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  • LEGENDS at the BIKE

    Overall an anticlimactic trip compared to my last trip report (WSOP ).

    I played 8 hands in the 6 levels. Never really picked up any cards. Had QQ and TT and 22 for my only pairs. Never had AK or AQ. Had AJ once.

    Was proud of how long I lasted considering above. Came in about 225 out of 579.

    Was surprised at all the "names" in the tourney. TJ, some guys from "the crew" and the "henden mob", mark seif, men the master, chris karagullian, amir vahedi to name a few.

    Had a great time meeting all the pso'ers. New Jane was a barrel of laughs. She is a great pso rep as her enthusiasm never ends. Especially after she met my father-in-law (JasperB). It was also a pleasure to meet Collette and her brother, Joybell, AAdunno, The Brain and anybody I may have forgotten..sorry.

    Also a pleasure to meet Al Spath. Let me know about the field trip to Pechanga Al.

    Something has to be done about those PSO hats. They are the same style as my little league coaches wore in the 70's. How about a fitted cap. As bad as it was I did wear it the entire time to show my loyalty..thanks for putting up the seat PSO.


  • #2
    Thought I was the only one that hates the PSO cap.

    The reinforcement in the crown makes them most unfashionable (gives the illusion of a pointy head).

    I think what we need (after doing some cap research) is what is referred to as a "soft crown".

    I found a place that will do the artwork and set-up for free and you can still get a decent looking cap for about $7 a pop.

    I'm gonna try and get some made for "PS-Squared" the Puget Sound group that is gonna make the Chi-town and Atlanta folks look absolutely silly.

    Big "no point in my head" Sissy


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      Hey OTLdoc

      Thanks for posting! and thanks for the kind remarks. it was great fun meeting you. Sounds like you played less hands than I did!!

      Hope to see you again at some function...and promise me you will bring Jasper!!! 8O


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        Hey, everybody! It was great putting some faces to the names. I feel like I wasn't all that social, and I don't want to come off stuck up or anything. I think it was partly because I was on my home turf, and I was just "in the zone" before the tourney, and pretty disgusted with my play after it. I'd been looking forward to this one for a while, but once it started I felt like I couldn't get a rhythm. Waaay too passive in a couple hands, and way too agressive at least once. Total brain freeze on one hand, when I misremembered my cards (actually played the previous hand!).

        Then I got beat up in the 4-8 game afterwords, just to make matters worse. At least I got to watch hitman accumulate $300 in about 3 hands playing 3-6. Pleasure sitting next to you in the tourney, hitman!

        We'll see you all in the next PSO event I can make. It's a lot of fun and may push me into more road trips.



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