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Gotta love the LEGENDS! Part 1

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  • Gotta love the LEGENDS! Part 1

    I heart LA! And now, after my first actual live game of No Limit, this writer has rekindled her love affair with poker!

    Let me start by saying I stayed at the Crowne Plaza which is hooked on to the Commerce partly because I am a "fraidy cat", not real partial to being mugged or worse, and since the Ramada across from the Bike is notorious for being mean to mid-western Grandma's, I opted out of that hole and stayed elsewhere. Also, I like the Commerce better 'n the Bike. Not sure why, but I think it has to do with the floormen They resemble mob bosses in black tuxes!! YIKES!!

    I arrived on Thursday, Aug. 12, and promptly lost about half my bankroll that I had allowed myself in the stupidest 4-8 game I have ever sat in. Once I got up off the floor, I decided that was enough of that. And I began to walk around the floor looking for another table to deposit the rest of my budget. I happened upon a $100 maximum/minimum buy in, $2-$3 dollar blind NLHE ring game. After remembering the recommendations of Wagner17 at Tunica, I put my name on the list, and shortly was called to a new game. Sitting down with my little stack of twenty yellow red dollar chips, my heart all a-flutter, the game was on! It took me a minute to get my bearings, but once I did, I felt very competitive and nothing at all like the target I figured I might be. And while I lost some money the first session, I made it up and more in subsequent ones! In fact, I came home with more money that I left with!

    On to the BIKE. On Friday, Colette and her super cool brother, Neil, (who isn't a PSO member but was last seen sporting the now famous PSO POINTY HAT so I have high hopes he will join,.) arrived and we had a nice lunch. Colette is one of the coolest people I have ever met on PSO. She and her brother were the best table mates I could have asked for! Over the next few days, we shared many laughs and some poker on top of that. Neil is a new player, so he played some low limit hold'em, and Friday afternoon, Colette joined me in a NL game. She held her own fairly well, considering it was her first LIVE GAME! She lost some money with set over set, something that happens to even us old timers! We had a blast chatting it up at the table, and even had a chance to flirt shamelessly with three young men. I might get drunk sometime and ask you, "Are you Jamacian"..but until that time, don't ask!

    Saturday morning, I awoke early in anticipation of the PSO Live Tour event. Went down to the gaming area around 6:30 am, and found a very lively yet TIRED bunch of No Limit players. I quickly won about $275, cashed out and got myself prettied up to meet many new PSO members at the BIKE. Neil and Colette joined me in the trip from the Commerce to the BIKE. Man, am I thankful for fargo sometimes when I travel around LA.

    At the BIKE, I set up the PSO area with poster, business cards, and hats. I decided to play a little poker, and after a brief walk around the No Limit tables, I thought better of it. Three people had 3-4 racks of chips in front of them, and the other 7 had about thirty bucks. NOT the table I want to sit down with $100. So I played 6-12 for about half hour, made $47 bucks, and left when the local maniac sat down, drunk, and started max betting every single hand. I did a quick calculation and figured half hour of HIM and I could possibly bleed off the money I had won earlier that morning. So I cashed out and just walked around flirting with PSO folks as they arrived!

    I met Al Spath, Kathyincali, her friend, Tom; Al was all decked out in PSO pointy hat and t shirt, and looking mighty smart and teachery. Later, he was "giving lessons" at a low limit table, stacking chips every time I passed by. Then pretty soon, I ran into Otldoc, and he introduced me to JasperB and the rest of the day was a blur!! WOOHOOOO!! Talk about a hard body. Good lord. I am absolutely convinced that PSO men are the best looking and nicest men in the whole poker world. Jasper was no different. ( Thanks for letting me touch your pecs!! ) I won't tell Bruce if you won't!

    It wasn't long until I ran across Jacamore,Rocket36,Billinlv,BanditDad,AAdunno, BigYedi,TheBrain,and Sinchi. I kept looking around for Joybell, and finally, there she was! But wait, who is this handsome hunk walking with her?? It was XXpirateXX, her son-in-law, Jerry.

    After we exchanged hellos, I introduced them to Colette and Neil, and decided to walk down to the satellite area and see what was cracking. I spotted WEISER. Now, that isnt hard to do if you know to look for a handsome guy with very long, very red hair! SOOOO nice to meet you at last, WEISER.

    Roaming around aimlessly, I ran into Seanyboy, Letitride09, JCastle, and Jivamutki. I had seen his name on a couple of lists earlier for PSO events, but had never MET him, so yes, he really does exist, and what a sweetie he is. At some point in the tourney, I landed at his table. Hitman wandered in eventually, sporting a CUBS jersey, and it is always great fun to see Dave. He is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people. Ok, heck, I admit it. I love PSO members!!

    GAME ON! See the next post for the PSO Live Tour event report.
    Til then...

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