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Day 3 - Main Event

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  • Day 3 - Main Event

    9-26-04 1200. The main event. I get seated at table #1 in seat #6. On the table to my left (not my table) sitting close enough to touch is David Williams (WSOP runner up). Behind me on my right on another table is Devilfish Ulliott. Behind me on my left is Howard Lederer. One table over is Chris Moneymaker, on the next table over is Ben Affleck. There is no one of fame at my table.

    We start with 12,000 in chips and 25-50 blinds. The first hand I get garbage and muck. I make a crack about not busting the first hand and everybody laughs. I size the table up as follows by seat: 1 - medium ability player, 2 - Super tight and scared, 3 - Agressive and bold, 4 - new player who is not strong, 5 - new player who is weak and does not understand NL, 6 - me, 7 - poor player who THINKS he is a good player, 8- the only player at the table who is as good as me, 9 - agressive player who is not afraid to move in on a bluff, 10 - BRAND new player who overvalues any ace.

    In the first round I pick up several pairs. Aces once, Queens 3 times, Jacks twice, 10's twice, 9's, and 2's twice. Problem is....I got action on only one of them, and then had to lay it down. Here is the hand. We are about 15 minutes in to the tourney. The previous hand I had JJ, raised and everyone folded. This time I pickup QQ both black. The super tight player suprises me by raising 10X the BB from the cutoff. All fold to me and I flat call. The flop comes 10c 6d 2c. I check, super tight bets 1000 (pot size), and I check raise to 3000. She does not think at ALL and immediatly declares ALL-IN. I cannot put her on 6's or 2's. So she has either flopped top set, or has KK or AA. I put her on KK. I start having flashbacks of the WSOP when I held this exact same hand, my opponent held the KK and I doubled him up. I FOLD the Queens face up! The look of shock on her face is priceless. She shows pocket KINGS and says, "HOW do you lay that hand down???!!!!" I say, "Because I have been playing this game for 16 years and put you on Kings". All other players actually congratulate me on "The big laydown". 3 of them confide if it was them they would have called.

    Apparently during this hand I made the poker "gods" (no religion here please) angry as I did not go broke. My cards go dead for the next 6 HOURS. I maintain my stack with an occasional steal, but am fighting a losing battle. I am now at 6500 when this hand comes up. I pick up KJs on the button. Seat #1 raises the minimum. I find this odd because in the past we have never seen a hand of his when he has raised this amount. The other raises he has made have been 4 to 5 times the BB and on those occasions he showed down a monster AA or KK. I consider moving in on him and taking my chances now. Then I think better of it and flat call. I miss the flop and there is no A. I check and he bets out 500. I immediately raise to 1500. He thinks for about 15 seconds and then re-raises me all in (about 1/3 of his stack). I had promised myself at the begining of the tourneyment I would NOT bust out on a bluff. I am throughly angry at myself for not just following my first read and instinct on this player and moving in on him pre-flop. I toss the hand in the muck and have only about 4300 left. I settle back and wait. Three or four sets of blinds come and go. I have only ONE hand which is playable in this time and took down the blinds only. When the limit increased to 200-400 with 50 ante I pickup a pair of 7's. I call from MP and we take a flop. I miss completely, but the player who is weak checks to me. I immediately move all in for my remaining 3000 in chips. He goes in to the tank. I am now patting myself on the back for makeing the right read and play. He picks up his cards and says, "Well I dont have any of that". He moves them towards the muck like I have seen many times before...I uncap my cards and get ready to take the pot. The mili second before he lets his hand go he says, "I call". He turns over pocket 10's! There is a flush on the board, AND a Jack. His 10's are red. I cannot figure for the life of me how he makes this call. I get no help and go out just before the dinner break. He says, I knew you had me beat but I wanted to see. I was shocked when I saw I had the best hand. (Death by the clueless.....LOL) You decide which one of us is clueless.

    I walk to my room in the BEAUTIFUL Aruba evening. I replay the nights events in my head. I am obviously mad because I busted out on day 1 for my second major event this year.......but I congratulate myself for being disciplined enough to lay down the Queens and for not making any serious errors which crippled my stack. The ONLY hand I was all in on at any time was my last. Now I am sure someone will say....YOU BUSTED OUT ON A MEDUIM PAIR...THAT WAS A MISTAKE. To them I say, Chris Ferguson AND Howard Lederer both survived the 1st day by moving in with a small stack with LESS than pocket 7's. (Chris with 5's TWICE!; and Howard with AKo). My read on the player was 100% correct that he did not have a flush draw and he did not have a larger pair then on the board which makes my all-in the correct play. If I had a larger stack (say 10,000) I am certain he would have layed the hand down. I am happy with my decision, but of course, not the outcome.

    I take my wife out to dinner and then we go to our room and just talk about poker and life. Like I said earlier, this trip has been so wonderful, the poker was almost secondary.

    Tomarrow, I go for satelittes to play in the nightly $540 to polish my meduim buy-in NLHE game. The first prize of $25,000 would not hurt either. Talk to you all in my next post.


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