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hockeyrob enters live action

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  • hockeyrob enters live action

    Well hello everyone! I have had the pleasure of playing at tables with a great many of you over the past couple of months. When I joined Poker School back in September, I knew a) the rules and b) not to call in early position with 72o. So I had a head start, you could say, in poker strategy!

    When I went to LV in mid-September, I was too nervous to play in the ring games, but I played in the Mandalay Bay and Luxor morning freezouts. My goals, like most beginners, were twofold: to avoid being laughed out of the place and to not be the first one out. The third hand of my first tournament, I got my first playable hand—JJ (yikes!) Back then JJ looked invincible to me and I treated it as such. I raised my heart out. The board was ragged with no overcards. On the turn I again raised and got one caller. The river was a Q. We both checked and I was in such a state to win my first pot that I didn’t realize I didn’t win it! LOL—the guy had a Q. The dealer pushed the chips to the other player and I was like “HEY!” Well, more like “hey, please.” The other guy laughed and apologized, saying he really shouldn’t have been calling my raises with his hand (QT or something). As you can imagine I was flustered and played incredibly tight for the next 20 minutes while I calmed down. Turned out to be the right strategy. I crawled my way to the final table with like 3 chips or something, but I was very excited to be there anyway. I got blinded out the very first hand, but had some confidence that I was not destined to be the first player out every tournament. In the end, I made it to the final table 2 out of 4 tournaments. Oddly, both final tables were at Mandalay Bay, never at Luxor. But nevertheless I was happy.

    I decided to take the short hour drive to AC two months later in November to play in the Trop Wed night tourney. With about 90 players, I made it to about 27th before busting out with AQs against JJ where a Q came on the flop but a dreaded J came on the river. Bleh! Again, a respectable showing, but I was a bit disappointed. My, how expectations change!

    So I then decided to jump into a 2-4 ring game. I have to say that while Poker School has prepared me well for tournaments, I was not as comfortable sitting in on a ring game, but I made myself do it. Well, it was the weirdest thing—I lost money but didn’t think I played badly. I was SO obviously the fish. Even though I probably looked totally intimidated, I was merely confounded by the fact that every time I got KK and raised pre-flop (3 times in 2 hours(?!)) an Ace came on the flop. EVERY TIME. I played the first one out just to see what everyone was calling raises with (turns out A7o is eminently playable from EP), but then released the others when I was raised post flop (correctly it turned out each time). Maybe it just wasn’t my night—but, please, bring on the ring games here at Poker School!

    So I am hooked, of course. I will be in the San Fran area from Jan 8th through 14th (for a wedding, or you know I’d be in Tunica with all of you!). Where are the good places to play there? And I’m going home to New Orleans for Christmas—is there poker at Harrah’s?

    Cheers to all!


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    lucky chances and artichoke joes are both close to the SF airport and run weekly tournaments costing from $80 to $220. AJ's might have smaller ones, not sure, as I mainly stick to LC's. I think the smallest HE game you will find is 3-6 and stud is 2-4. Give them a shot...If you want to venture a little more south, B101 has good cash games and GC has weekly nightly tournies, mostly limit HE, that run from $60 to $200, depending how many rebuys one makes. Have fun!

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      Harrahs N.O. does have poker !




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