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PSO Canterbury Warm Up

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  • PSO Canterbury Warm Up

    This is my first trip report and I am exicted to share my experience with those that asked me before hand to write something down no matter where I finished. Before I get into my view points I would like to take a moment to thank Idoru99 for an excellent event. The sportsmanship, quality of players, the food spread well all top notch. Even though I was force to sit in the Packer shrine room 8O the event is something I will do again. Rowebote wore his jersey to represent us Vikings fans in the heartland of purple pride country making the environment a little more even. :wink: I didn't take notes so I apologize now if I don't get everything quite right. I won't make that mistake for the next time. :wink:

    Eighteen players starting with 4000 in chips all had one common goal of ending the day with 72000 chips and the trophy at the end of the evening. Blinds started at 25/50, doubling in size every fifteen minutes with two tables of nine. Action at my table was tight for quite some time. The first major hand at the table involved seat #5 landing top pair Q's w/8 kicker after the flop of Q, 10, 9 and call all-in with about 1250 in chips if I remember correctly. Seat #3 immediately calls showing K, J for the nut straight. If I remember correctly the J lands on the turn and a rag on the river with #3 winning the hand and elminating #5.

    A few hands later I am big blind with 150 in the pot and 4 callers in front of me at 500 in the pot. I look down to find a pair of 4's and say "pot odds is making call the raise". The flop comes 2, 4, 9 and now I have a decision to make, slow play my set or just take down the pot right then and there. With no flush or straight draw I decide to take the pot down and raise a 2850 all in. Seat #9 folds, #1 calls, #2 folds, #3 folds leaving heads up action. Seat #1 still has roughly a 1000 chips after the call shows top 9's w/K kicker and I flip over my set of 4's. With #1 drawing nearly dead at turn it comes up a rag and I take down the hand bring my chip total around 7800.

    I start opening up my hand selection and the stack starts dwindling back down. With 4 reraises from different seats and to all in calls by me on Seat #8 after about 30 minutes I am at 4000 in chips I tighten my play up. My cards go cold and after some time I am at 2800 in chips with J, 3 os suit and I think in the big blind. Seat #8 called everyone else folded leaving it heads up against the guy who has doubled up off me twice earlier. The flop come J, & 2 rags. The action goes check, check. The turn brings a 3 and bells are going off showing me 2 pair and I slow play check and he checks. The river A and I make the minimum bet hoping for a reraise. Wish granted and he saids "I'm putting you all in" before he can start counting the chips I call and say "all I have is 2 pair J, 3. He shows top pair A and I take down the pot doubling up to almost 6000 in chips.

    The cards go cold again and with 9 players left we are on seating for the final table. We draw for seats with me landing #4 and the chip leader right behind me #3. Blinds are big and 4 short stacks player so after about 20-30 minutes we are down to 5 players with me on the bubble. Seat #6 stole my big blind 3 times in a row and the last time I get vocal letting him know that I know what he is doing. With a 1000 in the small blind and 1500 left I land K, X and go all in. Seat #6 is the big blind and calls the 500 more showing 8, 5 I think. Niether of us land a pair and I take down the pot. I win I think one more hand and hover arond 5800 in chips for awhile. I fold A, 7 suited one hand with #3 going all in. It was a tough lay down but on the bubble I wasn't going to battle her. Couple hands later I get A, 7 suited and seat #7 goes all in w/5900 in chips. Now I am faced with the next set of blinds wiping out 3/4 of my chips and decide to call. He show A, 5 suited so I am alive before the flop. No five lands and I win with A high and double up again and in the money.

    Now I switch gears being in the money and go tight/agressive and take some blinds and building up a stack. If I remember correctly I take out Seat #6 and #1 the 2 non PSO people at the final table and go heads up against Seat #3 and the chip lead. After some hands and I chip buy of 500's into 1000's I have a rough count of 48000 in chips. We trade back and forth blinds and I have the Doyle Brunson special 7, 2 os with 7, 4, 3 coming on the flop. I check she minimum bets 6000 and I go all in. She thinks for a bit and folds. A few hands later I get big slick and just check. Rags come down on the flop she goes all in. I look at her stack and figured somewhere around even stacked if I lose and call. She turn over pocket 9's and the race is on, 5 on the turn and now I am asking for A, K, or 2 on the river. A 2 comes on the river and I land the straight and town down the pot and win the tourney.

    I figured there was about 10 mistakes I made during the tourney but never went on tilt and plugged away. The late rush helped and I got my first trophy and a story to share with friends and family. I can only hope to one day be able to share another victory. I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has help me improve my game because without playing here the last 2 months I don't think I could have ever done this. Between the site, the information provided here, quality of players, and advice answered on my questions in the forums, my game had improved 10 fold. There are some really great ppl here and I am glad to be a member of the PSO.

    Until next time take care,

    Michael, aka themills
    Oh one more tid bit from the 2 non PSO law students who said I kind of look like the rocket, thanks for the compliment I think.

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    You do look like the ROCKET. And you played an awesome tourney! In fact, I think you probably took some of my chips to the final table

    Great report, and it was super to meet you.


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      Jason BEar Alexander


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        Hey Michael -

        Great job on your win! You played a great event! Sorry about the Packer decor - my wife misled me on that ("Oh look at how well the wall color matches your poker table...")

        It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you down at Canterbury during the FPC!



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          I thought you played a great game except for that call with A7 suited that put you all in on the bubble. Can't believe you called that guy! You shoulda folded it and saved it for a better hand. I think you got lucky catching that guy the only time he tried to make a move



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            Great game Rowbote!!! Can't win a tourney without a little luck was in awhile . But then I did make the right call against the A 5 suited :wink: Thanks to everyone that has responded to my report. The money isn't as exciting as Zeroth's but it's still a win.



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