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USPC- $300 NLHE et al

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  • USPC- $300 NLHE et al

    "Jacks be nimble, Jacks be quick, the ****ing Jacks make me sick!"--anonymous poker player

    "AJ is a monster"--thehazyone

    "If you can't get it allin with AA, find another hobby"--apryllshowers

    Well guys and gals, here is yet another trip report for your reading pleasure. I'm not far from Atlantic City, so I took the day off (what a waste) to go play the $300 +$30 NLHE tournament at the taj.

    I get to the taj early and buy in. The place is not crowded, so I doubt they will get 300 entries (I believe final count was in the range of 250).

    I meet up with a group from my local poker club, and they jump right into sats. I go for a walk to mentally prepare myself for a long day of no limit holdem (lol).

    I get to my table at 11:10 (tournament start time 11:00, I took a long walk. Maybe it should have been longer, lol). Starting chips are T1000, with blinds at 5-15 and 30 minute rounds.

    11:10 am---I sit down in the BB and find AT suited. MP player makes it 60 to go, I call to see a flop, flop misses me, he bets, I fold. Stack now 940.

    11:13 am---I am on the button and find QQ. EP player limps, I make it 75 to go, SB calls (he's loose, played with him at Foxwoods), BB calls, EP folds. 240 in the pot. Flop is KJ6, not the best flop for my queens. They both check and I bet 200. Both call. Turn is an ace and I shut down. We check it down and BB shows AJ. Stack now 665.

    11:15 am---Mr. AJ is UTG and open raises to 75. MP player makes it 200 to go. I look down and find AA. I push my 665 stack in. Both players have me covered. UTG calls, MP flashes JJ and mucks.
    Hands are faced--AJ suited v. AA. Flop KQT. I don't even remember the turn and river. As I stand up to leave, UTG says, "sorry, I thought you were trying to buy it." He now has a new name, JACKass. How dead was his hand, lol?

    I believe I was the first player out.

    Stunned, I wander over to the live action and get on several lists.

    I start off playing 20-40 holdem and can't find a hand. The table is very solid, and I decide to eat the $300 I am stuck in this game and try the 30-60 game.

    I play 30-60 for quite some time, and was doing pretty well when this hand came down.

    I have AA late position. I have been very aggressive and playing a lot of hands. I 3 bet an EP raiser, and we take the flop 3 handed.

    Flop is AJ7 rainbow. EP player bets, I raise, both call. Turn is 5, putting a four flush out there. EP player bets, I raise, sb calls, EP player 3 bets and I cap it. SB folds.

    River is a Jack, making the flush draw and filling me up. EP player bets, I raise. He stops and thinks and puts on a pretty good act. When he reraises I am sick, as I know what he has. Still, there is a chance he has AJ, so I decide to raise it 1 more time. He stops messing around and reraises quickly. I throw away $60 and call and get shown JJ for quads.

    I'm sick and ready to leave, but it's only 3 o'clock! I decide to play the 7 stud super, $120 buy in with 2 $100 rebuys and a double add on.

    Too many hands to get into specifics, but made a great read on a player's 6th street check raise of my bet and called him on the river with a pair of Kings and scooped a big pot. I built my stack pretty quickly, took no rebuys, and ran over my table for most of the tournament. I take the double addon and when we get to 3 tables I have a big stack of 15K. At this point, a friend of mine sees my stack and offers me $1000 for 70% of my action in the main event (should I win the sat, they were giving 3 seats). This was too good of a deal to pass up, so I take it. I make it a long way (final table) before getting picked off by buried aces that made trips on the river (atleast I was ahead when I got allin. I had 2 pair and 4 flush with an ace showing, but he had such a monster stack that he was not folding AA under any circumstances.)

    My poker club buddies did well, one player made the final table and 2 others made the money in the NLHE event.

    Interesting sidenote--I spoke with many players who claim to play online paysites and make a fortune. Of course every person claims they profit online. I find it hard to believe. If these people are making that much money, they should never leave the house. I know I wouldn't.

    I will probably be back for more pain and suffering this weekend. I am almost to the point of giving up on tournaments. This tournament paid approx $1900 if you made the final table. That payout really stinks. I can play local tournaments with 40 players and win 5K, or play a live game for 10 hours and make a 1000. They really need to flatten out the pay structure.

    Assuming alot of the players here intend to try their hand at tournament poker, I would suggest reading and re-reading all of Noodle's post. It's top 3 or bust people, and you need to play in a manner that will get you there. There are a lot of people out there gambling, and if they lose they simply get in a cash game.

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    how dare you take aces against ace jack - remember

    "Ace Jack is a monster"

    Words to live by.


    P.S. Great report.


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      Well I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true lol.

      But I suspect you are talking to a brick wall Apryll. It's why I have given up.


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        Noodles: I hope you never give up trying to educate us! I enjoy your post and like reading your reasoning!

        Apryll: Everyone plays poker for different reasons. I know that most people will say they play tourneys for the money, but I regretfully have to concur that with the top heavy payoffs in tourney poker, I think it is impossible for a player to realistically think that playing tourneys will be a way to make a living. You simply have to finish in the top 3 with some regularity or you will not be able to beat the rake (6-10% tourneys charge) and the small payouts for lower final table finishes.

        I am certain that none of the "professional poker players" thought at the beginning of the year that $2,600,000 of the poker economy's currency would be swiped by Robert Varkonyi and Diego Cordovez. Both are excellent players, but neither plays the game "for a living" and both were fortunate enough to play well and get lucky enough to win big tourneys (WSOP and Diego won LA Poker Classic $1,000,000 limit tourney).

        So what's my point? Play the game, try to get better, put yourself in a position to win, and maybe you will also win a big tourney -- just don't bet the ranch on it.

        Finally, I agree with a post by Noodles that in a tourney the size of the PSO Big One -- luck will play such a big factor that it is impossible to predict who the winner will be. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't play your best, just means that poker is skill plus luck. But, I would say that a good player can only win if he or she gets lucky, but a bad player has almost zero chance. The iterations of confrontations will wear down the bad player who is taking the worst of it 99% of the time, and a good AND lucky person will prevail.


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          The brick wall comment wasn't with you in mind TKO. Don't worry lol.

          Originally posted by tko14
          But, I would say that a good player can only win if he or she gets lucky, but a bad player has almost zero chance. The iterations of confrontations will wear down the bad player who is taking the worst of it 99% of the time, and a good AND lucky person will prevail.
          A good player could also win just by not getting unlucky.

          A really bad player could win. They just need a certain amount of luck, (much more than a better player needs obviously), that's all. Everybody in the tournement has a chance of winning. Just that some players chances will be much lower than others, and hence need varying degrees of luck.

          TKO, I would appreciate a more detailed review of the art of war should you have any time over the next day or so.


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            I've read The Art of War many times. It will help your game, read it!


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              Wow, Apryll, that was detailed lol. Thanks!

              It will help even my game eh, are u sure lol


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       is supposedly a fine translation.


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                  Brick Wall # 2 reporting for duty, Sir Noodles.


                  PS Now I must traverse the Great Wall of China, searching for Master Sun Tzu



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