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Traveling to Aruba

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  • Traveling to Aruba

    9-23-04 0700 hours. So here we are....a long flight. Many UB'ers arrive at Atlanta and are on the same flight to Aruba. There are also some dealers for the tourneyment. We have a 4 1/2 hour layover for the single flight to Aruba from Atlanta today. It took about 2 hours for enough flights to arrive to put together a NLHE game at the GATE while waiting for our flight. It was 1 cent and 2 cent blinds!! I was far too tired to give it a go.....however, by the time the flight started would think it was the final table of the WSOP because there were about 50 "railbirds" gathered! This with a whopping $25 of pennies, nickles, quarters and a few paper dollars on the table.

    We arrive in Aruba after the 3 hour flight. We could not see the Carribean sea below as the area was about completly covered in clouds. The weather when you step off the plane is HUMID (80%) and hot (92 degrees farenheight). I know humid is not bad to most, but in Northern Nevada the humidity is considered very high at 40% with most days being about 10%. We go through immigration and get ourluggage, then off to customs. I wore my police shirt and we were waived straight through. We crossed the street in front of the airport where the rental car business' are located. Apparently here the only people who have air conditioning are tourists from North American and Europe, because the inside of the rental place is hot. After about 30 minutes or so, we get our rental car, and make our way to our hotel. We elected to rent as a taxi from the airport to our hotel is $25 U.S. one-way. We knew we would be exploring the island on non-poker days (ha ha) and did not want to be confined to one area.

    The street signs are "European style" and unfamiliar. I just stay with the flow of traffic as we drive to our hotel without any problems. We arrive at the Radisson and it is like pulling up to many of the vegas casinos, sans lights. The doorman gets our luggage, and we head to check in. When we go inside there are poker players checking in galore. UB has it together though, and there are FIVE windows by alphabet for us to check in. Within 5 minutes, we are headed to our room. We get there and find is it BEAUTIFUL. All nicely done in wood and the bathroom is real marble, almost entirely! All rooms have a balcony or porch area with furniture on them. We have a quick dinner and get unpacked. It is now about 6:30 PM and I am beat as I have been up for over 36 hours with work yesterday and travel today. BUT, being the die hard that I am.......I head to the casino to check out the action. There is a $1x$2 NLHE starting as I arrive. It had a "tractor beam" effect on me....BUT>........I used the force and escaped it's pull!

    I made my way up to the UB hospitality desk and check in. They have a great bag of goodies for my wife and I. A cool T-shirt, beach bag, a white visor, a UB water bottle, and a few other items. I locate the tourneyment area, but do not go in because they are still setting up. While I am walking in the area, I hear at least 10 people want to know when the $65 Satelittes for the $500+$40 tourneyment. UB staff decide to start running these on Friday the 24th instead of on Saturday as previously planned.

    I head back to my room with goodies in tow. By now I am so tired I am seeing double (NO...I don't drink...LOL). I hit the shower and then to bed. My wife and little one went off to the beach and sightseeing.

    Next first day of poker in Aruba.

    Thanks for reading.

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