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Bay 101 meets PSO

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  • Bay 101 meets PSO

    I would love to be able to write my usual gossipy, innuendo filled report of drunken rampages shared with a large contingent of PSO'ers at the Bay 101, but, apparently, the rumors of a large smiling man handing out hugs (and buying beers) were enough to keep (scare?) most of the PSO folks away from the event. I guess the only good news is that the gasoline that was set aside to fuel the fleet of trucks supplying said beers to areas where large groups of PSO'ers converge can now be released to the general public, and fuel prices should drop over the next several days as a result.

    I flew down to SF on Wed. arriving around noon. Picked up a rental car and headed straight to Bay 101. Lists were not too long and after only 45 min. of futile searches for PSO people, I sat down into a 6-12 holdem game. Ahhhhhh, Califonia poker. My second hand I was 2 behind the button and look down to see AA. I do get to put in the capping raise when the action gets to me and we see the flop 6 handed. A 5 7 (three suited) checked to me, I bet, get raised, I reraise and we see the turn 4 handed. Jack (now 2 spades on board) bet raise, I reraise and the 4 of us go 4 bets. River 9d. Everyone who has ever played poker in CA now knows that I lost the hand to the small blind who called 3.5 bets cold preflop with 86 off right? Yup. I blame the random number generator.

    Ha Ha I got you all to read a bad beat story. Suffice it to say I lost the rest of my rack of chips over the next 3 hours. I was staying with a relative who happens to live 20 mins away from the casino (a non-poker player) and an awesome dinner was had. We then shared family gossip, debated politics and drank most of the nice bottle of single malt scotch I had brought for him and his wife.

    Friday morning came far too early. I got up, and headed back to the casino, psyched to meet PSO'ers. None there yet at 9AM. So I drink about 4 gallons of coffee and stuff myself at the nice buffet they have set up for the tourney players. As I am leaving the buffet I spot lion (Ted) and his wife (Carrie, a non-PSO'er but a very fun lady) coming in the door. Having read in his Spirit mountain trip report that she had been disapointed by not being molested by Big Sissy, I snuck up behind her and performed the Oil Doe ritual greeting manuver (For the 2 of you who havent read her trip reports, shame on you. And Amy, now I owe you one less cross reference.) Carrie screamed and the security force arrived with Mace and Pepper Spray. Who would have thought that lion had taken literary license with something as sacred as a trip report?

    We sit down for a second breakfast (well, their first) and are soon joined by Synlapse. Who had driven 3 hours North for this tourney. Lets see, we now have people from Seattle, Toronto, and Central CA at this Northern CA event, and still none of the locals. We would start the tourney with only these three PSO'ers. :

    Starnge tourney format. Essentially 10 single table sats. 2000 starting chips. 20 min rounds. First three levels are limit. (25-50, 50-100 and 75-150) After that it is essentially No limit as the upper limit suddenly jumps to 2000 (and increases every round with the blinds) Did that sentence make sense? I didnt think so. Just think of it as NLHE after 3 rounds and it will be as clear as it gets. Anyway, the 10 table winners advance to the tourney final table, and start again with 2000 chips 3 rounds of limit and then NLHE.

    The three of us were, fortunatly assigned to different tables, and the tourney began. I lost about 25% of my stack very early when my flopped set of 7's got beat by a rivered straight (hmmm, that sounds like a familier story) Won two medium sized pots and lost a little one, and went into the break with about 1700 chips. Synlapse's table had already lost one player and the 3 of us PSO'ers were about equal in chips headed into the no-limit structure.

    I was card dead for the entire 4th level (as I said 20 min rounds) each round therefore was about 10 hands or so. Stole a couple of blinds in the 5th level, looked up and there were 7 left at my table and I was the short stack. A couple of tables had already finished, lion and synlapse were still in and seemed to have medium stacks.

    Early in the next level I woke up with QQ tripled the 300 BB and got one caller. flop was AQ6 and I checked, the other guy bet 500, I moved in he called and I doubled up to about 4000 when his AQ didnt improve. This took us into the second break, There were 5 left at my table and lion's, and I believe 6 at synlapse's. lion had an average stack for his table, Synlapse and I were a little below as I recall.

    When we returned to our tables, I entered the zone. An amazing feeling (and a little trite, I admit) but all of a sudden I was in everyone's head. The big stack at our table had been hit by the deck, he didnt seem to have any concept of how to play a big stack and was on my immediate left. I quickly robbed a couple of blinds (The button twice a round is a neat thing) Eliminated a short stack and suddenly was in second place at the table. And I (he said, modestly) do have a vague idea of how to play a big stack. I took QQ up against 77 eliminating another player, and suddenly WAS the big stack. The other big stack eliminated the other guy and we went head to head with me having an 11k to 9k lead and blinds at 4-800. I raised to 2k and stole the blinds 4 straight hands before he made a raise (from the SB instead of his usual limp) and I folded. I stole three more blinds before he finally reraised and I folded. Sense a pattern?With the stacks now something like 15k to 5k in my favor I was the SB (on the button) and finally a LEGITIMATE raising hand (AT spades) I made it my usual 2k, he reraised all in. I called instantly, he turned over A4, didnt improve and I had made the final table. Best compliment of the tourney? The tourney director said he needed to join PSO if he could learn to play like the 3 guys he had seen.

    Suddenly I became aware that there were other sats going on. Lion had apparently busted (3rd?) from his table, Synlapse was 3 handed and had a short but not critical stack at his. I honestly wanted 2 pokerschoolers at the final table and rooted hard for him, but combination dead cards and aggresive big stack play from the big stack at his table eventually busted him out. He played well, just went card dead at the worst time.

    There were a couple of tables still playing, so we had no idea when the final table would start. Ted and Carrie had to leave (Big dance in Toronto?) and Synlapse went off to play in the wild and wooly 6-12 game.

    Final table time. The format is still silly (an hour of limit then no-limit). But the trophy sure looks cool, and the winner does get more than 10k, might as well play.

    I am so card dead. I see few flops in the limit portion, and the one time I turn 4 kings get real no action, so enter the no limit with pretty much the same 2k chips I started with. We are down to 9 players. I have been doing my usual diarreha of the mouth routine and the table seems to be having fun, letting me set the tempo in any hand I actually play. But I just cant get to average chips, much less a 'big stack'. After the second break I have been playing a short stack for over an hour, and the strain got to be too much. With 5 players left, I began the old 'double me up or send me home' routine. Someone would raise a little (the entire table played pretty passive during the no-limit, if I could have ever accumulated a few chips life would have been really sweet) I would put all my chips in, they would fold. The shortest stack was to my right, when he went all in I called for a little over 1/2 my stack with AJ and he turned over AQ. Ooooops. Flop hit neither of us, turn put 3 clubs on the board river was the 4th club and my flush eliminated him. Yes I am a suckout dog. But I now have almost an average stack.

    I lose a few chips when someone wakes up and reraises my steal attempt. The 4 of us who are left consist of a short stacked guy who never puts a chip in the pot unless he has a real hand. 2 oriental guys who can and will move chips if I havent done it first and the guy to my left, who I befriended early, who has the big stack, but doesnt use it to pick on his buddy 8O The oriental guys wake up to fact that I have been stealing, and start doing it their own selves while I look at bad hand after band hand. I spend a few rounds of the table trying to set a trap, playing very passively in the BB to the oriental to my right, but I got too impatient and made my only playing mistake of the tourney, donning my asshelmet and springing the trap with 3rd freaking pair on the flop, ignoring the fact that he could have flopped either of the 2 higher ones. Since he had, IGHN.

    Only playing mistake is a tell. I made a huge mental mistake at the final table, while playing the short stack early, I made the mental note to myself that finishing 5th (and making 2k) would be an accomplishment and, I believe, subconciously relaxed when i had met that goal. I have made that error in more than one final table at PSO, but up to this point in cash tournies have always planned to win once I reached the money or close. That is a huge lesson folks. I, for one, WILL take it to heart. 2nd place is the just the first loser. 4th place is not good enough. (lesson mode off)

    Due to some real life issues jumping in, I didnt get to celebrate much. I guess I will save the celebration for Tunica, where I suspect there might be more than 3 PSO'ers.


  • #2
    Let's all go to Tunica
    where we can do the spoonica
    If ya can get a roomica
    there'll be fun to be had in Tunica

    Big "Adam Sandler" Sissy

    p.s. Congrats. Hope you used all your luck.


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      Congrats Bill, nice report. 4th not as good as 1st but money is money & a job well done.....especially under the format of the tourney.
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        What? No tales of drunken debauchery? And you kept your pants on the entire tournament. It seems you deviated from your usual strategies - and appears to have paid off.

        I hope you will revert back to your old ways once Tunica rolls around


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          Where's the color commentary from Mary Kate & Ashley? Way to go Bill. Hope this is a sign of better things to come.


          Play with fire, you get burned


          • #6
            Congrats Bill, sorry we couldn't make it down to party with you...

            I'm starting to get annoyed with this work thing 8O

            I'm no fan of the shootout format, I hated to miss the O/8 tourney on Thursday though



            • #7
              Ok, folks...GOTTA LOVE WILDBILL!!!

              Thanks for a great trip report, congrats on the super finish inspite of life swirling around you.




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