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Atlantic City 9/23-24

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  • Atlantic City 9/23-24

    Interesing trip...

    Trip Report - Atlantic City 9/23 – 9/24/04

    Arrived in Atlantic City around 2:30 Thursday afternoon and went directly to the Borgata. Signed up for a $10/$20 table and waited about 20 minutes until a new table was opened and I was seated. After a few hands I was moved to one of the other tables as I was at a must move table….that table breaks up and I get moved again….finally I can get settled and play some cards.

    The first four hours were brutal. The game was very good with at least 2-3 “WPT experts” at the table giving away their money, just not to me. The cards were few and far between early and when I did catch a hand it just would not hold up. For example 7,8 s in the bb, with 2 limpers so I see the flop for free. Flop is 7,7,2 – looks good to me so I bet it. One caller. Turn is a 9, I bet again – called again. River is a queen – I bet again and get raised – I call. First limper (utg) limped with J,7o to take the hand. Great play is all I can say to him.

    In hour three I have K,K otb. Two limpers, I raise. Both blinds fold both limpers call. Flop 9,4,Q rainbow. Limper 1 checks – limper 2 raises – I re-raise. Limper 1 folds, limper 2 calls. Turn is a 3 – limper 2 checks I bet he calls. River is a T – He checks I bet…he turns over 9,To while saying “I knew I was way behind, but you haven’t taken a pot all day so no way I was going to fold against you. He was a nice guy and I have played him before so I laughed and hoped for a shot to take him down later. Down $1,200 after hour three.

    Hour four got a little better started winning a few hands (none memorable) and got a back about $600.00 over the next 4 hours. Time to leave and go check in at the Taj.

    As I check in I see the poker room is full and some really big games were being spread. Want to play $300/600; $100/200…no problem, pull up a seat. I took my bags to my room and hit the tables…again at the $10/20 level.

    About 10 hands in I hit the most memorable hand I have ever played live – I actually got screamed at while at the table…and loved every minute of it.

    Short handed table. Six players I am otb and dealt 9,9. Loose early position player raises – two callers - I see an opportunity so I re-raise - sb calls – bb caps the betting. All call. Pot is $240 pre-flop. Flop comes 8,T,J (rainbow). BB bets - callers. I’m thinking….I have the only real str8 draw on the board at this time as I have the 9’s fairly well contained and if the 3rd 9 hit I am in a good spot with the FH draw…BB must be playing the J or Q. I’m behind but I have at least 6 outs (two 9’s and (4) 7’s. I figure the 7’s only help me while the queens helps others). Pot is now $300 before I play so 30 to 1 odds with 6 outs; it’s a no brainer - I raise. All 5 call my raise. Pot is now $360.00. Turn is another J. Sb checks – BB raises (confirming the J was his card) players 3&4 fold while 5 calls. I raise. Sb calls the two bets, BB calls. Player 5 folds. Yes, I made the bet knowing full well the bb has trip J’s but I wanted to represent the made str8. Pot is now $500.00. River is a beauty…the 3rd 9. The boat is filled. Sb checks (he has to know his str8 is no good), bb bets, I raise both call. BB shows his A,J real fast…I show my 9’s as the sb rolls his Q,K. I win the pot of $620.00. SB say’s nh…aggressive play pays off. BB loses it and starts screaming at me. He was shouting “do you know how to play? You just got so f-ing lucky – and he was just getting warmed up from there. After a few minutes I said…”enough all ready…I can’t concentrate on stacking your chips while you are shouting like a fool”. As you can guess he got worse. I couldn’t let it go with him looking like he was right so I jumped at him. I said “yes I was playing from behind, but your bad play made my play correct you idiot. You gave pot odds to make sure that anyone that wanted to play the hand had the odds to continue, so I did. In an aggressive manner at that.” He yelled some more. I then asked him how he thought trip J’s could possibly be good with that board.” His response…”I had the best hand and you got lucky”. I said “no you had the 3rd best hand and played like a fool”. End of discussion.

    I then went on to raise every hand he was in until he left the table. The other players and I had a good laugh when he left.

    Day Two - Tournament Time.

    800+ entries…all tables full and 12 in the hall. Met about 10 PSO’ers and got my hat.
    Took my seat at table 65 seat 7 and waited for play to begin. I was determined to play good solid tight poker. I had no idea that I would have to play this way by force…not choice. Fortunately the blind structure allowed for this type of play. 1,000 starting chips; 5/15 blinds and 40 minutes rounds – tight players delight.

    First, the guy who finished fourth at the Borgata Open was at my table and was betting like someone who just won a bunch of money and did not care about a $300. buy-in tournament. Second, I was extremely card dead. I can count the number of cards above a J in the first 3 rounds on one hand. The first flop I saw was the last hand of round 3 (just before the break) A,J. One limper, I raise to $200 – never seen a table fold so fast. End of round three. I have $925 in chips. Not bad for playing only one hand in 2 hours.

    Round 4 (blinds $50/100) started to pick-up. I hit a few hands and bet them at a minimum of 4X bb (I decided before the tourney that I was not calling a single bet all day – unless it was to call a re-raise and I liked the spot). I won a few hands and by the end of round 4, I was up to 1400 chips.

    Round 5 (blinds $75/150) started shaky. Table was broken and I had to move – giving up my ultra tight table image. Good move for me though as I started getting some cards.

    A,K 2nd hand at the table in the cutoff. Two limpers – I raised $450. Blinds fold as do the limpers.
    AK again a two hands later (sb this time). All fold to the button who raises $600. Sb folds…I think for a bit and re-raise all-in. After a bit of thought the Button folds. ( He later told me he hand QQ).

    Next cycle around the table I broke my rule while in the sb, I limped with J,To. BB makes a big play and gets one caller so I have to fold. BB wins the board when his 6,4s hits the flop for trip 6’s.

    I proceed to get dealt A,K again a few hands later (mid-position). All fold to me, I raise $600. All fold to the BB who re-raises me $600.00. I go all in….he thinks and folds…showing his J,J face up. He was not a happy camper.

    Along the way I lost a few hands but at the end of round 5 I had about $4,000.

    Round 6 (blinds $100/200; antes $25.00)

    Dealt A,Ts in the bb. Short stack in early position goes all-in for $400. The rest fold to the button (same player as earlier) who raised $1,000 – which leaves him with $1,200. I make what is really my only really bad decision. I raise him all-in – he called. He shows A,js vs. my A,Ts Ace hits the flop, his hand holds up. I’m down to $,800 or so.

    T,T in the small blind. All fold to the blinds. I bet hard still angry at myself for limping from the sb earlier when I should have bet. I bet $1,000 – pot committed. BB thinks and thinks then calls all-in. Based on the earlier protection of his blinds and just a feeling I had. I called the all-in. I show my T,T. BB say’s “shit” and rolls his 9,9. my T’s hold up and I’m back to 3,600.

    A cycle later I am sitting with $3,100 and again get dealt A,K – suited in spades this time. One limper from early position. I raise $1,200 from mid-position. Blinds fold. Limper calls. (Limper had been playing a very tight game to this point). Flop comes K, 8, 2. Looks great to me. Limper checks. I know he is playing tight so he doesn’t have AA; K or AK or he would have been all-in pre flop so I go all-in. Limper thinks then calls. I show my AK he turns up A,J hearts. Looks good to me. Turn Q hearts…river…5 hearts. Game over.

    Was a tough hand to lose on, but that’s poker.

    Despite the ending, I was really happy with my play. I only played two hands poorly in my opinion. The limp from the sb – which actually paid dividends later, and the A,T s. Every other hand I played I played from ahead and bet accordingly. The structure favored my style of play and I used it to full advantage.

    Lost a bit and busted out mid-pack in the tourney, but it was a great time.

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    Great report Johnny!

    Now, can you share your secret of time travel?


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        Opps Guess I got November and September mixed up. LOL


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          Great post Johnny. Good job on the tourney and recognizing and admitting your errors!!!

          Go get em on the next one!



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            Hey Johnny, it was nice meeting you in AC. I finished 80th in the PSO event in AC and though that only Siberianex placed ahead of me. Are you planning on playing in the upcoming Trump Classic? I will probably go up for a few days - let me know if you want to share a ride or split a room.


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              We almost walked out of the room together lol. Great reading your post and meeting you in AC. We chatted breifly during the PSO members only thing about meeitng in AC for the TAJ Clasic. Let me know what dates you are playing. I would have emailed you but don't have your email addy
              mine is: (


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                Re: Atlantic City 9/23-24

                …”enough all ready…I can’t concentrate on stacking your chips while you are shouting like a fool”.

                ROTFLMAO. Thanks Johnny, that quote made my day.



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