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Idoru_99 Fall Classic

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  • Idoru_99 Fall Classic


    I BEGGED Idoru_99 to please let me sit at the real poker table. But, the luck of the draw found me at the 25 foot long x 27 inch wide craft table. So, leaning over to deal the cards posed a challenge for me. Since Hold'em is a game about position, I throw myself on the mercy of the court and ask for leniency. It was NOT my intention to distract anyone with my less than professiional dealing. Thank god we only managed to deal about 5 hands per round, so that was my saving grace.

    Given my seating assignment, and considering that ZEROTH was on my right, I am surprised I managed to last until 10th place. The man NEVER let up on me. If I dealt the cards, I didn't please him. If I had my lipstick and coke in HIS personal space, he yelled at me. (Mind you, I didn't holler and fuss like a two-year-old because HIS five-gallon water glass was sitting on the cooler of beer that I confiscated for use as a tabletop for MY quacamole and coke),if I didn't ANNOUNCE the bets and immediatly sweep them into the pot, he fussed. He damn near had me in tears for most of the first three levels He did make one mistake: in the heat of battle, he divulged some very personal information about himself that I am sure I can use at an opportune time in the future, so I am going on notice: ZEROTH, I KNOW. I know you do not go to the tan bed before a cruise. I KNOW you only get sun on your head when you snorkel. I know now what bothers you

    There was one problem with this tourney: A BLONDE CHICK. Now, those of you who know me KNOW how I feel about long, blonde hair. I am a bit disappointed at TheHazyOne for not warning me about Jordan. And of course, she goes on to finish 2nd in her maiden live tourney. sheesh. ( SUPER JOB, OCEANPUP) I think in deference to my being the OLDEST woman there, I should have had some sort of recognition. But, alas, it was not to be. The most attention I GOT was the negative sort from ZEROTH. Be advised if you are dealing the cards under adverse conditions, he will not be kind LOL was so nice to meet new PSO members. COPYMAN managed to get in a couple of digs at me. On the break, I said, "I am short stacked", to which he retorted: " So what else is new." So I think you can all see the tremendous burden I was carrying around!

    Congrats to TheMILLS for his fine finish. And all the adorable guys at my first table, thanks for making the experience a little less unnerving, what with ZEROTH trying to put me on tilt at every move!

    ALANLEACH, I am a bit sad that Bruce, you and I didn't have a chance to exchange glances over a plate of food. That had to be a first for us! I am still very proud of you for flying in. Having a poker room close to in-laws has it's rewards.

    Roweboat: You give new meaning to the word HOT That Vikings jersey looked awesome on you, and it was fun meeting you.

    HAZY: I lasted longer than you did! :mrgreen: You can buy me a drink next time.

    Mattheins57: It is always fun to see you. Good luck with your house remodeling!

    BOUNDER: Can't wait to see you on the cruise. Did I mention that ZEROTH never goes to the tan bed? I hope your wife isn't the jealous type, cause you did promise me a hug in Nov.

    And to Idoru_99: A special thanks for a wonderful evening! The poker palace is really shaping up. Once Linda finishes turning it into a Packers shrine, perhaps she will start on that River rock fireplace. You might as well concede on this one, you are already defeated!

    The food was great, the company was excellent, the tourney was a blast. Thanks ever so much for the invitation.

    Love to you all, and remember...

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    New Jane I apologize for not thanking you for the Poker Online School hat in my trip report. It made the night a success for me no matter where I finished in the tourney.

    I also know you wanted to switch seats with me so you could sit next to the room stud, Rowbote, at the first table :wink: As for the conversation it was plesant to have considering there was no backgorund noise and it we got to learn a little about fellow members.

    If your in the area playing cards drop me a line and I'll clear my schedule.

    Take care and may the Poker Gods be on your side


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      Doggone it. I sure hate to miss out on PSO get togethers when fun is had ( and I say that as the President and COO of The Society to Stamp out and Abolish Redundancy) :lol:

      So did anyone follow Jen Muzzeys example from last year and cash in the Tourney? Where the sats and live games as sweet as they were last year? Did you all thank your lucky stars that my fat obnoxious butt didnt make it this time?

      And did Jane party with any Pokerschoolers in her pajamas this time? Enquiring minds want to know.



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        Regarding Canterbury action, all I know is Zeroth cashed in his first sat (single table, I think.) He and alanleach played in yesterday's $300 limit event, but I think both were gone when I stopped by with about 75 left. I'll try to get down there in a bit and check on the action.



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          Dang, I'm having serious envy issues!

          So, leaning over to deal the cards posed a challenge for me. Since Hold'em is a game about position, I throw myself on the mercy of the court and ask for leniency. It was NOT my intention to distract anyone with my less than professiional dealing.
          New Jane, as you were leaning over the table, I suspect that it was NOT your dealing that was distracting. And if you need any further hints I direct you to Wildbilll's Tunica trip report and how Clonie "distracted" him. (yes - still collecting commissions on wildbill trip report referrals)

          Now, those of you who know me KNOW how I feel about long, blonde hair.
          Jane, I feel your pain. Of course the only person I DON't have hair envy of is Marge Simpson.

          Well it sounds like y'all had a blast - as expected when PSOers get together.

          Gl to all taking to the felt at Canterbury,



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            63 left in the $300 n/l event and our Zeroth is at table #1 with a slightly below average stack. 1st pays $25k. Go Zeroth!!!


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              I finally figured out how to upload photos to Yahoo. For you viewing pleasure...


              I removed the URL because yahoo photos is really broken. I deleted the album and created a new one, but I can't even look at it.

              I'll update when I find a new site to host the pictures.



              • #8
                Mike!!! Thanks so much. I had forgotten how adorable I looked

                Oh wait, maybe that was Oceanpup!

                Soon as I get my new digital camera from Santa, I want to learn how to post pics.

                Happy Holidays.


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                  The link for the pics isn't working


                  • #10
                    You are correct PapiW - the link is no longer working. I am hoping that this is an issue with Yahoo and they will resolve it.

                    I'll post again when they work.



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                      I don't understand why this stopped working, but I created a new album and it seems to be working now. If this dies again, I'll try a different photo hosting site. :evil:



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                        That one works!


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                          That OceanPup is one good looking girl!



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