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Amended Legends2: Where is WB?

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  • Amended Legends2: Where is WB?

    Salving my disappointment at not being able to spend the weekend with Wildbill, I had dragged myself over to the BIKE for the PSO LIVE TOUR event...realizing that life has very little meaning without Wildbill in the first place. I might as well not have played the tourney, cause my mind was simply not there. Yes, it was on Wildbill from the beginning! When last we met, OUR HERO was walking around the BIKE, meeting and greeting ( and ok, I admit it, touching pecs) of PSO members. We found our seats for the $225 buy in NLHE ( with unlimited rebuys for the first 3 levels.) I had promised myself only one rebuy. I did a quick calculation and decided we had 16 PSO members in the field of 579. I was very excited. Those of you who know me know I am easily aggitated, so right before I took my seat, I walked out into the foyer and found a Pepsi. And James Woods, the actor. What a nice surprise that was. He and I chatted about my nerves. Guess he could tell I was a bit apprehensive. He didn't seem at all HOLLYWOOD. However, the tall, thin, lovely blonde that was with him screamed IMPLANTS. Being from the mid-west, I am always on the lookout for such things. EDITED: I mentioned to James Woods that my heart was literally breaking since Wildbill couldn't attend...I think he had already noticed how very distraught I was.I walked in to the tourney room, spotted table 25. To my horror and dismay, I also spotted TJCloutier. Sitting in seat 4. I was in Seat 5. It only took a minute for me to regain my composure when I looked up and saw many PSO members looking at me, pointing and laughing. Glad I provided a bit of levity, guys!! OK< I was already nervous, and the fact that TJ was there didn't help. At least I had position on him. I decided to play as few hands as possible and see if I could get max value on the ones I did play. the first three levels, I played 5 hands. I even wrote them down for the purpose of this report. I played J-8 clubs on the button with 6 people seeing the flop the third hand. I playe Ktsuited and won that hand heads up. I played QQ heads up and won, AJ I raised on the button and folded to a flop of QQ6 and a bet before it got to me. I played KQ diamonds and made a flush and tripled up.

    TJ needled me and told me he knew what I had before I turned it over. I asked him HOW he knew, and he didn't answer. He was too busy griping and whining at every single flop, ever single bet someone would make. I was very surprised at his table behavior. I am used to Little Phil's antics from seeing him in person and on TV, but never had experienced TJ acting that way. AT one point, he said, ( after losing a pot) " I am not sure why I bother with these LOW BUY IN tourneys." I am not either, TJ. So next time, stay home and don't try to spoil it for others. Actually, first place paid $109,000, so I am not sure what part of LOW BUY IN he was speaking about! EDITED: I was playing a low buy in tourney with TJ, and all I could think about was WHERE IS WILDBILL, and why would he desert me in my time of need??[/color]
    At the break, I had about 1800, had never re-bought, so I decided not to take addons. I would face the next part of the tourney with the stack I had in front of me. During break, we assembled, told war stories, compared stacks, and Joybell and JasperB were doing super. So was xxpiratexx. During the break chat, Colette said, " Did you see who was sitting right behind you at table 24?" Well, no, I had not turned around. So when I went back, I did see...MATTHEW PERRY. And he did in fact smile and make eye contact with me. And, let me report that he had on a grey t shirt, old jeans, and tennis shoes. And a days growth of beard. I wanted to use one of my favorite FRIENDS lines: " Could you POSSIBLE HAVE on any more clothes..", but I decided not to make a fool of myself.

    About an hour into the next part of the tourney, I got moved to Jiva's table. Oh, yes, TJ busted third hand after the break when he took his JQ offsuit up against a better hand. I hate to admit it, but I smiled inwardly when he left the table. It was shortly after that my table broke and I moved to Jiva's table. I went totally and completely CARD DEAD. Blinded down to about 11k, I lost most of that on the blinds with AK both times. Lost to K9, and turned around and had AK again on the small blind and lost to 6-8 offsuit. The button hand was K8 hearts, I had less than enough money to post the next round of blinds, and looked up and saw 6 way action, so I decided to go for it. It didn't happen, and I busted.

    I want to mention that at the table with Jivamutki, another player tried to put some gamey moves on Jiva, and I am proud to announce that Jiva didn't play into it. He conducted himself like a true gentleman. I was very pleased to see that he didn't stoop to the other players level. I think the poker gods rewarded him with his fine 24th place cash finish!! Way to go, KID!!

    When it was all said and done, we had 3 PSO members in the money. I am not certain that Jcastle is STILL a member of PSO, but I will mention his 25th place finish, then right after JCastle busted, Jivamutki went out in 24th. He had played a BRILLIANT short stacked tourney and I was very impressed with his agressive play when it mattered. Super finish, my friend!

    About 5-6 PSO members stuck around til 1 in the morning to cheer for our last live player, xxpiratexx. When it got down to 13, they did a countdown of chips, and at that point, I totally ran out of steam, and Colette, neil and I decided to head back to the Commerce, but not before we found out he was getting a huge payday of around $18K!! His official finish is reported on PokerPages as 7th place finish. WOOHOOO!!! EDITED: I kept thinking " Wow, I wish WILDBILL WERE HERE TO SEE THIS.
    I gave a huge hug and pat on the back to xxpiratexx, one to Joybell, and a couple of other PSO members. When I hugged Joybell, I made damn sure to see that my purse was zipped, because earlier, she had helped herself to a pen that was sticking out of a dealer chair pack, and handed it to me when I needed something to write with. If that wasn't enough, she confessed to Colette and I that she had earlier in the day TAKEN a pen from the hotel. TSK TSK, Joybell

    I can't tell you how much fun I had. I discovered No Limit ring games, I spent time with Colette and Joybell, I met lots of new members, and got home with money. Now, if that isn't a successful trip, you tell me what is??

    LOVE TO EACH OF YOU, and a special I MISS YOU to Wildbill!!

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    Nice report Jane!

    Congrats to all the PSO who finished in the money, & a special way to go to xxpiratexx.
    2 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Congrats to xxpiratexx on the great finish. As always Jane, it was fun to read your trip report. I guess you never really know what people are like until you rub elbows with them. Perhaps TJ was having a bad hair day. Sounds like you had an eventful time even if the cards weren't so generous to you. You got to smooze with James Woods and see a few celebs. Great report!


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        PSOers Rock! Way to go all who attended. Believe me I was there in spirit.

        However, Jane, all GOOD trip reports mention me. (Yes this is how trip reports are graded around here.) After reading both parts of yours I find a distinct lack of mention. I suggest some editing, toot sweet. Perhaps since Joybell's son-in-law was in attendence and I was there in spirit, my spirit wandered over to woo the fair Stephanie?



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          Great report as always, Janie. I loved it :-)


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            That is much more like it. Now it is not only good, it's GREEEEEEEAAAAAAAT!



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              Yes Yes No No

              Yes ... I was at the Commerce watching Jane kick butt at the NL table...trying to intimidate the men at her table saying" if you win this pot you get my room key too". Nice game plan, I say.

              Yes...I watched the whole tourney at the Bicycle Club. Breathtaking!

              No...I did not play.

              No...I did not come home with money.

              I did, however, have a BLAST. Meeting the new PSO'ers I had not met in Reno and catching up with the ones I did. Watching xxpiratexx bring it home was a thrill. The other school members did us proud also.

              Yes...I did laugh my head off when Jane saw that she was sitting next to TJ.

              Yes...I will go again next year

              No...I will not play if it is big re-buys

              No...I will not play loose/stupid/agressive ever again. ops:

              Luv Colette :twisted:

              PSO needs to get what a gem they have in NewJane.
              #1 fan


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                In case anyone is interested I had to make restitution to the hotel for their 98 cent pen. After I loaned it to New Jane she kept it.
                Now, she gets the bill.

                Just think Jane, if I hadn't absconded with that expensive pen you would not have had anything to take your last minute notes with.

                Anyways it was a blast especially watching my son-in-law finish in 6th place.



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                  Much congrats to Pirate and Joybell (mother-in-law). Great report Jane. Jasper B and I had a great time. Pleasure meeting you all. Hope to see you soon.




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