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ironside ****ing bricks

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  • ironside ****ing bricks

    finally i get the nerve up ,the weather conditions and no pain from the old tooth(getting it out next month i hope) so at 17:30 tonight i decide i am going to make my first trip to play REAL poker tonight.

    after getting a shave, posting to the forum that i was going stocking up on the old bangers and mash diving under the shower, re-checking the forum looking for insperation, i set out at 7pm for the 90 minute trip

    i arrive having to phone up to get doorman to help me in due to the fact that the casino (with a wheelchair accessable toliet) has no ramp.

    still no idea what i am in for i show my membership card got my photo taken (think they were meant to do that when i joined)
    and headed for the ATM (it was a last minute thing to go and i only had £15 in wallet).

    i go into the main room and see about a dozen people in 5 people playing blackjack on 3 tables and 2 people on seperate roulette wheels with a few others looking on. i watch as people are throwing chips around like confettii and start thinking about heading out the door and going home.

    the doorman comes up to me offers me a drink (bar is upstairs) and informs me that the cardroom is open for registering .

    having no idea where the cardroom is, i look for a queue and spot it back at the main door i pay up my £20 + £2 fee with a £20 and a £5 and i get 3 £1 chips back (**** i dont gamble what use are they to me i could pay the fee for any rebuy with them but there is no fee for rebuys)

    anyway i head back to the main room see if i can spot who the gamblers are and the doorman brings me a glass of coke (grrrrrrrr i am diabetic and can tell from first sip it aint diet anyway the rush will do me good)

    about 9:10 pm ( i thought it was a 9pm start i was wrong) we get called to seats i spot the list and see i am in seat 5 table 3 which just happened to be the seat with no chair right infront of the door (how i didnt see that that was my seat without looking at list i dont know)

    infront of me i see my 2000pts of chips (100 points = £1 for future refence though i didnt clock it at first) the dealer deals a cards face up and places the button on the highest card.

    now things start to get confusing the button throws in 1 chip (100 points) as does the player i think is the SB,next 2 players throw in a chip i look down see 83h and think nope your first hands in B&M aint AA the player on my left calls as does 2 other players a bet on the flop takes an uncontested pot and i think it aint as bad as i heard alot of limpers but you expect that early.

    3 hands later i am "first ante" player to my left raises guy, next guy folds the guy in seat 9 looks at the raiser and calls seat 10 raises and the guy on my right goes all in (holy crap my first ante and i am all in or fold with QJo i fold) guy on my left calls seat 9 calls and seat 10 calls 4 all in 4th hand of tourny cards are flip over guy on my right 79o seat 9 T8s both the others have AQo and slip the pot when they flop a Q that was the first time i heard the words "rebuy" and was by no means the last in the next round of the table the guy on my left had 8 rebuys (only 9 of us on the table)

    the first hand i found i had 77 (now i hadnt played a hand and was UTG so i thought i will put in a raise and see what happens call,call,calll,call,reraise all in (by the guy i marked as TIGHT) call ,folded round to me i fold and the callers all call flop 2c 7s 4d now i am fuming thinking of the pot odds an knowing these guys dont fold when they have 1 chip in i should have gone all in.
    2 players still have chips so the cards arent flipped over yet turn is an 8 river an 8 and guy on left of the reraise flips 86o to take down a monster the reraiser flips AA and wins a small side pot.

    ok time to change tatic i know i have to get some hands in to stay in this and catch KQo in the antes which for once wasn't raised but with 6 people seeing the flop i dont hold up much hope flop comes JTx 2 spades and its checked round free card Ace spades mr 86o stabs at the pot guy on right of me calls i reraise all in guy on left calls and there is a 4 way show down and my broadway gives me a stack when no one shows better that JTo.

    i am happy i won my first chips guy on left of me is swearing his head of as he made rebuy after rebuy (18 in total plus an addon)

    next hand of note was another all in preflop where 5 of us saw a flop and only guy in the hand with a bigger stack than me had AA i had AKh and he made huge when i missed as did the 63o and the 67s that called.

    my first rebuy my 2nd rebuy came when i got all in with AKh (again) against 88 (and some rags) no help on the board and i was rebuying

    my 3rd and final rebuy i got all in with JJ v A7s flop came ace high and by this stage i was thinking of quitting (an old lady at the table already had when she realised that this was bingo and she was too young for that) 20 mins before the end of rebuys i found AT spades and by the time it got round to me it was all in or nothing with 5 way action and the guy on my left still to act i said **** it and called best hand i was up against was k4s and when i flopped an ace i made a nice stack and was happy to sit out the rest of the rebuy period.

    i made my first mistake when sat with JT in the first ante and last person to act preflop (i thought) guy on my left put in 2 chips (before the deal called a straddle i think) and when the action came back to me with 5 players in i called the 1 chip which he promtly raised the pot which took me for 6 as i thought when i called for 1 that was it . anyway 4 players got silly i folded 83 won the main pot (guy on my left) when he made a pair of 3s A2 won the side pot (huge) when he made a pair of 2s now guy on my left had a huge stack and went on to make it even large as the rebuy period was closing 3 or 4 players were going all in each hand and he was taking them all on.

    rebuys end

    i am offered an add on for £20 for another 2000pts i am sat with about 9000 and refuse i already spent enough i am told that the total pot for 27 players that took part was over £2400 nearly £100 a pop for a £20 tourny.

    during the freezout guy on my left trys to bully the table with his stack and as i am getting nothing better that 92o i am happy to sit back and watch idiot after idiot go against him with rags guy in seat 9 is also buiding up a stack guy in seat 10 is on tilt after losing his stack in the great 83o A2 hand. as we lose the first 7 players we get joined by another couple of players and its against a new player i get my first hand QQ he raises UTG and i go all in all fold round to him and he mucks AKc face up and i throw my queens face up into the the players leave i get nothing but a pair of jacks with no callers and then with the antes eating me up i go all in in an unopened pot from cut off with A4s to get the first ante call me with Q7o no help to the board an i am alive a round or 2 later and we get onto the final table i am left with 8 1k chips 2 other players have 13k and there are a few monster stacks out there biggest i think was 51k.

    we get drawn for seats and i am happy to get seat 6 and see the guy on my left moved to seat 2. we go for a break and i get chatting to the guy who reraised my 77 with his AA and said basically its late i got 8 chips left if by the time it gets to my ante if i havent found a hand i have to be all in (antes were 3 chips and 3 chips)

    final table

    dealer deals to see who has the button and guy on my right gets it great i get 1 hand on final table and then a 90 min trip home i post my ante and hen watch everyone fold round to seat 2 who raises everyone folds and i check my cards before putting in my 500 to see 33 seat 2 flips JTo and with no help i win and am no longer shortest stack.
    next hand seat 2 anounces "BLIND RAISE" i look down and see AJ spades and am thinking about going all in till seat 4 calls i look again and muck both players flip AK and both stay in
    i pick up a few uncontested pots with raises and i start to look healthy i flop a set when no one calls i muck them face up(so i can bluff later) but there was no need i make a pot raise with JJ guy on my left looks me up and so far no knowledge of how i play mucks 88 guy who started with 51k is now getting eaten up folds 66 and i flip over the jacks to take another unconested pot suddenly i am about 50/60 k and back in the hunt when i find TT but a raise and a reaise before me (the 51k stack now about 25k and the new chip leader)
    i muck and they show A4o and JJ with no help the chip leader on arriving at the table bows out.
    i buy 2 pots in a row with AJs and KK with the AJ i thought the first ante had to call with NE2 as he had the ante and 1 chip left for next hand.
    suddenly we are down to 5 players and seat 2 is asking for a deal(3 seats pay and e is wanting a 5 way even split he gets his money back that way) as the newbie i let the others talk but no one is intrested(but it sounded ok to me) chip leader takes out the player in 5th before losing a stack to the guy on my left i then get seat 2 all in with 79o to my 88 (had him 4-1 out chipped) and with no help i am in the money.


    guy on my left ask for a deal chip leader asks for the terms looking for a good deal for himself as he had 100k+ i had 78k and guy on left 73k i leet the other 2 discuss it thinking if i get what the 73k gets i am happy as the antes are 5k and basically we are neck and neck the guy knows his stuff and offers the chip leader more than we get but less than 1 for 1 and i walk out with £800 - £10 tip which i was told was the custom (i was thinking the tip would have been about £40 so i was happy)

    before i left mr 18 rebuys wanted to play me heads up offering me £20 for every £10 i bet keeping my head on straight i declined with a 90 min journey ahead of me i was happy to get on the road as it was now 1:45 am

    getting home around 3 am (ok i was excited i sped alittle) and knowing i wont be able to sleep till i get this money in bank i thought i'd pop in and let anyone intrested enough to wade thru the drivel how i got on

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    Supper job!! congrats!



    • #3
      Ironsides, that is absolutely fantastic! Congrats on the big finish in your first tourney ever!!!


      • #4
        Great report Iron...thanks for posting!

        and congrats!!!


        • #5
          Iron--as they say in the states-- you go with your bad self! Great job and congrats! Thanks for the report.


          • #6
            ironside, i am truly excited for you!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the report. for a man that had not played poker until a year ago, when joining the school, and had never played live before, you did a fantastic job!!!!!!! keep itup iron, play a solid patient game, and get the money in with the best hand, and the cash will follow. congratulations again sir, sounds like you played a fine game!!!!!!!!


            • #7
              Amazing. Great report and great play !!




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                Congrats on the great play and finish in your first live tourney Iron! Exciting, isn't it!!!!

                I am thinking of some of the conversations where Noodles, Freddie, muzz, and myself told you that we thought you had the game to play live, and you would tell us you didn't think so, but we would then tell you that you were wrong about your perception of your abilities.

                Rebuys certainly encourage a certain amount of "risk taking", don't they (just ask Mr 18

                Way to go brother.


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                  Great job Ironside!



                  • #10
                    Great Job!!! Congratulations and it is very well deserved.

                    Peace, Starrs LSOGC


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                      First Timer


                      Outstanding report. :wink:

                      Well, you now have a poker bank roll (real money). 8)

                      Looking forward to hearig about future success. :roll:


                      • #12
                        Very, very nice. Congratulations.

                        Sounds like next time you should take along several copies of info on PSO and pass it out. Some need some help.


                        • #13
                          Great Job, Ironside.

                          We at PSO are proud.



                          • #14
                            Dude :!:

                            So proud bud, all the best!

                            You have to laugh,
                            The Chuckle :chuckle:


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                              Re: ironside ****ing bricks

                              My favorite quote, emphasis added...

                              Originally posted by ironside
                              i pay up my £20 + £2 fee with a £20 and a £5 and i get 3 £1 chips back (**** i dont gamble what use are they to me...)
                              Great job iron!



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