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orleans open

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  • orleans open

    I wanted another crack at the pso giveaway WPT seat, after having moronically passed it by at the Oregon open. Due to an oversight by my sweetheart Carrie, we didn't find out that Tina had wired my entry fees to the Orleans until 2 days before departure. Scramble city. Also, because of my tendency to be a caretaker ( i.e. my job to make sure we have a good time and find every free/cheap deal in Vegas) and an obssessive-compulsive need to research and prepare, I spent too much time on the non-poker half of the trip. This probably contributed to a feeling of incompletion and being a tad bit over-extended and unprepared.
    That being said, I went in with blessings from Carrie and lots of confidence and optimism. I don't think the card gods were informed of that though.
    Tues 15 $230 NLHE. $1000 tc (70 chips) One 1000 re-buy for $200 Huge prize pool...$55,000?
    Here we go: 10/15 level
    Medium raise with KQ lose $400 to 68 who flopped 2 pr. I maybe should have dropped it sooner.
    I flop 2 pr with 83 in my big blind and 853 rainbow.. bet 100, button calls. Turn=2, bet 200, and I reluctantly call a 200 check-raise. In hindsight, I should have put him on a better hand than me, but 2pr is hard to fold. River is a blank and cause there is so much in the pot I called his all-in bet of $375. Lose to a set of 8's, which I did not expect, especially from the button. I put him on an overpair, or something like A8.
    Down to $400. I raise $50 with AJ late. 2 callers. Flop=A75 with 2 flush cards. So I go all-in $450 and both fold. One had anice draw.
    I limp in with KJ seat 4. Flop=654 . I semi-bluff $50 but let it go to a $150 re-raise (by 62 and called by 34.. K comes on the turn and then a blank, with no more betting. So I basically lost that pot to an aggressive raiser.
    Fold AT in bb to an early $100 raise.

    Level increases to 10/20
    Raise $50 with A8 late, all fold.
    Was hunched to play K8 middle, but folded. Flop=886 for a nice ppot.
    Limp in QJ-mid with bb. F=AQ6, I bet $100, bb folds. My chips are at 500.
    Later, I re-raise and early 50 raiser to 500 all-in with my AK, the original raiser (88) calls. I catch an A and double thru to 980.
    Next, I call a single raise with KT in the bb. F=AT8 no bets. T=8, I bet 100 but fold to a 200 re-raise. down to 760.

    Next level at 15/30.
    Limp in utg with 88, but let it go to a 150 raise. Some would re-raise all-in here.
    I call an 80 bet from seat 7 with TT sb. Flop= 99x, I bet 200, he folds.
    I limp in with KJ on the button. F=KQ9, I bet 200 and am called. T=9, I bet another 200 and call a check raise of 250 by a fast playiing kid. R=7, no bets. He shows a Q9 for a boat. I am down to $140

    I rebuy to 1140. Level is 20/40.
    All garbage for awhile. Limp in with A7s. nuttin. I raise to $100 with 99 and win the blinds.
    New level at 30/60. 3 "playable " hands at this level.
    I limp in with A7s middle. nuttin. A5 on the button. nuttin. I raise minimum with ATs but let it go to a 200 rr. Down to 690.

    New level 50/100 I have 675.
    I get a freeplay with T2 in the bb. F=T76 all fold to my 200 bet. I paused/limped on AJ-utg, but was raised out (600 by a strong player), she(Mako?) knew I had a hand (my intention was to get a cheap flop on AJ) and showed me a bigger Ace.
    Then I went all-in (475) with AQ-mid. all fold. up to 575.
    All-in with AT seat7. I win the blinds. I fold my 77 to a 300 to 600 re-raise by Mako (pso). Soon down to 475 all-in with QQ. Called by 99. double thru to 1000. I watch the next hand as Mako loses a 2200 pot with her AJs vs AQs war of balls (bad flop for both).
    Limp in utg with A3s. fold to a 400 raise. Then comes my biggest mistake. When I still had 500 , I fold 99 to an all-in 600 by a known all-in with less than premium hands guy. He showed 88. I call my last chip with KQ board comes A22. A8 knocks me out.

    Any feedback is wecome. I want to learn how to play live tournies as well as I on net.
    Ps. casue of terrible memory problems and wanting to learn from my play, I take notes. Do u think that encourages others to attack me???

  • #2
    I would not have folded the AT from BB against 100 need to show you are not dead money in the BB.

    Also a number of times you were re raised and folded.....maybe you were right every time but even so there is merit in not laying down a worse hand, people are less inclined to push you out of the pot.

    I could be wrong but perhaps others did to you live what you do to others online



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