot in PL games. Slows down the game a lot.

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    congrats starrs on your big non-tournament win! i've got to sit down at a pot limit game one of these days. best of luck if you go back.



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      You got nerves of steel Starrs.

      On your QJ hand, I count 15 outs. You are the favorite there assuming no Kingd.

      Nice One,




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