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  • Taj AC PSO INV

    Entering this tournament was a real stretch. I didn't start playing no-limit until about two weeks before the tournament and had only three PSO tournaments under my belt and an hour with Al. I knew I was in over my head but I wanted to meet the people and see what a live no limit tournament is like. I met Kevin, Johnny Bravo and Kid rock before the tournament started and they gave me some good advice which helped.
    So here I am at table 39 again seat 4 this time. There are over 800 entries in the tournament and every table in the room is being used for the tourney. Outside there are about 20 more tables set up for the overflow. It's a sellout. First prize about 170,000. Outside the main door are about 100 people waiting to sit down for ring games. They will have to wait awhile. But not long, 20 seconds in the first player gets knocked out. This is kewl. I won't finish last.
    We begin play with blinds at 5/15, 40 minute levels, 1000 chips each. I look across the table and see Jim Miller, WSOP tourny director, great. The player to my left seems to know him real well and the player 2 seats to my right is telling me how he won the tourney at the Borgata last night. The rest of the table looks like I probably look, like a deer in a pair of very big headlights. We lose a few players in the first hour but after that things settle down/tighten up and I watch as Jim Miller proceeds to bully the table. It really was worth the price of admission. I played fairly well winning a few pots. Called an all in on the player to my left when he tried to run me over. Can't fault his move as I was playing very tight and timid to an extent. I had just won a pot with an AK that got reraised and I preceeded to check it down. Beat the AQ. When the player to my left went all in I was holding KQ and I just felt he was trying to run me over again so I called. I had about 500 in chips more than him and the levels were still at 25/50 so I called. He looked shocked as he turned an AQ but I flopped a K and won. Probably a poor play on my part but I was tired of being run over and a strong player was gone. A couple of hours later the blinds are at 75/150 and the pace is picking up. I get JJ in the BB and check with a 150 bet and 2 callers in front of me. I'm sitting on 2200 in chips and lead out with a 300 bet. The player two seats to my left raises 300 and evryne else calls. After the flop I bet 500 and everyone calls except seat 6 who raises 500 and everyone folds to me, I call. I am wondering at the point what this guy could be playing. The flop is all rainbow rags, 7s,4d,2h. All he could have is a low set. But that would mean he played a low pair from early position and he had been real tight up to now. I put him on AQ or AK and went all in. He had about 600 fewer chips than me. We turn over and sure enough he is holding AQ. Then the turn comes with an A and a blank on the river. OOps. Of course the levels bump up to 100/200 right after that and I am short stacked at a table with two players looking like sharks after beef steak. While I am waiting for the hammer to fall we get a little entertainment. At table 38 next door there is a big comotion. Players yelling and the dealer yelling back. Jim Miller stands up and turns around to check it out. It seems that a player had called seat 1's all in and then pushed his hand slightly forward with no protection. The dealer seeing this move took it for a fold and mucked his hand. The player went off screaming that he was all in and that the dealer had grabbed his hand and put it into the muck. The tournament director, security and staff, plus about ten players from other tables crowded around the table to see what was going on. After discussion between the staff, seat 1, seat 5(the screamer) and the dealer they decided that 1. seat 5's hand was dead because he failed to protect his cards 2. The dealer was correct in mucking the hand and 3. That seat 5 would get a break and ony have to match the pot. At least I think that was the final decision. So the blinds come around to me and I am UTG with about 400 in chips and get dealt 98os which I decide to play. I bet. Seat 9 calls. The flop comes with a 9 to give me a pair but he is playing similar cards and gets two pair. I'm out.
    I made alot of betting mistakes in this game. However I am still learning and this was a great although expensive lesson. I am not sure where I finished but it was somewhere in the low 300's out of 800 players and I am satisfied I did my best in a tough tourney.


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