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An Hallucination... ACT 3 Seat

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  • An Hallucination... ACT 3 Seat

    That's right folks.... won an ACT 3 seat at Foxwoods last night and will be at the tourney on Thursday at 8pm!!!! It must be an hallucination... hell i just started playing this game... pinch me...NO please don't I'm on cloud 9 and might fall and really hurt myself.

    This is the best HIGH ever. I've been working non-stop since last October and decided I was long overdue for a vacation. Was hoping to fit in a live game at the casinos with any luck. Worked again on Saturday, woke up on Sunday and decided what the heck I'm going for it... I mean Foxwoods is only 2 hours away.

    My new pals up here were all busy so I decided to go alone. Besides it was going to be my first time, didn't want any distractions or anyone to witness my demise. Got to the casino without any probs... yet what a zoo inside, holiday weekend and all. What wonderful timing I have (sarcasm). Finally located the poker room... found the board... got my name on it... wandering around for over an hour... still haven't called my initials... well, of course my initials must have been #50 on the list for holdem... DUH... holiday weekend. All this time carrying my chips around... (I'm a type A in case you haven't noticed.. I was going to the board prepared!)

    So decided 'what the heck' and tried to get into ACT 1... it was 1st come 1st serve and since my patience isn't the best (surprise surprise and YES I'm working on that) I took my chips to the blackjack table... did ok.. at least changed my $5 chips into $25 chips (much easier to put into a pocket or purse). Finally figured out I could pay $150 put my name on a list for ACT 2 and since like I said I'm not good at sitting around and really wanted to play that was the way to go.

    Finally after about 2 hours... Here I go.... 1st time at a REAL table in a REAL casino playing REAL poker.. with REAL cash paid. I couldn't even think about that I was playing for a seat in ACT 3... too much to take in. 2nd seat to the left of the dealer.. getting really excited (aka nervous) now. Praying to the poker gods.. 'please do not let me be just left of the button, I cannot think, I don't know a THING about poker! Deep sigh of relief, we're over THAT crisis... button is 4 spots away. But pay attention catch on to what you need to do... Fold, Fold, Fold and just keep on foldin until you can calm down, damn you!

    Trying to be observant (the one thing I am a natural at)..stable table, , seat 1 (very conservative (been playing all his life and that's a long time, won his seat)), seat 2 (yours truly, bought in of course), seat 3 (slightly (very slight) loose player-twentysomething and serious bout his poker, won his seat), seat 4 (ditto seat 3 with a cheering section), seat 5 (another female, late twenty something, hat down over her eyes been at this awhile, chatted her up and she won her seat), seat 6 (gone too fast to remember, but was a buyin), seat 7 (ditto seat 6), players in seats 8 and 9 (very good players, 8 has shades and hat, loves to do the 'stare', won his seat.. 9 won't look u in the eye, whenever he's in he sees green, won his seat and finally seat 10, good player and pleasant, ... imagine THAT, buyin.

    I follow my own instructions and fold the first couple.. (easy choice, late group hands), have to be told to post my blind and how much... now I'm really embarassed! Mild guffaws and murmurs from seats 8 and 9... deep cleansing breath, calm... doesn't help a BIT. Now I'm really worked up. Fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, ... (did I get them all?... ahh you catch the drift) I'm on the big blind again now finally got the posting right.. whew, slight relaxation, some minor chat has helped that. Check, check, check all the way... and what do I do now (as if I could possible do anything more to embarass myself)... I FOLD!!! on the BIG BLIND.

    (The optimistic side of my being so nervous is the other players did serious damage to remaining players chip stacks (not mine, since I was playing tight, more like frozen) took out players 6 & 7 and I believe I freaked them out during all this early play on the table... they're sure I can't play a lick now. And with good reason!)

    Of course, the guffaws and murmuring has reached new levels... starting to really make these two mad (seats 8 and 9)... well now that's odd.. I'm beginning to get irritated with these two now (I will have my revenge!) and that seems to calm me considerably. Miracle of miracles. I play my first 'real' hand and am saved from doing serious damage to my chip stack by splitting the pot with seat 10 with a flush on the board.

    We're starting to attract a little bit of a crowd now.. I'm still foldin...and HOWDY group 1! I'm dealt ppK.. keep my eyes down, (not hard to keep the blood from pumping), scope out stack sizes with quick glances... 5 folds, 8 calls, 9 calls, 10 folds, 1 folds, to me... I call (slowly), sb small raise 200. bb calls, 8 folds, 9 calls, I call, sb folds. I'm psyched now... ready to take as many chips as I can from seat 9! The flop K, 6, 9.... beathe slowly... 9 raises 500, look him straight in the eyes, probably 2nd best stack... take my time... I call, bb folds. The turn is a 5... no help to anyone, 9 raises 1000 eyes on the green..(hes bluffin, of course i know i got the GOODS) lol... i ask what the raise is????? duh.... and raise him 1000.. i'm SOOOO calm can't believe this... he calls, the river is a 10!, he bets 1000, i raise all in, he folds and I'm alot richer and he is now crippled and NOT a happy camper.

    Lots of mumblings from that end of the table... new player, got lucky... no consideration of how my betting or lack of raising should i say was able to cripple him. Feel alot more confident now and calming down considerably. (Note: He will talk to me at the end of the game about that hand being his doom, he should of read me differently from that point on). I won't go thru all the rest of the hands... I was lucky enough to get alot of Group 1 & 2 hands and able to play them well, took out 5 players... seat 1 (serious but graciously), seat 10 (graciously), now they're starting to take me seriously! Used my stack to take out seat 3 (tempermentally.. knocking over chair) (Al was whispering in my ear then).

    We've really got a crowd going now. Seats 8 and 9 go at each other for a couple of hands and 9 is building his stack (to my chagrin). Hey at least 8 looks the part with his hat and shades. I'm getting so so hands and posting blinds now & folding, I can sit n wait I got a stack now.. let them battle it out! Seat 4 gets in a little action and he's been really crippled. Seat 9 takes out 8 and we're down to three! My GOD I'm the final three on the table... what a RUSH... now I start thinking I could REALLY win this thing!

    I'm surprised how easy it is for me to block all the hub bub going on around us... we really have a CROWD now... (all the years of multitasking are finally playing off). I'm playing very tight.. the blinds are putting a slight dent in my stack.. player 4 is building his a smidgen... player 9 is stack leader. We go head to head twice.. I take the first, he takes the second and i become stack leader by about 1000.

    I'm FTA next hand and raise to player 4 to try and take him out with Q10h. It's time for him to act with his small stack. He raises all in... about 1,000... player 9 folds and I call. He shows J10os. The flop is 8, 6, 5h. The turn is 10 and Q comes on the river. He played a gr8 game. No wonder his peeps come to watch. Now we're talking...!!!! Heads up with my nemesis!!

    I offer good luck and he's all smiles now. (He's seeing that coupon in his hands!) Have I mentioned he leaves the table regularly to smoke, just a little excited he is. And he also has groupies. Then there's poor little me, all on my own... feeling pity anyone? No need, I know fellow PSO'rs everywhere are rooting me on! First two hands are nada... and I gladly fold. Then dealt KJs, he's fta, he raises 1,000, I call. The flop is 2c, 4h, 8s. He raises 1,500, I call again. ( I don't believe a word of it... hes very stoic).... J comes on the turn. I'm all in and he folds. And he's soooooo not happy now since I now have chip lead. Time for a smoke....

    This is soo embarassing, I was so excited I know I'm not getting these last couple of hands exactly right, but who's to blame a girl? Trying my best here. What a wonderful feeling to have the crowd cheering for you. Next hand, I fold he takes the pot. I'm still chip leader... but not by much mind you. He's fta again, I'm dealt KQs, he raises 4,000... I think it's time.. I reraise 4,000... he calls. Here's where it gets really fuzzy.. the flop was two small cards, both unlinked os, Qh.... relief runs rampant. He bets 4,000... I'm a little worried... but he's so stoic, I think he's overplaying it... hell, it's a miracle I made it this far, go for it. I ask for a count of his chips... I'll still have chips left... It's group 1, I bet all in. He actually looks up at me here... I smile and bite my lip but don't look away.

    He calls all in... his cards are KJos. He's pacing, I can't possibly leave my seat, I'm frozen. The turn is a Q... thank you poker gods.
    The river is 10..... I am in total SHOCK.... there's no better rush in the world than that! I actually WON... and a seat into the ACT 3 tourney on Thursday at Foxwoods... I can't wait...

    People keep coming up shaking my hand, congrats... and guess what? player 9.. is actually a gracious non winner. This was his 4th time taking 2nd in ACT 2. He was gr8 and said he underestimated my play. I am just sooo thankful that I've been able to play with the caliber players I've met here on PSO. I know for a fact that this is why I was able to play as well as I did, after I got over my jitters. I could hear little angels on my shoulders whispering little tidbits in my ear the whole time.

    I plan on reading over Al's lessons a couple times before I go Thursday and try to get in a few games before then. And thanks again Fraze for the 'ins and outs' of what to expect, how to behave... and pep talk in general. And all the good lucks (I'm sure they helped!) from everyone at the tourney the night before. I'm this excited now, can you imagine if I got to the final table on Thursday? Fingers crossed.....

    Sorry for any confusion... 1st time for me writing up play.. I'm sure I've disembogulated it...

    You're all the BEST!

  • #2
    Congrats Maggie... thanks for sharing your success here, I enjoyed reading it!



    • #3
      An Halluciation

      WTG.... sounds like you might next be ready for a "MIRAGE!"

      Like maybe Vegas ..... wink.

      Certainly am so pleased and excited for you and your wonderful achievement...

      Now put it behind you and start fresh Thursday with a new goal..

      All the best...



      • #4
        She came, she saw, she conquered!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

        Best of luck Thursday and please come back here and let us know how it went. Remember, you have exactly what it takes to win that thing!!!


        • #5
          Congrats Maggie!!!!! Hope you find much more sucess...



          • #6
            wow. Thats all i got to say! LOL i would have reacted the same way you did in this situation! All I can say is great post! You might have thought it was all jumbled but i was hung on every word! Good luck on thursday and you better put up a post on your results no matter how you do
            Iambrant C.H.A.P.S.


            • #7
              You GO girl. Jane is right, you have everything you need to win Thurs. Really enjoyed your account and hope to hear ALL about your next adventure, . . don't leave anything out, good or bad. I know I speak for alot of us here when I say best of luck and our thoughts will be with you, . . starting about 7:30 p.m. Eastern this Thursday. As a matter of fact, just a blurb when you get in about your finish may keep some of us OFF pins and needles . . . if you have any energy left, of course. BREAK A LEG!


              • #8
                Hey Maggie!
                What great fun reading your post. I felt like I was there with you. I know you will do well on Thursday. Just play the game you know how to play.... We are all rooting for you!


                • #9
                  excellent job, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  • #10
                    I don't know which I enjoyed most, your shared success or you ability to write about it so grippingly! PLEASE keep up both!

                    Warm regards from a cold fish, Bill


                    • #11
                      Maggie, congratulations on your win... now go on to win a seat... and then win the Really Big One!

                      I will probably be there tomorrow, but I usually go home before 9PM. I will wear a black Pookerstarz satin jacket. No hat, no shades, I won't even look like a real poker player, I just look like a recently retired old guy! No tourney for me, I'll be at the 10/20 game during the day.

                      Best of luck, we are all pulling for you.



                      • #12
                        Grats on ACTIII. I think a few PSOpeeps will be hovering into the ACTs there.... GO MAGGIE

                        Good Luck from another Maggie aka Skratt 8)



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