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Darn Im good(at Canerbury Park

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  • Darn Im good(at Canerbury Park

    WARNING Long ramble, no notes were taken, choppy

    I've been trying to play in one of the weekly tourneys the local card club here has. But seems like I always had to work or didn't have the bankroll for it. Well I finally got to play in one. It was a 7stud event. 7stud $15+$5 unlimited $10 rebuys (first 4 rounds) one $10 add on at the break. Limited to 32 players.
    Start with 300tc rebuys 500tc(if under $300) add on 1000tc
    Pay out= 1st 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10%
    Now after I paid the $20 entry I went in my pocket to get out my rebuy and add on money (planning on max 2rebuys and the one add on), It was not there! Yes Matt’s dumb A$$ forgot his BR on the dresser at home! I had $15 on me. 7 Stud is not my best game; I figure I NEEDED the rebuys. What the hell do I do? home in 30min away tourney starts in 20mins. I Said to my self “self we just can’t run out of chips until the add-on” I was set to learn my $20 mistake.
    I did not play a hand the first three rounds and was getting anted to death then the first hand of round three I got my first Simi-playable hand. I was at around 200tc 5 J / 5 the two hole cards were spades. I was low and had to bring in 10 and the limits were at 50/100. 5 callers 4th street brought me another J giving me two pair. A player with 66 showing started with a 100 bet two in front of me called and I raised all-in one fold and the rest called fifth ST was another J! I got my full house. (My 6th and 7th ST’s were 4’s)
    The 6’s also got a boat on 6th but only full of 9’s. Now I’m a just above the avg. stack.
    My next hand Was in round 4 $25 ante $50 bring in 100/200 I have AQ/K all spades 3 limpers in front of me and I complete the bet to $100. (I was trying to steal the antes) there were 3 callers. 4th brought me the 2 of spades. I was High and bet $100 one folded one called and a QT raised, both I and the other player called. 5th was a rag for the three of us I bet, again call, raise, call, call. The middle player was now all in 6th street gave me a Kc, and the raiser a 9. I checked then called his bet 7th gave me a red duce for two pair. I checked he bet, I called. All in had a JJ/7 that did not improve and the raiser had QT/QT. A pitiful river win, but a win nonetheless. Break Time!! I got my add on and was sitting decent. Like I said I’m not good at reports no note the next thing I know its round 8 and I’m going to the finale table! We start the finale table with 7, one busted out the last hand before the move. One big stack 3 Avg. stacks and 3 stacks under 2000. Two small stacks go out the next few hands. The next hand I remember playing was TT/9
    The last short stack was on my left, he was showing the 2h and brought in for 500 all folded to me I completed to 2000 putting him all in he had QQ/2. He did not get better but I ended up getting a second pair. Down to four! I am in the money! Fourth pays $100 something 3rd $200 something 2nd $400 something and 1st $500 something. I’m in third chip wise. I plan to stay out of it as long as possible. The smallest stack ended up going all in with an open ended ST-8 draw on 4th ST and didn’t get there, lost to big stack that had kings. A few hands latter middle stack got crippled by big stack with his two pair lost to trips. Two of us! We the next hand I had TT/3 I decided This was the hand, I would play it so I would dble up or die trying, big stack called all the bets to 5th ST then folded. Now he was leading by only 1.5 to 1. I asked if he wanted to make a deal, and he said chop? I said Sure so we walked out with $511 after tips for the dealers. Since the card club wanted a winner we played the next hand for the “win”. I beat his AJ high with AK high.

    Ps first real multi turney and win.

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    WTG Matt! It sounds like you played a good disciplined game, and got just enough luck. (Like most everything else in life, the harder we practice, the luckier we get)

    Great report, but you have heard that real tourney winners are buying the drinks in Tunica, right?



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      T win

      Great playing Matt.

      Short money forced you to play a good "tournament strategy."


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        congratulations!!!!!! patience pays off.......way to go man!!!!!


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          Congratulations on your win. :lol: :lol: Great report.


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            Darn you are good

            Well done.



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