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It was a bust...

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  • It was a bust...

    Before I begin my tale, please forgive me for not being able to post this last night. Damn Ethernet connection is not working in my hotel room! But I’m still writing this so it’s fresh in my mind. Sorry to disappoint everyone… but it was a bust! What a learning experience it was! And after I finally got over my defeat was able to watch and learn a lot I think.

    It was exciting, there were 121 entries. Eleven tables of eleven, so a bit squished in the beginning. Didn’t take long to get to the normal 10. Of those 121 entries only 5 are female. (Question, why do people go to tourneys dressed to do yard work?… just an observation.. I could understand if it was going to be like a 10 hour event, but this was going to be like 5 tops). Anyway, I managed to get seated at the high numbered tables, so was moved around pretty often. In about two hours play I was moved four times.

    Mezmer, you’ll be happy to know that I made three and almost (I know I wasn’t playing horseshoes) made my fourth goal. First goal was to not be the first one out… that was an easy one to manage, 2nd and 3rd were make it to the breaks and the ever elusive 4th goal was to make it ½ way through the tourney. Was short of that by about 10 players.

    I was amazed by the caliber of players that were taking part in the tourney. And you’ll never guess who got seated at my opening table… the guy I took out in Act 2.. Mark. Poor guy, he was quite a good sport considering. I’m happy to report that he lasted about a half hour longer than I did, so we’re on speaking terms now. (lol) I ran into a couple players that I met on the last trip so I didn’t feel like such an outsider this time. And really only experienced a very slight case of the nerves at the first table this time. In fact, I reminded someone to put in their blind… miracles will never cease.

    So you see Fraze, you were right it was a lot easier this time. Even with such an experienced field. Everyone, I played with was gr8.. This poker thing just keeps getting better and better. Of course if I had won I’d be unstoppable about now….and there’s no way anyone would be able to understand a single word I said and there would be no end to caps and exclamation points. Call me subdued…

    I played a tight game, but the poker gods did not smile down on me with gr8 cards this time. Lesson 1, just cuz you know what you should be playing doesn’t mean the time will come when they drop into your lap. I was able to make a couple moves when only a couple called and I was in good position with Kxos or Qxs so called and made a pair on the flop that held up… really had a not embarrassing stack going on in the early days. Then I hit a long dry spell… Mojave desert had nothing on me. Besides that the only exciting thing I did was steal a blind.

    Basically I managed to stay in all that time p & f…. (following Fraze’s direction to stay tight). Antes were rising along with the blinds and I knew I better make a move soon before I had no choice of when to do it. So along comes ppk… thank you thank you… one caller and the bet comes around to me… well I don’t have much in my stack.. (about 1,200) and I know it’s now or never… better go all in and take the pot, caller has about 4,500 in stack, can‘t get a good read on that she‘s good at hiding it. This just happens to be against one of the few women in the tourney.

    She calls, without a moments thought. And of course we get the sidebar comments… ‘here go the girls’… ‘cat fight’… UGH I think… she’s got pAs and this could be my last meal. I know, I know it was the right thing to do… but damn the adrenalins pumping and she didn’t even blink. I think at least a slight hesitation would have been called for. We show our cards and she has pp5.… of course now I’m at the top of the hill on that roller coaster… The flop comes and its 4, 10, J… well that has me breathing a sigh of relief, although another K would have been a gift from heaven! I’m not feeling too smug… anything can happen… And it certainly DOES!.. The turn a 5... As I plummet from the top of a terribly high precipice.

    Don’t even recall what the river was… all I know is that it was not a K. And yes that still is a slight pout you see even now after all is said and done. I headed away for a little walk around the casino and reflected about the game and came back ready to learn a few things. Which I did and really am quite pleased with myself now that I look back, I mean it was only my second time at the ’real tables’… pretty respectable finish considering.

    My only dismay lies in that everyone here on PSO was rooting for me and I was hoping to bring home the gold for them. Well, I will not be deterred there are plenty of more opportunities to enter this thing and I’m determined to try try again.

    And in case anyone is interested… there were 11 seats awarded for the final which is in November and will be filmed at Foxwoods for ESPN. Out of the 11 seats, an amazing 6 players had already won seats previously. Out of the eleven, one is a woman and I’m damn proud of her. I never got an exact number, but I believe 5 got seats back into the next ACT 3 tourney and 1 player was paid $940.

    Well, I didn’t sleep well at all last night and was nervous enough today or that was yesterday wasn’t it… that I haven’t had a thing to eat all day! I’m calling room service (wonderful thing 24 hour room service) and hitting the sack… See you all at PSO tomorrow… errr later today!

    Thanks again for everyone’s support, it meant so much!


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    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and although the gods were not smiting people away from your hands.... well,

    great job

    rest up, more poker fun is heading your way


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      Sounds to me like you played a great tourney, given the opportunities you had! Not ONE thing to be sorry for. We are proud of you, and further, you should be proud of yourself.

      This is just the beginning of great things for you, and that is women's intuition! You can normally take THAT to the bank.


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        First of all, we are your friends and supporters and classmates, . . if you're not disappointed in yourself, it's impossible for you to disappoint us. We're all sorry you didn't finish as well as you would have liked but we know playing a good game, . . even a mistake-free game , doesn't mean you will prevail. Remember my motto: You don't learn anything from the ones you WIN. Take all you can from this experience and use it in the next one. Heck, I even learned something: I know you're a good player, . . but once you go all-in, . . skill, training and experience are removed from the equation.

        Better luck next time!



        • #5
          Hey Maggie,

          Well done and you should be proud of your play! Sometimes we can do everything right and still get it wrong... I enjoyed reading your reports very much - you are a great writer. Can't wait to read about your next experience!!


          • #6
            Well Done Maggie.

            You came in with goals and a game plan and didn't let the desert run put you on tilt. Pretty amazing for a 2nd live tourney if you ask me.


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              Great job Maggie... I had planned to be there to sweat you but the weather was just rainy enough to let me ask if I really wanted to do the two hour drive. It is options like this that make retirement good!

              Interesting to hear that more than half of the qualifiers had already won an entry. You have to play your first win, but others are paid in cash. Two weeks ago I heard that Mike Salem had already won an entry plus three to be paid in cash. And Spiro Mitrocostas ( IMO the best NL player at Foxwoods, with all due respect to Greg Raymer), is there every Thursday for these supers. He has already won his entry and I wonder how many more.

              It took a bad beat to take you down, but there will be many more goods hands, and good flops!



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                Hey Maggie,

                Great showing for your first live multi-table, you'll own Foxwoods soon

                It sounds like you played everything right and handled yourself great, it's hard to survive a card dead night in a large field with good players.

                It's really tough to get moved so much in your first multi too, much better to be at a table that stays together for an hour or so and one or two new people come in every now and then as tables collapse...

                You did great, next time you'll start stealing a little more and feel more comfortable loosening up a awesome first two outings and great reports!!!!!



                • #9
                  Maggie, WOW!!!!!

                  I am so impressed. Now not only with your play and your wonderful writing skill, but your attitude. I have seen pros take up more space bemoaning the fact as to how stupid a play the person made who took their ppK out with pp5 and how they should have never called.

                  We all know how something like that feels as though we just took a kick to the solar plexis, but you related it as a fact, something that happens in poker and then looked for all the positives you racked up, and then on top of that took the opportunity to hang out and learn from what was continuing!

                  Oh my, I think this old, old man is in love again!

                  Warm regards from a cold fish, Bill


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                    Maggie, you did a great job!!!! You got yourself to the party, that's what counts. You can't win if ya aint there. I once read that a touring pro only wins about 1 out of 30 tourneys they enter. The way I see it, going on relative experince, your way ahead of the curve. Keep up the great play, but give me a break at my table...


                    p.s. GO EAGLES!!!!!



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