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My Canterbury Experience

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  • My Canterbury Experience

    Warning – I blather on for quite some time in this post…

    While it was somewhat fresh in my mind I thought I would document my experiences during the Canterbury Fall Classic, a series of tournaments at my “Home Club.” Canterbury is located about 10 miles from my house, so I planned to play in several events and host a PSO tournament at my house. I’ll describe the past 10 days and share with you a few wins and a couple of painful losses.

    The Idoru99 Fall Poker Classic

    Last year on the Friday before the Canterbury Fall Poker Classic, I held a little get together at my house that was well attended including PSOers from Minneapolis, the Chicago area, North Dakota and Michigan. We played several low buy-in satellites and had a great time. I wanted to do something similar this year, but use a full tournament format. So I scheduled the Fall Poker Classic warm-up event for Friday, September 19.

    The problem was that my lower level was in disarray – we were in the process of remodeling. Work is also really busy right now, so I was having trouble finishing it. So finally on evening of Thursday the 18th, I went into overdrive, putting up pine car siding and jury rigging the lighting above the “primary” poker table. My wife had already painted the walls a nice green that she finished with glaze to give it an old look (“See how nicely it matches your poker table?” she said as it was going up) and then immediately started nailing up all of her Green Bay Packer memorabilia that I had forgotten about. My “Northwoods Cabin” family/poker room was transformed into a Packer shrine. Sigh... :roll:

    I was putting the finishing touches on my room Friday morning when an incident occurred. I am a (very) amateur handyman, and was just getting used to my new nail gun when I managed to drive a 2” finish nail into my finger. Luckily the nail missed the bone in my finger and we got most of the blood off the wall I had just put up. 8O

    The guests started arriving about 6:30, and we had an excellent turnout. I was disappointed that we didn’t have as many Chaps as last year, but I understand that it is tough getting away. You were missed – even ex-Chaps member Wildbill ! Please see for the results, and congrats again to themills and Oceanpup on their 1st and 2nd place finishes.

    As for me, I finished 9th. I
    - Played too conservatively at times (from the big blind, flopped top pair with a week kicker and folded to the sb’s ½ pot bet.) themills called his bet and they each showed down bottom pair, with themills holding a slightly larger kicker.
    - Made some nice lay downs. From the bb, I flopped bottom two pair and checked to the one caller who also checked the all-heart board. The turn was an innocuous small card of a different suit, and I bet the pot. My opponent, a non-PSO member comes over the top of me for the same amount. Calling would pot commit me, so I lay it down and he shows a little flush. Whew.
    - Got some cards. I needed to accumulate some chips, so shortly thereafter, I go all-in in late position with 88. Oceanpup thinks a long time from the sb and finally lays it down. The very next hand I get QQ and go all-in again. Everyone folds to me. With a smile, hehazyone warns me that if he had any kind of hand, he would have called against me. A couple of hands later, hazy is in the BB and I get AA. I think about just calling here, but I want to give hazy a chance to make good on his promise, so I go all-in again. All fold to hazy, but he has garbage and folds – oh well.

    I go card dead for quite awhile and finally we are down to the final table. I am very short stacked and in the sb when everyone folds around to me, I go all-in with K3o. The bb, a non-PSO friend of mine who goes on to take 3rd in the event, calls with A5o. I spike a K on the flop of KQ10, but my friend hits a J on the river for a straight. I didn’t even see it coming – lol!

    A 0.50/1.00 no-limit ring game forms, but I avoid it until we get a full table – my short handed game cash game is a bit weak, and I prefer to wait until there are enough players that I can keep my starting hand requirements up and not get eaten up by the blinds. On the first hand I get KK and make it $2 to go. I get one caller – NewJane and the flop contains an ugly A. I check, Jane bets and I fold. Jane takes about $50 from the table and I managed to stay even.

    The tournament finishes and many who are playing call it a night. But with 7 left, we have a $10 single table satellite with a blind structure similar to Canterbury’s. I catch some cards (to be honest, I don’t remember a single hand) and wind up winning it.

    $200 No Limit Event

    It was a busy work week for me, so I am unable to play in Tuesday’s $100 no limit event. Instead my first event is Thursday’s $200 N/L event. On Wednesday evening, after two unsuccessful attempts at a Satellite, Zeroth and I chop one – and I have my buy-in!

    The tournament starts with 324 entrants with 1000 in starting chips, and I play very tight, rarely calling and having most of my raises folded to. Most importantly, my good hands hold up. I go up against QQ with KK and double up, and then QQ with AA and nearly double up again. Shortly thereafter, an aggressive player with about half my stack raises 3x bb and I look down at 1010. I ask for a count, and the aggressive player doesn’t seem very concerned, so I just call. The board comes JJQ and my opponent goes all-in. I don’t think he has a J (why not try and trap me), but AQ is possibile. I reluctantly lay it down.

    We are down below 100 and I get moved to a new table. I win a few hands with AKs, AKo and K4 from the big blind, but I am just staying even. We are down to 40, and Sailor Moe gets moved to my table. He has an above average stack and I go card dead. I am down to about 4000, and Moe raises from early position. I see QQ and go all-in. Moe calls with JJ and my queens hold up – whew. This puts me at about $8k and allows me to get into the money, while Moe is down to about $5k – a position he overcomes. The table breaks and Moe and I go to different tables. I fold AJo utg once shortly thereafter, but other than that go completely card dead. I make the money and look for a place to double up – but my cards are horrible. I make the 2nd payout level and am still card dead. I finally go all-in on the BB with K10. My opponent has AJ and while a K hits the flop first, so does an Ace. I do not improve, so that’s it for me folks – I finish 12th for $600, 3 spots away from the next payout level.

    In retrospect, I should have pushed all-in much earlier, utg if necessary. When you get down to the final two tables, you can actually smell the 1st prize money. Or at least I could. =)

    A few more quickly bust out and the final table forms – and who is there but our own Sailor Moe. He is short stacked but still dangerous. Thehazyone, Bounder and I grab a quick dinner and head back to the crowd that has formed around the final table. Sailor has doubled up and is no longer the short stack at the table. A couple of people get eliminated and we are down to 6. This is real money folks – 6th place takes home $3100 while 1st is $20,000! Another player gets eliminated and we are down to 5. Moe is taking home at least $3700 and he now has some chips to work with! It was at this point that something special happened. Moe really needs to tell this story, because I couldn’t see many of the hands, but there is no question that the table “Moe”mentum changed. Sailor began betting players out of pots. He slow played two pair and dragged a huge pot. Several of his opponents were muttering to themselves – one guy even got up and kicked a chair after Moe took about ½ his stack. Sailor didn’t win every hand, but every hand he won was big. He gave back some chips to the chair kicker once, but quickly knocked him out for good when his small pp held up against over cards. When Leon got heads up, he had at least a 10:1 chip lead over the other player, who played a very Idoru99-like conservative game. Two or 3 hands later – it was over and Leon was the Champion! Hazy, Bounder and I were ecstatic! It wasn’t quite as good as winning it ourselves, but it was close. Well done Sailor Moe!

    $300 No Limit Event
    On Saturday evening, I played in one Satellite with Zeroth, hoping to split another one. Alas, I raised preflop with AJ and was called by the big stack, who had been calling and hitting everything. The flop came K high, and I made a huge error and bet all-in. The big stack calls with AQ (what made me think she was going to lay anything down, I am not sure) and her Q kicker is good enough to send me packing. Meanwhile Zeroth, who was down to $25 dollars, manages 3rd, but not into the money.

    So on Sunday, I buy into the $300 event with cash and get seated with only 1 player I know – a good aggressive local player who I would prefer was seated at another table. This tournament has 40 minute levels (as opposed to the 30 minute levels of the other events so far) so I plan on playing very tight as I get a feel for the table. True to form, Mr. Aggressive goes after several pots, taking ½ of the stack of the player next to me when bluffing post-flop with AK, which he showed for advertising. The player next to him (wearing a white shirt t-shirt that read “Mr. Poker”) is a bit looser but just as aggressive – I hope to trap one or both of these guys. I limp with 44, and 55, calling a one bet raise each, but fail to hit my set. I take down a small pot with KQo, and have about 1100 in chips. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Poker raises the $25 big blind to $250 and it is folded around to me. From the big blind, I look down and see KK. His bet just screams 1010 or JJ to me. I decide I don’t want just $250 of his chips, I want them all. I call for a quarter of my stack and hope this looks like AK to him. :twisted:

    The flop comes 6d, 7h, 9d. I check to my opponent and he goes all-in. I have the K of diamonds, so I am less worried about the possibility of a flush draw and call. My opponent turns over QQ (no diamond) and says “Oh, you’ve got me” when he sees my KK. Unfortunately, a Q hits the turn : and my miracle K on the river does not. He just has me covered so I go home now. On the positive side, I got all my money in as better than a 12:1 favorite – a fairly difficult thing to do!

    So ends my 2004 Fall Poker Classic series. I’ll be traveling next week for business, so the best I can hope for is to stop by Canterbury and say hello before I head out of town. I cashed once, got to spend time with many friends doing what I love and cheered on Sailor Moe to a dominating victory. I call that a successful series. 8)

    Congrats again to Sailor Moe, Zeroth and NewJane (who finished 21st in the $100 Ladies limit event last night.) Well done!

    Good luck to everyone who is playing in the $1000 main event. Go PSOers!


  • #2
    Great report Mike, As for me I can't remember alot about different hands that I played.

    I guess you could tell me if this is correct, as you was at the table.
    The dealer at our table said one player at your table raised six times in a row.....about $9,000.

    When I got to the final table, the player was still raising $9,000 almost every hand which told me his cards can't be all that good. Other players were folding to him, but I decided if I get any calling hand I will make him pay to play. Truth being told, I don't remember what I had but I did double up twice, giving me about same stack as two other players.
    From than on I was as agressive if not more than the player than had been the running the table.
    My first mistake at the final table, which turned out ok was I forgot
    what my cards were. Had A-7 in big blind when the agressive player raise my bb which I called. Junk on flop, which he bet & I called. Ace on turn which he bet & I called. 7 on river which he bet & I called, forgetting I had two pair. My mistake as I should of put him all in at that point as I had him out chipped. He turned over A-9 & kicked his chair when I showed the A-7.
    My next bb I had K-3 when the first to act player went all in for about $12,000 more. Blinds were $5,000 $10,000 with $1,000 ante. I had about $60,000. Pot odds told me I should call for $12,000 more. Player wasn't happy when his 10-10 was beat when the K came on the flop taking him out 5th.
    Now I'm big time chip leader, when I look and see 66. I make it $20,000, the agressive player goes all in for $32,000 with AQ. Last player to act says he loves the action & is here to win & goes all in for about $41,000 with KQ. My 66 holds up taking out both players & giving me about $245,000 to the last players $55,000.
    With the money odds in my favor & watching the player play tight I raise the first hand which he folds. Next hand he goes all in with 99 which I call with 55. knowing if I lose I still have him out chipped. The 5 comes on the flop & the game is over.
    A big thanks to Hazy,Idoru99,& bounder for their support, and for all the nice things everyone has said in the forum. I love PSO!
    2 Time Bracelet Winner


    • #3
      from everything I heard, you had them wailing on the rail!!! way to go...proud of you.


      • #4
        Mike, Leon and Jane all ROCK!!!!! As does zeroth, of course. Money finishes rule. I sure wish I could have been there to cheer you all on, I am begining to count the days until next year......



        • #5
          Sure hope you can make it Bill - we had a great time, but you were definately missed! See you in Tunica!



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