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AC - Borgata

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  • AC - Borgata

    The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is located in the Marina area which is in the northwest section of Atlantic City. This is the newest casino in AC, opening in 2003 (609) 317-1000. The poker room is located downstairs with the sports book (just follow the signs) and is state-of-the-art/no smoking. The first thing you see when you get to the bottom of the escalator is the very nice snack bar and waiting area. Yes a waiting area. And from the waiting area you can see the two 20ft long electronic waiting list boards that hang above the sign-in desk. Too kewl. The poker room currently has 34 tables with plans to expand to 90+ tables which would make it the largest room in AC. This room is at the other end of the spectrum from Harrah's. There are HE limit games from 2/4 to 80/160, Omaha Hi/LO and Hi, Stud 1/5 to 10/20, 10/20/30, 15/30/45 and NLHE 1/2 and 2/5 whew! The room is fairly large and BRIGHT with alot of room around the tables. The staff is as firiendly as can be expected in a room as busy as this. and the cocktail service is pretty good. Lots of action. There is a comp policy. You go to the Borgata rewards desk (in the lobby) and get yourself a Borgata card which is swiped when you go to the table. The comp rate is 50c /hr for low limit, $1/hr for mid limit and $2/hr for high limit games. The comp dollars can be used for rooms food etc. There is also a special room rate for poker players. If you play 8+ hours a poker block room is $59, <8hrs.= $79 (reg $150). These rates apply to weekdays only and you must request a poker block room when you make your reservation,( however I have been successful at getting my room charge chopped before checkout). There is a weekly tournament schedule for NLHE that should be getting posted on Pokerpages soon. Briefly M-7pm($60), Tu-11am($40),7pm($40) W-7pm($80) TH-11am($40),7pm($40) Fri-4pm($200). The only negative I got here is the waiting line for low limit games which can be several hours long during peak hours. The play was good with half the players at my table seeming to be solid experianced guys. Playing the 3/6 table, couldn't get on the 2/4 table, I took out $36 in 2.5 hrs. of play. IMHO this is one of the best poker rooms in the City.
    That does it for the Marina area. Next month we will take a tour of the Uptown and Midtown casinos. Till then, may all your hands be monsters, unless your playing against me. 8)

    Bill F

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    I visitied the Borgata on Monday 28 Dec. and played the 11:00 AM tournament ... there were 134 entries and 289 rebuys. Not experiencing rebuys on PSO proved interesting: it felt like an extended early tournament period before all of the "loose" players have been eliminated. Unlike PSO, you can rebuy til the third level (roughly the first hour) and then there is a final "add-on" during the first break. I lasted through two breaks and down to the fourth table before being eliminated. Generally good experience.

    I also played ring tables. At one point in the late afternoon, there was a 129 person waiting line for 2-4$ tables and 189 waiting list for 3-6$ tables. I joined the list at 44th position for 1-2$ tables and took about 90 minutes to finally get a seat. Didn't do particularly well at the table but had a worthwhile experience. I made several "live table" mistakes that one can't make at PSO by accidently splashing the pot, betting out of turn and misreading pot sizes. If you only play online (as I mainly do) it takes a while to gain table poise. The people there were patient with me however.


    1. Come early. They normally have a 10 table cutoff. (11 players per table.) They added two for this one but people were still not able to play if they arrived after 10 AM. :

    2. Make sure you get your Borgata club card upstairs before registering downstairs for the tourney. You will not be allowed to register without it. :

    3. Be patient! I watched one poor guy go all in 10 times during the first hour and then rebuy after each time. ($400 worth of rebuys!) He was on tilt the full time. Go all-in if you have the cards but generally, wait until you have a hand before betting. Otherwise, you will pay if you do it repeatedly. :wink:

    4. If you come with your wife or other friends, have them come see you down in the poker room rather than you trying to find them upstairs. The poker room is smaller and there will be much less frustration trying to find each other. I lost over an hour trying to find my wife among the slot machines.


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      The Noodle Bar at the Borgata is fabulous. This was the one card room I played at in AC, though, where I didn't make anything. For the softness of the games, I preferred the Taj. I also didn't like that they didn't have pagers. I had to wait about two hours for a seat, the person on the mic didn't have much of a voice, and the (small) waiting area was packed and noisy. Such a small thing, but it would make a bit of difference. I was also regretting the absence of a BBJ when my quads got beat, but I can understand the argument against having one.

      Still, a gorgeous room.


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        Aidyl (or anyone else) - what IS the argument against having a bad beat jackpot?


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          Bad Beat Jackpots (BBJ)


          I would think the only reason for not having a BBJ would be that the card room has to increase the rake to pay for it. However, I have played at the Commerce Club in LA which has a BBJ: the rake is no more than at the Borgata. The one big difference is that the Commerce Club has far more tables and playing options than does the Borgata. But assuming everything otherwise equal, the odds on paying the BBJ should be the same if the rules are the same. In the case of the Commerse Club, if I remember right, a quad beating a full house or higher. Therefore, the costs must be minimal in comparison. Ultimately, the players pay for it.

          Walt (wolson)



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