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Win Tickets - SCOOP 2014 Main Event Highlights

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  • Win Tickets - SCOOP 2014 Main Event Highlights

    Did you ever dream about making the final table of a major online poker tournament? Ever wonder how players play their cards at that level? Now you can find out with this 'cards-up coverage' SCOOP Main Event 2014 Highlight Show. Commentary is by Nick Wealthall who is joined by PRO Ike Haxton. It's great to hear Ike's thought process on some of these hands. Join in the discussion! Make a comment below about any hand played in this video. Would you have played it that way? Have you any questions about any hand played in the video?
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    Hand #3 -AJ Laydown Pre-Flop

    Ok... I'll start the questions.

    Ike made the comment that the laydown was a good play, and that most people would jam there with that short stack. So what if the AJ did jam - would that be a bad play? I realize it's the 3rd hand and players mat be a bit tentative, but the UTG raise was by the chip leader and perhaps their opening range should be considered wider? With only 5-6bb left with AJ I think they should jam here.

    [Busted Wagon]


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      It's all about the epic call down by Wilinofsky, starting at the 12 minute mark. I saw the hand history of that one posted elsewhere straight after it happened, and everyone was like "Wow! How does he make that call?"

      He had QJ and the board was AK5J6, and Better C4ll triple-barelled with T8. I think the call down is based largely on reads. Notably, Better C4ll made a large bet on the turn, meaning his range was polarized. On other hands, he'd been betting much smaller with made hands that reached showdown, so this big bet must have looked bluffy to Ben. The flop call with the gutterball in position was standard, but the turn is usually a fold, as third pair is rarely good in this spot. Maybe Ben suffers from "wasted pair theorem", but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he went with his read and was right. It's great to hear Ike's surprise when Ben makes the sick hero call, when the river is usually an easy fold. Most people don't triple barrel with air on boards like this, but Better C4ll was pretty aggro, and NeverScaredB wasn't gonna let him steal another million chips. Well played, Ben! Great commentary too.
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        yer i think never scared explained why on this said site.... but was fun watching....


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          @Busted Wagon: Sat1337en has ~16bb with AJo on hand 3, I suspect Ike thinks it is better not to make a high variance play that in the long run is perhaps worth only 1-2bb in EV. That's even before ICM considerations, which ought to be high in this spot.

          @Arty: It sounded like the QJ call down was simply Ben believing Better C4ll has close to ATC there pre and the implication is that gutshot on flop and third pair on turn is a bit too good to fold. On the river ... its good that he's never scared.

          My question is the correctness of Martin Jacobson folding 77 pre in that same hand? There's an uber shortie, so I expect its ICM related, but wondered whether it was "correct"

          ps Who is Better C4ll?


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            I have a comment about the play at 8:24. Betterc4ll raises the cutoff with A9 suited and then the button and small blind fold. On the big blind, sat1337en has to decide. Ike says ''I think it is a very clear call here and fold or shove will be both big mistakes''. However I don't think it is a clear call. sat1337en has around 7 or 8 big blinds left, which is very short. Normally this would mean either a shove or a fold.

            Secondly, sat1337en is out of position when he calls, which gives an advantage to BetterC4ll when they play a flop. Also a call means that sat1337en has to play against a big stack as a small stack, what means that sat1337en can not really make a bluff or try to represent the King, because of sat1337en very small stack. Besides the pot odds for Betterc4ll are attractive, especially because he has a mid-pair, but also a back-door flushdraw and an Ace-high kicker.

            Thirdly, BetterC4ll raises of course with a wider range because he is the big stack and also has position. However, he knows that sat1337en has a short stack and might shove, which means that he probably don't have a hand like 69, 27 or something like that. He probably has a hand which has some chance against a push of sat1337en. This is why I think a shove is also not correct.

            Fourth, when sat1377en called, he had already invested that much that he actually was pot committed, which gave him no other choice then shoving with midpair, even when BetterC4ll could have hands like Q9, Kx or in this case A9.

            So I think the correct play here is a fold. I might be wrong of course.
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              @Profess Awe: Went back and had another look at the video - I misread the blinds - the fold makes more sense now


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                Send ma ticket sir :p

                hey guys ,

                In the first hand shown in video shouldn't vandir4rek 3bet/5bet with TT

                Is calling a single min-raise justified there on that spot!!



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                  In the hand at 23:50, Grindation has 55 against vandir4rek's KK. Should Grindation ever consider folding here? After the 3-bet he has 24 bb left, with a pair as small as fives I think I would fold to the 4-bet, am I too nitty?

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                    @joy7108: Yes, I think this is an easy fold. I don't know the playstyle of vandir4rek of course, but vandir4ek raises UTG, what indicates he might has a strong hand. However, Grindation chooses to re-raise. Grindation probably had some reads on vandir4rek (plus the fact he had position), which made him re-raise.

                    However the 4-bet of vandir4rek is enough reason to fold the pocket fives. I think this indicates that vandir4rek will never fold here, even when Grindation jams all-in. His hand looks just too strong.

                    Also, I think most of the times Grindation is behind with pocket fives against vandir4rek; the best case scenario is flipping. And that is what you don't want, especially because you are still 25 BB deep, which is enough to continue playing and make some moves after a fold. Besides that, the money jumps are very large and Se7enTr3y is the shortstack, so risking it all with marginal hand make no sense when Se7enTr3y might be knocked out of the tourney the next couple of hands and assures you a lot more $$$.
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                      @95NiX - I watched almost the whole final table live, and thought vandir4rek had been pretty tight. I was amazed when Grindation shoved there. Thanks for your comments, nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks 55 should fold. umbup:
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                        I just finished watching the SCOOP Main Event video and one of the hands that caught my interest was at around 15 minutes into the video.
                        The hand was when Grindation makes a standard 2 x bet from the cut off only to be 3-bet by Better C4ll in the button, holding Jacks. Small blind player NeverScaredB cold 4-bets to almost just 2 x the 3-bet size. Original bettor folds.

                        Now this is a very tricky spot to be in holding Jacks. Personally I like the line that Better C4ll took. Flatting the 4-bet, calling c-bet on a 9 high dry flop. Turn goes check-check. And calls river bet.

                        I have a question though...given the line that Better C4ll took...if i hold Jacks in this spot do I pay-off whatever NeverScaredB bets?? Or is it dependent on the board runout???(example what wouldve happend if an Ace came up)

                        Also isn't 5-betting pre with Jacks in same spot stronger play?? Given the stack size you can easily fold to a shove.



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                          Win Tickets - SCOOP 2014 Main Event Highlights

                          Great... great insight by Nick Wealthall and Ike Haxton.

                          I think if we closely look hand nor #42 and #62, we would see a common phycological mistake we all make.

                          In hand #42 NeverScaredB made an outstanding call based on some read and in hand #62 he lost to the same guy (Better C4ll) chasing the same lead.

                          We all know, but we never follow that to burst a bluff we need to have at least a marginal hand and not total air. Because a read might not always be right.

                          We feel that since he was wrong last time he must be wrong this time too.

                          Thanks pokerschool
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                            Great video and insights by Ike and Nick.
                            I watched whole FT live and I really liked the way BetterCall was playing. He was very aggresive but he knew what to expect from others at the same time. What's more, he made one of the best tournament players in the world do two crucial mistakes.
                            First one was that JJ to QTo hand, where NeverScaredB made a huge mistake on the river in my opinion. I think Ben should either size his bluff way bigger or give it up. Perfect example of how aggresive image can work out as I don't think player like Ben would ever make such play without illusion of a good read.
                            And another hand was the one where BetterCall caused his eliminatination indirectly. Ben was quite unlucky there to run into big hand on the BB, but I think he could easily get away. BetterCall opened BTN with JTo, Ben shoved his 23BBs with A6s and Nosboca called on the BB with AQs. I think a small 3bet would work better in that hand giving a chance to get out of the hand if BB wake up and inducing a possible mistake from very aggresive BTN. Ben can still call possible 4bet shove from BTN (I think that BTN has definitely wider 4bet shoving range than calling range to 3bet shove).



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