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I moved to WA for this?

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  • I moved to WA for this?

    People looking for poker content should really check the author's name again. Although I guess the fact that I am writing in the PSO forum demands that I give a review of the local cardroom. The fact is, that my first 2 weeks here I had nothing to do but play poker. Which leads to the rant that is about to happen......

    There are few details of my life that I am not willing to inflict on, er I mean share with, my friends. So prepare yourself a stiff drink, grab a comfy chair and let me tell you about my moving adventures and some cardroom escapades.

    The moving company (and since I plan to slam them heavily, lets just say their name has a lot in common with the NBC logo, and that the last four letters of said name are very appropriate) was chosen for the fact that they were the low bidder amongst 4 quotes. Gee I am glad I tried to save my boss a few bucks.

    As I have written before, the packers came and took my stuff on 23 July. The moving company said they would deliver my stuff to my new place on 5 August. Key word there was SAID. After Tunica I spent a couple of days visiting family in Arkansas, and then took off driving to the great Northwest.

    I took sort of a Southern route, cutting through TX, OK, and CO the first day. Then driving straight North through Wy into Montana and West through Northern Idaho and the width of WA to Bremerton. 2300 miles in 2 long days. But great tunes on the CD Player and nice scenery made it seem like not an inch farther than, say 2265 miles. Seriously though, the drive through Wyoming and Montana was incredible. Going north through Wyoming I had the snow capped Rocky Mountains to my left and flat farmland as far as I could see to my right. Whoever wrote "Purple Mountains Majesty, above the Fruited Plains" must have had this exact view in mind. And actually driving through the moutains once I turned west was also quite enjoyable. But once I arrived here to my new home the trip became much more rantworthy.

    I arrived on 3 August to give myself a day to prepare for my stuff to arrive. Ha. When I called the movers they said that they had had some delays and my stuff was still in IL, but would get to me by the 10th. OK. I had assumed a little slop in the schedule. And then my boss called. A 'little' emergency in NY, could I go there as soon as my stuff was off the truck? He was happy to hear that I could leave right away, and I was happy to live off the customers dime while I waited for the movers. I hate to brag, (another HA!) but I busted balls working 14-16 hour days to finish the job so I could get back by the 10th. Well that was a huge waste. Because I flew back the 9th and called the movers. My stuff was just leaving IL and had stops in Denver and Tuscon before it got to me. They said the 15th. I was not confident. I was now reduced to camping in my new apartment with an air mattress, a towel, a boom box and a laptop. Camping in the living room is pretty cool. WHEN YOU ARE 9 YEARS OLD! I only act 9 at PSO conventions. On the 14th, the movers called to say they would be here bright and early tomorrow. 'Great' I said, 'see you then.' At 9 AM the next day my cell phone rings. It is the truck driver, saying " Sorry I called the wrong number yesterday, I meant to call our delivery in Tucson. I wont have your stuff there until the 18th" I managed to not cuss him out and hung up.

    On the morning of the 18th, a knock on my door came. The truck driver was there (but no truck) and this is where the story gets really interesting. The road into my apartment complex is kind of twisty and turny, and he has a 48 foot semi (with my 4000 lbs of stuff taking up perhaps 10% of the trailor. He also has a bill for 3 weeks storage of my stuff @ $250.00/week. I know he is only a driver, so we call his boss and I tell her she can fold that bill until it is all corners and upstick it asswards. She has a huge set of balls on her if she thinks I will pay a storage fee that was apparently for their convienience, and not my request. She then tried to tell me that since the truck wouldnt fit into the complex, I needed to go rent a truck and pay them 4 hours/man and $75.00 an hour (note: another $600.00 + truck rental) for the estimated time to transfer my stuff to smaller truck and then into my apartment. Hmmmm. I actually taught the truck driver some new words while I was on the phone explaining to this lady how not going to happen that sillyassed plan was. I spent an hour ranting and raving, cussing and smoking (guess I picked the wrong week to give up cigarettes) and finally compromised. I would go get a U-Haul ($19.95) and not give the moving company a nickel. She could eat the so-called extra labor for being 2 weeks late with my stuff. (I actually had already laid in sandwiches and soda to feed the actual workers and had already planned to tip them at the end of the day, so I am not a total butthead) So everyone but the boss lady in IL turned out happy. Ahh well. Then it turns out that we cannot reassemble my bed, dining table or any of my bookcases because the bolts/shelf pins had been lost. Any packer with a room temperature IQ would have taped these to the table/ bedframe/bookcase, but apparently I gave them too much credit for IQ and I didnt check their work when my stuff left. Lesson learned and I went to Home Depot and spent 10 bucks on parts just to avoid having to talk to boss lady in IL again. Ahh well.

    ******* Movers, a subsidary of AssClown Industries. Our Managers are ButtMonkeys. I somehow doubt they will be hiring me to write ad copy for them any time soon.

    Wow I sure am glad I got that off my chest. Now how about a little poker talk. There is a nice little 3 table cardroom about 10 minutes from my house where I managed to spend quite a few hours while waiting for my stuff to get here. No fold-em 3-6 Hold-em is the game of choice. They play 9 to a table and there are a minimum 6 players in EVERY pot. It is almost Omaha-esque in that if there is a flush or straight on the board, someone has it. After about 80 hours in the game over the last 3 weeks, I am stuck about 85 bucks. Although that includes the 3 freaking racks I lost in 6 hours on Saturday after the Big One. Lets just say I took some extra bad beats and assume that I will make a comeback. Guess what happens when we assume? By the way, they give free meals to players while playing, I have eaten at least 85 dollars worth of mighty good sandwiches and the occasional plate of Bacon and Eggs. I would hate for you all to think I am a losing poker player :lol: Where would I find my sponsors? :evil: :twisted:

    They also play a crapshoot tourney every morning that now that I am working again I will be sorry to miss. 20 Buy in, 200 added they seat 30 players with 1000 chips and start the blinds at 5/10. Of course the blinds double every 10 min. so the crapshoot comes early. I have played in this tourney 7 times so far, made 5 final tables and cashed 4 times, maybe craps is my game

    I am not moving again for a long time.


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    Any room where you can play 80 hours and only be stuck $85 is a must visit.

    It looks like I will be arriving Friday 9-10 at 2:40 PM on ATA.

    I will give you more details as things solidify.


    P.S. your usual creative rearend references always make my day


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      YES!!!!! the WILDONE is back and in fine form!!

      I read this with my first cup of coffee this morning, and must admit to at least three spews !!

      Keep us posted on that poker room..sounds like a possible Invasion site for PSO'ers at some time in the future..



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