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Taj AC Limit Tourney

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  • Taj AC Limit Tourney

    I made the decision a few weeks ago to play in this tournament not because I thought I was ready but because I was ready for some tourney experiance in a live casino. The Limit Holdem tourney on Sept 23rd seemed like a good place to start. Buy in was $300/$30 and we were given 1000 in chips to start. So... anyone who saw my post in August may remember me saying I wouldn't play at the Taj unless someone put a gun to my head. Well $38,000 isn't a gun but it was a good motivator and that was first place money. The tournament paid down to 27th.
    I drew table 39 seat 3 and arrived a little early to check things out. By the time the dealers got the command to shuffle up we had five players out of nine at the table. Soon after we got going we had seven with the last two showing up an 1:15 later with a $220 shorter chip stack. Niether player lasted past level 3. I laid low in the beginning only playing a few AK hands and a pair of Ks. All three won small pots which kept me around third in chips at my table. There was alot of loose play and bad beats and I was happy to sit and watch. The player to my right was "a big time player"( his words) and I watched as he played himself out of the tourney in the first hour getting a pair of Ks and a Pair of As cracked in the space of three hands. The K's he played hard in the face of an all diamond flop and seat 6 reraising the flop. The A's he played hard into a board with two pair by the turn (beat by 8s full). Guess he was bored. Just before the increase to level 3 I caught As,9s and was blessed with an all spade flop. I slow played the flop trying to represent a middle pair which worked as I knocked out two players in one hand. My first tourney KO and it was a double. Whoohoo! They busted our table and on the next table I was second highest chip count with about 2200. Things kind of cruised along with not much in the way of playable hands for about 2 hours. I now have about 2500 in chips and the blinds are $75/$150 ( level 5). I am due for a bone head play and here it comes. I get dealt As,9s again in seat 5 UTG. I call. Seat 7 calls. Seat 1 raises. Seat 4(BB)(maniac) reraises. I ponder a second or two and call as does the rest of the players still in. The flop comes all spades J,10,8. Eureka I've done it again! I slow play it again with a check. Seat 7 raises, seat 1 calls, seat 4 reraises, I call. Now I am confused. What could these guys be playing. I figure seat 4 for a pair of Js down, seat 1on a draw (actually had a pair of tens) and seat 7 on a flush. I had everyones hand read right except seat 1. Turn and river bring blanks. Seat 1 folds on the turn, seat 4 on the river. So it's down to me and seat 7 with me holding the nuts (or so I thought). He turns over the A of spades !!! and the 6s. I think Oh no there are two A of spades in this deck. I turn my cards over, A of hearts 9 of hearts! Doh!! The red used for the hearts is darker than that of the diamonds and in shielding them from my opponent I mistook them for spades (guess I should have peeked). Did I ever tell you folks about my head injury? I was left with 600 in chips and although I made a good recovery this bone head mistake put me short stacked just before the level increase to 100/200. I hung in there for a few more hours finally being put out when I played a pair of threes from the BB and ran into a pair of Ks. I made it to level 10, 400/800 but my short stack was getting blinded to death and I eventually finished 78th out of 369, out of the money, after six hours of play.
    I made a few mistakes in this tournament and one really stupid/careless one but in all I was happy with my first run with the big dogs. The tournament went on till 2:30 am. I watched for an hour or so then went for dinner on the $10 food coupon they gave me when I signed up. That evening I went over to Harrahs to play some 2/4 limit and relax but that's another story.

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