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Aruba Day 4 - side action

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  • Aruba Day 4 - side action

    9-27-04 2:00 PM. Satelittes open. I head to the Satelitte area and sit down. They are only running $65 sats and $635 sats. Since I already played and busted from the main event, I dont even think of the $635's. I make up my mind I will play agressive and be a dominate force at the table. My plan and bold play works. AFter 20 minutes I have 8500 in chips which is 65% of the chips in play and there are 5 of us left. Then I get the cards, but the boards begin to torment me....and of keeps coming on the river. LOL...and you thought that only happened online. Lemmee finish the story. The downfall begins when I have KK and move in pre-flop. I get called by a short stack who has AQo. I flop a K and of course the turn and river hit J then 10 to give him the nut str8! The very next hand...I get QQ and the guy I just doubled up calls my all in with 99. No help comes for him on the flop, but the turn and river give him a str8! That is two hands in a row which the same guy sucks out runner, runner to stay alive! This site must be rigged......oh wait....this is a LIVE game!!!! So much for that theory.

    I went from a huge leader to 2100 in two hands! Then I think I find my saving grace...I get AA in the BB. The player on the button raises all-in. Of course I call with my Aces. The flop brings blanks, the turn, another blank, and the guessed it....10! I am history. Again....I check to make sure I am not on one of these "rigged" poker sites. I confirm this is real by pokeing the dealer and banging my head on the felt of the table....yup, its real! (Just kidding I did not do this).

    I move to the next table over and we start almost immediately. I again play super agressive and almost immediatly bust a player when I flop a set of 9's vs. his AKs when a K and a 9 hit the flop. The very next hand I pickup Aces and bust a player with Queens. I think to myself, if I got this action yesterday, I would have been the chip leader at the end of the day and not out.

    About 3 hands later I pickup KQo on the button. There are 7 people in this pot for 100 each. I figure...I have a 3 to 1 lead and there is alot of money out there.....I move all in! The SB on a short stack says, I call....all fold to a MP player who also says, I call. All others fold. I sheepishly show my hand and confess to the attempted theft. Their hands are QJo and 8-10c! I have the best hand!!!! The flop comes K82 with 2 clubs. This gives 10-8 a flush draw. A King hits the turn and the board pairs with a club on the river. My full house busts 2 players and gives me 9000 of the 15000 in play. There are four of us left. The very next hand I get QQ. UTG limps in and I again move all in. All fold to the UTG player who says, "This is such bullshit..there is NO WAY you have a are not pushing me around...I call. He shows J-10o. The flop comes 45Q rainbow. The King on the turn gives him a str8 draw and I begin to have flashbacks of the last table where I went from the penthouse to the outhouse in 3 hands. The river brings a harmless 2 and I now have 10,300 of the 15,000 in play. The other two players wanna chop 3 ways? I chuckle and thanks guys, but I would ask too if I were in your shoes. A few hands later one of the guys AKo outraces my JJ and I double him up. Four hands after that the other guy give guy #1 about 50% of his stack. I then pickup AA and guy #1 moves in on my from the button. I call and his KQo gets nowhere. We are heads up and I have 13,000 of the 15,000 in play. The remaining player (who has become a friend over the last couple of days) says...wanna chop? I tell give me $300 and I give you the seat. He says, no, you give me $150 and you get the seat. I tell him sorry but no as I have almost 90% of the chips in play. The heads up battle lasts about 20 minutes. This is the same guy who sucked out the 10 in the 1st sat to knock me out. I could not get rid of him. Finally, I pickup AJo and move him in. He calls and shows A2o. I flop a J and he hits a 2. Turn brings an Ace, and FINALLY I win the sat when a K hits the river. I am in the $540 tonight.

    I go to my room and meet my wife and daughter. Ironically, the guy I just busted...his wife and daughter are in my room. Apparently my wife is babysitting tonight so they can go out to dinner. I tell them the story and she is prepared when she goes back to her room. I later find out his version of the events is the same as mine. He did not like that I would not chop under the terms offered, but understood it.

    At 8:00 PM I go to play the $540. There are 130 players. You would not believe the names in this tourney. Scott Fischman, John Bonetti, Al Krux, Phil Hellmuth, and David Williams. Chris Moneymaker makes a brief appearence then disappears. I am not certain all are playing until they actually say shuffle up and deal, and these guys get cards.

    I continue my agressive play and get about $3500 in chips in the first round (we start with $2000). We start the second round and I slow down a bit. About 30 minutes in to the second round I move in on a player on a semi-bluff. He calls with a pair and I am history. I am surprised he makes the call. I find out he got tired of my "stealing" and took a stand. His hand got made and off I go.

    I go to the poker room and get a seat in the $$4 NL game. I take my chips out of the rack and look up. Across the table from me (and on my right I might add) is Chris Moneymaker. He is actually playing the $$4 NLHE game with his new girlfriend. In the first 2 hands I see him play, he is up to his usual tricks. Raising with nothing, moving in with any draw, etc. This costs him about $400 in the two hands when guys actually had some quality which holds up. I get about nothing, and proceed to lose about $150 in the first hour of play. I put $200 more on the table and 2 hands later this hand occurs. Chris raises my BB (like he has done EVERY time) and the SB calls. I look down and see 44. I call the $25 raise. The flop comes A25 rainbow. I have a str8 draw. Now the funny part about his hand is, Chris just got done telling me that if he raises pre-flop with trash and gets called...he always bets the flop if it is checked to him. The SB checks, I check and Chris bets (like he told me). The SB calls as do I. The turn brings the 4 which gives me a set. The SB checks again, and I also check. Chris fires $100 at the pot which contains about $175. The SB folds and I immediatly move in on Chris. He wants to know how much the bet is. I count out $200 more. He says, I call. He shows me Q6c and he has only a club draw. I show my fours. The river brings the 5c which gives him the flush, but me the full house. I just took a large pot (by my standards, not his) off a world champ! Score one for the little guy. I play with Chris for a total of 3 hours. Lots of people coming and asking him questions, and I got some great tourneyment information by listening. I look at my watch and discover is it after 1 am. I get up with a small win, shake Chris' hand, he states he remembers me from the WSOP, and I go back to my room.

    My wife thinks I am kidding when I tell her about the game and that I played with a world champ for 3 hours and still beat the game.

    Like I said in an earlier post, even with me being out of the main event...this is still the best vacation I think I have ever had.


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