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spirit mountain, very long

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  • spirit mountain, very long

    To those of you who suck at picking up tells, let me first mention that the rumors of my non-existence have been greatly exaggerated.

    Please feel more than free to comment, especially on the (un)soundness of my game and on whether my demise was more from bad play than from bad luck.

    I traveled 7 hrs. from Vancouver by minivan with my soulmate, Carrie, to play in 4 of the tournies and turn the event into a mini holiday. This would be my first real foray into cash tournies, online or b&m. Yes I was nervous. Also, because I am a terrible people-pleaser, esp. a mate-pleaser, I fell into a huge trap. I wanted desperately to make her trip more worthwhile and compensate her for all the boring hours she needed to undergo, by demanding of myself that I finish spectacularly well in several events, Consequently, to avoid the embarrassment of an early rail, I played too tight and too scared…I think.

    Event #1 NLHE $500 buy-in. My table was very tough and very aggressive, taking away one of my cherished tools….seeing flops cheaply with crap.

    Blinds start at 25/25 with 30 min increases and 5000 chips.
    On the button with J9 as the sole caller of an UTG raise to 75. I just call 100 on flop of J86 to see what his next move is. Turn is a blank, he checks and I check (brain dead and scared). I just call his undersize bet on the river (I was too content with a small snack and too desperate to avoid a remotely possible bluff re-raise) He mucks without showing.

    25/50blinds: 66 early raises to 200, 35 early and myself with AK middle just call. Flop is all lo, and 35 opens 200 on a gutshot draw. We both call. 35 opens 200 on turn J, we both call. River is a K, they both check. I am almost sure that I am best, but decide that they wouldn’t call much more than 200 and a sure1900 is better than a risky (bluff check-raise) 2100 or 2300. Chip count at 6000.
    Tried to limp in with several spec hands like T9s KJs, 87, etc. but kept getting raised off my cards. Not sure (esp. with hindsight) if I was smart in folding KJ in the big blind to an early 200 raise over a limper, by the table bully. Flop was Kxx and he bets 600, all fold.

    100/200 blinds. A strong, tricky “dude” pot-raises UTG, I pot re-raise with AK middle. He gives it up and shows a 5 claiming that he only played it cause he just won the last pot with K5

    200/400 blinds.
    I notice that a couple of others at the table seem to be able to get a read on other players more quickly than I. Perhaps my copious note-taking (I have severe memory problems) is interfering too much…or they have played together before….or just my lack of experience.
    88 on the button to open . I make a terrible mistake. I throw in a 500 chip mumbling raise “500”. My dyslexia didn’t let my hand know to toss in 700, and my timidity didn’t correct the dealer who only heard “raise”. A very tricky, very aggressive SB calls. I bet 1000 at QQT and fold to his 2000 raise. Down to 3000.
    The very next hand, an early position lo stack known to gamble-raise with J9, Q8 etc. raises one chip. I re-raise to 1550 to put him all in. The SB, a very strong tight player, pushes in his big stack. I am out of position and a probable dog, so I fold. He flashes KK. Down to 1400.
    Luckily, AA early comes to my rescue. I push in my stack over and early raiser. He calls with another 1000. Board comes AK77Q. Now I found myself wishing that I had encouraged other callers. (Gary Carson’s HE book claims that AA should encourage as many callers as possible in limit games to maximize it’s long term profit.) Back to 3000.
    Raise to 600 with 77 and let if go to a 2000 re-raise.
    Limp in with KJs and A6, but fold to big raises. Down to 1400.
    All in with AQs UTG BB reluctantly plays sheriff with Q8. Up to 3000.
    Raised off KTs in cutoff seat and KT in seat7. Not willing to risk 1/3 my stack.

    Blinds 300/600
    No cards. Blinded down to 1500. I open all-in with KQ seat 8 . BB sheriffs with 8Ts. Back up to 3000. I open 1500 with KJs on the button. Blinds fold.
    Later, I limp (3 early callers) with KQ seat 8, making a “ maybe I should raise” move to my chips. Flop is AJ8 and I move early to my chips, others are watching and all check to me . I gladly check. The false tell paid off in diamonds because the next card was a T. The early AT bets 2000 putting me all-in. Back up to 6200.(only 10 chips)
    Then came another dislexic moment. A9 in BB. I open by tossing in a 1000 chip, thinking it was a raise to 1000. Not so. I check Jxx and the same ultra aggressive,tricky SB, goes all-in 5000, probably stealing, but I have to fold.
    Blinds 400/800
    I raise to 1600 with KQ and fold to a re-raise of 3200 more, not willing to risk all on KQ. Down to 3800. (less than 5 chips)
    Now come some fatal mistakes. Chips at 2600 (3 chips) A free ride with A2 in the big blind. Flop is A35. I fold to an all-in by my tricky agressive nemesis in the next seat. I am pretty sure he was stealing.
    Now for my biggest moment of weak play. A stong solid player makes it 2000 to my JJ in the big blind. I know I should have pushed it all in on a likely coin flip (he showed AQ later, which made it 57% for me), but was tooooo sceeeeered to bust out with my sweetie watching over my shoulder, so I rational-lied that I was soon to get a better that coin flip chance on my last 3 chips. What a lie that was!. By the way, she rightly went ballistic on me, even though she knows dick about poker ( A2 or 22 is exciting and therefore an all-in hand for her)

    Blinds at 500/1000 with 100 antes.
    Later come some ‘almost last-stand’ hands. I folded A9s middle. BB raises big with 99. Fold QT middle. Fold A9 in cutoff. Button raises big with TT.
    Finally AA but only 900 left. Other 2 players each have KQ. I am a huge favourite (90%) for a 5200 pot. Flop comes KJ4. Still an 87% fave. Even if a Q comes, I have a 30% chance. But the case K comes to wreck my day. Adios after 5 hours of play at 21 of about 100 starters.
    Sorry for the long report. 3 more to come. (Should I make them less detailed?)

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    I enjoyed this a lot lion, it's good to see you posting. By all means post the rest as detailed as this one, please!



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      Lion - detailed is good. Many folks here greatly appreciate getting to see your thought process.

      But if you consider yourself a weak player...I hate to think what I am. Oh wait...that's right...I'm a sissy!

      Big "Sissy" Sissy


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        spirit mountain

        One thing I forgot to mention in my first report was that I probably succumbed to superstition. I noticed that the cards seemed to be very perverse…lots of wild suckouts and big turnarounds…..nut str8's and flushes getting hammered by river boats. My last hand was a prime example of this. Another example. A solid player noticed that the table bully had been hammering us with crap (he saw many inadvertently flashed mucks…man oh man do I ever need new glasses). He came over the top of the bully’s standard pot raise, bully goes all-in and he calls all-in with AJ, saying that he was tired of getting pushed around. We were all surprised to see the bully with AA. Well, our hero sucked out with 4 diamonds to his Ad. The bully’s cocky all-conquering look immediately transformed to the look of a terminal cancer patient on his last day. The same look came upon our hero later when he was down in chips. Don’t let this happen to you…..cause when one sees this look, it’s like blood to a shark. Feeding time.
        My whole point here is that I believe that I took in some of that defeated look even before I started. Why?. Because, without going into details, in a weak frame of mind, I allowed someone to pull me down in my self-confidence. Also, my fears (first live event and fear of the perverse cards combined with my historical observation of my own seemingly bad card luck) must have shown thru and made me shark-bait)
        Even if that did not happen, I do know enough about the mysteries of the universe to observe that firmly held thoughts (such as "my card luck sucks") do tend to greatly affect the happenings in our lives. I know many of you are laughing your heads off at me right now, especially geezer, so here is some "evidence"
        That is why people with a persecution complex will attract persecutor behavior to themselves even when doing nothing. How? A good psychologist can tell you that one of many subconscious mechanisms that enable this "negative miracle" is one drooping shoulder. It's a clear subconscious the sharks if you will. Another example, I had the same "bad luck" ( basically losing 4 coin tosses) a few times in a row with a particular intersection on my daily commute. I made the mistake of strongly cursing it and for 8 years, I continued to have the same identical bad luck, but only 50% of the times when my wife was in the car. And she had 200% good luck on that same place. Believe it or not!!



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