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Aruba - Day 1

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  • Aruba - Day 1

    9-24-04, 0900 hours. I awake and discover I slept for 14 1/2 hours! My wife and little one are still sleeping, so I get dressed and head to the poker room. I find the same NLHE game running with 4 people playing. They all came in on my flight yesterday and are all looking tired. There is about $10,000 on the table between the 4 with 2 players holding most of it. I sit and buy the minimum amount of chips ($200). I know most books say to buy the max. or the max you are going to play, but I disagree. With the new influx of "internet" players, you are VERY likely to suffer an unlikely suckout on a big pot, or possibly mis-read the strength of a persons pre-flop raise becuase I dont re-raise with A7o.

    There is no post and I enter the game in the cutoff. I very quickly discover the man from Vegas is drunk, has about $6,000 in front of him, and plays EVERY hand regardless of his cards, or a raise. In fact, the worse his cards...the MORE he raised. About 20 minutes in to the game, I have witnessed at least 5 pot go over $3,000 and the largest hand shown down was a 10 high straight.

    I am down about $50, no big deal really. Then I pickup pocket Queens. I re-raise the Vegas drunk to $50 and he calls. The flop is Q22! I check and he immediately goes all in (standard practice for him). Of course I call, and with the dead money in the pot, I am now up to about, $350. The next hand I pick up 67 suited, and raise from the button. The other player with $$$$ ($2,500) smooth calls and we take the flop heads up. Flop comes AK6 rainbow. He bets out $15 which is a very weak bet for the size of the pot. Wanting more information, I raise to $50. I figure if he has anything but a big Ace, he will lay down the hand. I am right....he shows, A7sooooted and says, I can't beat AK and in to the muck they go. Now I have about $420.

    I dont play a hand for another 20 minutes. Post blind and fold...really really REALLY bad run of cards. 72, 82, 94, 74, etc. Finally 2 players are mocking me saying that I never play a hand and they are going to crack my scared money and Aces. I just laugh and say....if you had my cards you would fold too! The very next hand I am on the button, with all others already in the raised ($40 each player) pot, and look down to find Ad-Ac! I say....OK you guys...just to show you I am not scared I re-raise...but only to $80. One player folds, the other calls and Vegas drunk re-raises to $120. I smooth call as does the other player in the pot. The flop.......2d - 4d - 9d. First player bets out $35, Vegas drunk raises to $85, I start acting and "go in the tank". I look at my cards, shuffle them, worry them, think some-more, finally drunk can't beat me so just fold. I say....well, I have a flush draw. He says...that's no good, you should fold. I think some more and play the scared rabbit. Finally I "reluctantly" call. The turn comes Jd, I now have the nut flush. First player bets out $100, Vegas drunk re-raises to $200, I immediatly go all in. First player shows and lays down pocket Jacks. Vegas drunk says, I told you a flush is no good cause I have one.....and calls me! He turns over 7h-7d which means he is DRAWING DEAD! I take down a HUGE pot and have a very nice lead. After this, several of the railbirds can't take it anymore and the game fills up. I take one HUGE beat when I slow played a flopped nut flush and one player caught runner, runner to make a Full house. My stack is now down to about $600. I play for another 1 1/2 hours, I have $710 ($510 profit). I get up and cash out. Satelittes are starting and I want to take a shot.

    I sign in for the main event. I am at table #1 seat #6 and have no idea who is playing with me. Also when I sign in I get a nice "chip cover" which is an oversized "UB" Black poker chip, and a regular size black chip with the name of the tourneyment on it, and the "Aruba" background from the game site.

    I go to the $65 sat's. The first one I make a stupid check raise all in with the "sucker" str8, and of course the nut str8 was out there and called me. So off I go. The next one I get down to heads up with, "the luckiest player of the day". I get this guy all in like 4 times and every time, he hit a 6 outer or less to stay alive. I get another run of cold cards, and he is about even with me. I offer a chop and he declines. We play on for another level. During the level he confides in me this is his FIRST live game of poker EVER! As we play on, he makes several poor (but lucky) calls and hits to get me down to about $3K. I catch QQ and double up. Then I go on the offensive and start raising every hand no matter what I have. I pull back to even with him and say, "This is the last time I am going to offer a chop". He thinks, thinks, thinks, and says, "OK". We take $270 each. I look at my watch and was SHOCKED to see it was 6:00 PM. Felt like I just started playing. I head to my room to meet with family and have dinner.

    After a nice dinner, I hit the shower. Wife goes off to the casino, and I stay with the little one. So here I sit, with my notes caught up, a full belly, and a $600 profit for day #1. Next task, find a "WiFi" connection that is not $14 for 30 minutes so I can post these two days for all of you.

    Tommarrow, the pro's arrive and the Welcome banquet goes off.

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