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Tunica Part I: Bubble Girl

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  • Tunica Part I: Bubble Girl

    Lessons Learned in Tunica:

    ALWAYS play blackjack with wildbill

    NEVER call the bubble before a tournament

    No one hassles you when you hang out with Zeroth

    Playing a midnight sat after celebrating Wfns' birthday and money finish is probably unwise

    I can save a lot of time by adding the following line to my business card: Yes they are real. And no I won’t "do" you.

    It is probably not a good idea to give out your autographed panties

    I drive make the long drive to Tunica, but I already know it will be worth playing tag with 18 wheelers for 10.5 hours. And of course I am instantly rewarded to find Tuesday's PSO tourney final table still in play. I grab all the hugs I can and know that I am "home."

    The following is primarily a tournament summary – but I promise I'll get to the "good" stuff in another post.

    Tourney Summaries:

    Wednesday's PSO tourney was uneventful for me. Pretty much card dead. Finally raised with AK to get re-raised all-in with A8s – but he catches his flush and I'm out. My bust out gift was a silly pair of pink and black polka-dot panties. The older non-PSO gentleman flinched like he had been hit by shrapnel when I tossed them his way. He obviously didn't want my gift. But Denny Jones snatched them up and had me sign them. I don't want to think about where they might be now…

    I played the Thursday $200 NLHE although I didn't much like my chances. I was as surprised as anyone to be chip leader at my table after the break. But the deck hit me like a ton of bricks and I got paid off with AA, KK and QQ. I didn't have to worry long about what to do with a big stack, however, as the fifth hand after the break left me with a tough choice. In mid-position I find KK with an uncalled pot. I raise 400. The guy next to me, who has just joined our table, goes all-in. He has a healthy stack – but I have him covered. If I win I will be in an enviable position. If I lose I'm short-stacked and will be marking my time. I've laid down KK pre-flop twice in my life, both times dodging the AA bullet. But I had a lot of information in those circumstances. I hadn't seen this guy play – and I didn't know if he would go in with QQ or JJ. In the absence of information I decide I have to play the hand, although I know AA is probable. He flips over AA. We shake hands before the flop. I don't offer up a bad beat and I'm crippled. While I still have 2.5 the BB I look for any decent hand to push in. I find KQs and get called by the sb with AJ. I make my Q on the flop. He catches the A on the river. But of course the real highlight of the tourney was watching Kaelaine sail through the bubble and cruise into the money.

    [Long – but not quite long enough]
    Monday's Omaha hi/lo is the tournament I've had my heart set on. I'm very conscious of the 800T starting chips – and want to take a few more risks and play a little more aggressively than my normal game. I'm lucky to get Spiegel to my right – and you can't ask for better table company than that. My first playable hand is AAQQ double suited in the sb and I call a raise. I figure I can ditch it with a low flop. The flop is A94 – two diamonds. I bet out with top set and no diamonds– and two players call. Turn is a T – no diamond. We repeat the action. The river brings a Kd. I check. The next player bets and gets called. I believe one of them has the flush and fold. The bettor shows down a low flush. The caller shows a rivered set of Ks? Well so much for catching an early hand. The next hand I play I make crying call to a river bet with top and bottom pair and catch high. Later, with no players to act, I raise (something I seldom do in O8 ) with A29J with a suited aces from the button. Both blinds fold. I am still just shy of 800T when I get moved to the table from hell.

    At my new table, the boys have really been going at it. There are no cheap hands and half the table is on tilt as bad beats have ruled the day. I mean we are cussin', trash talkin' and card tossin.' I have no choice but to lay low as I get no playable hands and everything is played to an average of two pre-flop raises.

    I am relieved to get moved to a new table, but I am down to 400T. I pay for the blinds and I'm down to 325T ugh. I find A2Q9 with a suited ace in late position. I limp. I not only need to win this hand, I need to get callers. The flop is K3T and everyone checks. The turn brings a 9. Everyone checks again. Last to act, I now have a nut flush draw and am gutshot to broadway. If I make my hand on the river, I figure I won't get paid off. I decide to bet the turn to represent the str8 – and hope for the draw if I get called. Two players call my 200T. The river is a sweet 7s – completing my nut flush. I bet my remaining 75T and get called by both players. I'm now at 1375T…woo hoo…but still a little shy of average.

    We move over the Gold Strike with about 120 players remaining from the 215 starting field. I immediately notice that the quality of play is better. There will be no easy hands from now on. We get down to about 100 players and I haven't caught a hand since the move. Finally I limp with A3Q7 double suited. The flop brings my Q high flush draw and one low card, unfortunately a 3, and gets checked around. The turn brings a 5 to complete my flush. I bet out – and everyone folds. I find it interesting that no one stuck for the low draw – but hey – I'll take it.

    We get down to 60 and I break even on a quartered pot…ugh. Down to about 50 and I have enough for the blinds. Nothing hits me. I decide to try to get all my money in on the bb if it looks even marginally playable. It is a 24Q9 with a suited Q. Crappy low and crappy high looks good to me. UTG raises and I call heads up. He turns over a beautiful A2KK double suited. I river a wheel to scoop. With about 38 to go, I am again going to be taken out with the blinds. I raise with A2XX and don't quite break even on a quartered pot. I decide to wait for the blinds. In the BB a mid-position player raises. I call my remaining chip without looking at my hand. I catch a low ugly flush to scoop.

    With 32, I am all-in on the SB and river a split pot with the BB. We are down to 28 and are hand for hand. The tournament pays 27. I am the first small stack that will hit the BB. I get nothing even halfway tempting and I'm not sure it will help me if I do. I get heads up in my BB. The other player makes two pair on the flop. I catch a flush on the turn. He catches the boat on the river. And I am bubble girl.

    To add salt to the wound, when I get home I look at an email I sent to Canadian Poker Player editor Dave Scharf. It said, "I’m off to the Mid-America Poker Classic where I have my heart set on bubbling in the Omaha hi/lo."

    Be careful what you wish for, I guess. But I can't really complain. I had no bad beats - no injustices served up by the poker gods. I was short stacked the entire way and was down to the felt more times than I want to relive. I felt I made some decent plays and ended up playing the kind of tournament I'd hoped to - I just wish I could have done it with a few more chips 8) And yes - the next player busted on the very next hand.


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    tap tap tap...waiting for part II


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      Ouchies. I would have thought your CHAPS experience would have taught you about the power of the bubble call. As a personal favor to me, go ahead and call final table for the next January Omaha Hi/Lo. I'll lead the cheers for you then, which may give everyone in the poker room an excuse to forget who owns the polka dot panties hanging there.......



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        Man, Doe, this is the first trip report from Tunica I read and was totally enthralled with! I tell you what, if I ever give up hold-em for Omaha you are the person i want to mentor me! If you dont remember me, I was the one you complimented at jmuzzeys first tourney(you called me a rock ops: ). And after joining pso after that tourney, you totally crack me up w/your trip reports! Thanks for putting in the time and effort here and i hope you are in Tunica in January so maybe I could see you and Wildbill go heads up in the end!
        Iambrant C.H.A.P.S.


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          Re: Tunica Part I: Bubble Girl

          Originally posted by oil doe
          Lessons Learned in Tunica:

          The following is primarily a tournament summary – but I promise I'll get to the "good" stuff in another post.

          It has been 4 days. Writing too much pay copy? Give us some of that free writing! Writing is so easy and fun after all. Hubby has had you back for days, let him get back to recording, and give us some of that good Amy stuff. 8O

          Or else, I may have to make comments like, " I cannot totally vouch for their 'realness' but they ARE spectacular....
          and no one really wants me to have to go there.



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            I, for one, want you to "go there"



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