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Chaps game 10/1/2004

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  • Chaps game 10/1/2004

    Alright everyone, before I continue on w/this post, I openly admit i can not hold a candle to Oil's trip reports. So please have mercy on me I arrived at the muzzey house hold around 7 p.m. Of course, I was suspose to be there alot earlier but i am a slacker. But I did bring the ice to fill the garage sink! Lo and behold, sitting at the table was Vorrin. Like the jay muzzey b-day bash, he had arrived an hour and a half early. So if anyone needs to be somewhere on time or early, you know who to call. Hardtimezz and 2hot4U were there also. And believe it or not, were already drinking! So I felt inclined to start myself feeling behind Before you know it, the doorbell is ringing constant and we shout come in, only because by this time groups are already talking serious poker. Jimmydean arrived and immediatley started kissing up by giving the muzzey couple a bottle of wine. He said it was Portor and started on about his wine knowledge. I personally knew his hand writing and saw it on the bottle! (just kidding jimmy! nice gesture) Windlord and Zeroth came in together. Of course that was hard to miss. For a second I thought it was tag team wrestling and was getting worried! More psoers arrived but the big arrival was of "SAILOR MOE"! He immediatley got a round of applause. And as Leonn is, blushed and was very humble. Now if I had just took $20,000 in a tourney, it would be the Rocky run up the stairs! But it shows what a class act he is. Time to get down to the cards!!! We started at about 8:15. It was suspose to be 7:30 but Jenny and Jay were extremely patient and didnt want anyone to be left out. 25 people started the tourney. Was 50/100 blinds to start. 2 people were running late so they put them on p/f. Of course, it wasnt any pso players who were late. We all know what time our tourneys start and are dillegently at our computers 3 tables started the action. Now since I was playing, I can only vouch for my table and all i can say is YIKES! Very tight play. Everyone started w/3000 in chips and i think everyone made them count! By the first hour, there were only a couple out and i believe all psoers were still in. I must remind everybody here that only about half the field was made up of Poker schoolers, which made everyone else a big underdog After a much needed smoke... i mean break, back to it. I believe Sailor Moe and Zeroth were out before the top 20 (like I have said, I may be wrong in the order. I am no OIL DOE!!!) but we consolidated to 2 tables. Did i forget to mention that I had jmuzzey on my left till then? Sorry, I had to give myself that Anyways, my table consisted of some great names. Jimmy Dean on my right. Hardtimezz on my left. Jmuzzey opposite end of table. Just to name a few. So time goes on and a couple more people are out. 2hot4U and Windlord were out by this time (and already rocking in a sattelite!). I am Utg+1 and get pocket 10s. I have about 3300 in chips left so i push all in. Folded to Ray (non-psoer but knows the game!). He calls. I am up against JJ. Needless to say, I had a good run JJs held and I am out in 17th place. So I go and have quite a few cigarettes to drown my sorrow! From here I am going to the final table. It consists of jmuzzey, muzzeyj, vorrin, game of games (who, after watching a bit, was gettiing some brutal crap cards!), jimmy 19, and... Jimmy Dean? Yes that is correct. And he had a bunch of chips! Also a few other non-psoers. And I have to mention Zeroth had been dealing ever since he was out and now was dealing the final table. With authority! He let no one get out of line! First challenge of someone out was jmuzzey vs jimmydean. jay is all in and jimmy calls him. Now, just to let some of you understand, i promised to post this hand because jimmydean would kill me if i didnt! Before jays all-in, flop was J 9 x. Jay has 9 6 off suit and jimmy has QJ, top pair. Cards were flipped and Jay stands and screams " Come on 6! Come on 9!" Turn is garbage. River is ............9!!! Dah, Dah!!! Jay rivered jimmy! But jimmy, ever the gentleman, smiles and wishes muzzey good hand. And to think, he brought them wine! At this point of my memory, there are 6 left. Vorrin, who is the chip leader, and Ed, a non-psoer, who goes all-in. Vorrin, in a classic statement, admits "Sorry Ed. I am going to suck out on you." Ed had AK off. Vorrin Q8 clubs. Flop 2 clubs. Turn club. wow. muzzeyj went out on the bubble after playing phenomenal poker and was sad to see her miss it by one. Hardtimezz went out in 4th. Jmuzzey got beat by Vorrins JJ vs his AJ to go out 3rd. And after a short back and forth, Vorrin splits the pot w/ Ray, not in pso but a great player. People started saying their good byes one by one, seeing how this tourney had taken about 5 hours. We did really go long on the breaks, though. Over all, alot of great play and good times. I personally want to thank Jay and Jenny Muzzey for the event. I know it takes alot of time and effort to host all of us and we aprreciate it!!! I am sorry if I left out any particular moment but it was a big group! If anyone wants to add to my rambling, feel free!
    Iambrant C.H.A.P.S.

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    sounds like the JMuzzeysJ know how to throw a poker party!! I assume the only missing link was the WILD ONE

    Thanks for posting, it makes me smile even tho I have to miss these things. Hmmmm..perhaps I need to play a ROAD TRIP for the next one??


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      Just to clarify one hand. My hand against Ed. I had QJ Clubs. Blinds were 400/800 with a 100 ante. I made it 2400 to go and Ed went all in for about 6K. The pot is now just over 10K. I put Ed on AK or AQ, I was hoping it was AK. It was 3600 for me to call so I was getting good odds on my money heads up. I busted Jen on a similar situation. I bet into her and she came over the top of me, I knew I was beat pre-flop but the pot odds were such that I could call with my inferior hand. I think it was KQ against Jens AK. I did get pretty lucky at that tournament though.

      Thanks to Jayand Jen, the usual great hosts. Good friends and good cards. Thank you both !



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        Good report Brant!

        The hand I had vs Jay took place when we consolidated to 2 tables...

        It was an unraised pot, with 3 players in. Jay was BB.

        Flop came as advertised, J9x, no suited cards, and Jay put his last 1k in. I had approximately 3800 at the time (after I called Jay), when lo and behold, the limper behind me goes all in after my call of Jay! That put me to a decision...

        675 more to me, pot at 3200 or so before the raise behind me, 4875 after his move...

        Ok, it really wasn't that hard...I called the extra 675 with top pair, even though I felt I was probably drawing nearly dead vs a made set....

        Only thing was, the 2nd all in didnt HAVE a set! He didn't even have 2 pair! He didn't even have 2nd pair!!!!!! He had 55!!!!

        Jay with his garbage 9, the other guy with his 5s, all those loverly chippehs in the pot, does life GET any better?

        For JMuzzey it does. That river 9 was a beeeyatch!



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          It true poker fashion though, what goes around comes around...

          A bit later on I found myself short stacked at the final table, holding a bit under 8x's the BB, with pp 7s in the cutoff. When it folded around the table to me, I went all in for the antes and the blinds, roughly equal to a 60% boost to my dwindling ammo stores. That's when Jimmy19 called me from the button!

          3 players to get through, just 3 players to have a better hand than my 7s, and what should I run into behind me? JJ that's what!

          Of course I felt moderately better after the flop came 744 ;-)

          I am reasonably sure Jimmy19 is right now seeking a bargain basement hit man to let a contract out on me, as I ALSO knocked him out of the previous muzzey mutli-way least that time it was AQs vs Jimmy19's JJ!!!

          Before I go, I would like to say thanks to both Jay and Jen for another great event, and to everyone who was there, make sure you come on back for the next one...ain't it a blast!!! LOL



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