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themills first home event

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  • themills first home event

    Here is the info from my first home event. The turnout was small with 6 people however for my first poker night I will still call it a success. However there were 4 PSO'ers there which was a delight to see.

    With the smaller turnout I increase the stacks to 2150 w/blinds starting at 2/5 and 20 minute rounds. Action was tight with me taking down the first big pot with a full house J's over 9's beating a set of 9's w/A kicker. Game was tight all night with the first person getting knocked out in round 9 if I remember correctly.

    The tournament was going well for me until Bounder's all in hand UTG. I misread his stack at about 1700-1800. My stack was at roughly 5300 and I look down at a pair of J's. With 900 in the pot with antes and blinds I put him on Ax or a mid pair and trying to take the pot down. So I called without having him count his stack which I found out later to be 2725. The 2 other's fold so it's heads up action with him showing KQ to my pp J's. K comes on the flop and he wins the hand. With my stack cut in half and the blinds and antes growing my tourney fate landed me 4th. Looking back at this hand my biggest mistake was not knowing for sure what his stack was. Lesson learned.

    The rest of the tourney I will leave for Kdogg66 and Bounder to share. I will post results now though.

    1st Kdogg66
    2nd Bounder
    3rd Rowebote
    4th themills
    5th shorty76 (poker pages aka my better half)
    6th Troy (non PSOer)

    One other note I took out shorty76 which landed me in the dog house for the night

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    themills put on an excellent tourney with a great spread. It was also fun to meet with other PSOers.

    I tried to save themills from the dog house earlier in the game when I called shorty76's small all in. I was on a flush draw with 2 over cards, but it just didn't come through. themills took out his better half a little while later.

    Made a lot of chips when I held AK and bet it agressively pre flop and on the flop with a board of AT66K. Troy was betting into me on the turn and river and I was convinced he had ppT but had to call because most of my stack was in the middle. I was relieved when he showed pp7.

    I was very short stacked once is was down to 3 people. I was gonna be blinded out in about 2 orbits so I put my chips in the middle with K3s first to act from the sb. Bounders calls from the bb with pp9 and I managed to suck out with a broadway straight.

    A few hands later I put my chips in the middle again. I can't remember the details but Bounder called again with what I believe was the better hand and I managed to double up once more. (better to be lucky than good)

    Once it was heads up, Bounder was convinced I was making some steals with my post flop bets. Who me? I never bet anything less than the nuts.

    About three orbits in a row I tried to complete the sb and Bounder moved all in. The fourth time I was sitting with K6, had about 4/5th of the chips and I really wanted to see what he was going all in with. I called, he showed A8s and I hit two pair.

    It was a good time and I hope we'll see more local PSO'ers next time.


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      Great evening of poker. Many thanks to themills and shorty76 for hosting the tourney. As KDogg66 had mentioned, it was a quite a spread.

      I guess that the first thing that stuck out in my mind was the length of this tourney. Almost six hours! This was for six people. Not weak tight players either. We were definitely playing at multiple levels. I enjoyed it and considered it time well spent. I met a couple of nice new people in Troy and Shawna (sp?) and once again met up with fellow PSOers, KDogg66, Rowbote & themills. Congrats Kevin on the victory and I look forward to another heads-up match. Well played.

      Thanks again Mike & Shawna!



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        Ok, I am hurt.

        I would have been there had I known...maybe my invitation got lost in the mail


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          You must have missed it Jane. Here was your invite.

          themills is planning the next one for Friday the 29th. Hope you can make it. Your money is always welcome :wink:


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            Well dang...I thought that was a post about that show in Europe, Saturday Night Poker SO I didn't read it...Next time, say POKER IN MINNEAPOLIS: ATTN: NEWJANE

            And as for the 29th, I fear I am out of town, but I do want to grace you with my attendance at some future date...

            xoxo guys


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              I'll even make it one step easier for you New Jane, I'll pm you :wink:



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