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spirit mountain report. long

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  • spirit mountain report. long

    well, you have all read the travel and pso reports from wildbill, so i will try to keep this just pretty much poker related. but first, i would like to say it was great seeing old faces and finally meeting a few that i have been looking forward to meeting for some time. and of course, a huge congrats to the big "long lasting(although his wife might disagree)" sissy, for outlasting all other pso'ers int he event. the last three in were visor, lion, and sissy, and sissy held on. congrats again buddy, hope you enjoyed the stogie!

    anyways, after having only a couple hours of sleep, we head off to the tourny room, i draw my seat, and then take a little walk to try and clear the cobwebs out of my head. i end up in seat 6, and i hate seats 5 and 6, but they tell me i cant get a seat change, so i stay there. the first two hours of the tourny are unlimited rebuys, and i owuld love to say i played a great and built a monster stack, but that just didnt happen. after an hour, i go all in, and i cnat even remember the hand, but i lost, so i take my first rebuy. they only give you 1k in chips for the rebuy, and you have to have less than 1k to make the rebuy, but you start with 1500. so the first hand dealt to me after my rebuy, i make the call of 50 dollars, holding absolute garbage, i am just trying to get under 1k so i can take another rebuy. someone in late position raises, so i muck my hand and take another rebuy, giving myself 1950 in chips. i really dont play any hands until about 4 minutes before the break, and am able to double up to 4k in chips in two hands, holding kings in one, and AK in another. we go to break and i add on for 3k........

    i come back fromt eh break with exactly 7k in chips, which is an average stack i guess. in the next two hours, my stack goes up and down, and i actually get all the way down to 2600 in chips with blinds at 300/600. this is not a good place to be. after playing about 3 hours or so, i am saying to my self, i dont want to be here, i am tired, cant this tourny go any faster? i just wasnt in the mood to play poker anymore, and this is the downfall to playing tournies, you cant just pick up and leave. so i step outside the room, and decide to post and fold for ten minutes while i take a walk, have a smoke, and reset my brain. i tell my self to stick it out, you didnt come across the country to throw your money away, you came to win, so play solid.............

    i end up sitting back down and catch some decent cards, for the life of me, i cant remember how it went or with what exact cards, but somehow i look down, and i have 26k in chips and i am running over the game. i slipped into a coma it seemed like and played on pure instinct, there was no conscience thought, i was too tired for that. then i make the bonehead play of the day for me. a guy gets seated to my left with about 11k in chips, and says, wow, you look like your doing well, and i tell him, i got lucky somewhere along the way, he smiles, that kind of smile like, good, those chips willl be mine soon.......... for some reason thisguy rubs me the wrong way, and i just dont like him.......after about 15 minutes, i am in the big blind, with blinds at 400/800(i think), and he limps in from utg. it is folded to the small blind who completes his bet, and i look down and see JJ. hmmmmm, i could see a flop for free and set a big trap if i hit my hand, or i could make a raise and take the pot now, or if the flop is scary, i could get away without losing anything. i take option B, i make it 4k to go, and mr.utg says, well, screw it, i think i will go play blackjack, im all in........ the small blind folds, i look at this guy, and tell him, hmmmmmm, blackjack huh?, so which is it, do you have aces or kings under there? (this is the oldest play in the book, and very easy to read)he gives a small smirk with a scared look, and 9i just know he has AA under there, so what do i do? i call his 7k raise. he does have AA i have JJ, and i lose the hand and he thinks he just outplayed me soooooo bad. this made me not like him even more. i just couldnt believe i made such a boneheaded play, i just wanted to bust him sooooooooo bad, that i thought nothing better than cracking his aces. oh well, live and learn i guess........

    after the next bereak, i am sitting on about 15k in chips, and just go into small stack survival mode. i try to steal the blinds and antes at least once an orbit, as i wasnt getting any good hands. after about 6 or 7 hours of play, we finally get down to the final 25 or so players, and they start to drop off slowly, next thing i know, we are down to 20. once we hit 18 players, paying only 14 spots, the tournament director says, maybe we can get a deal, where we take 400 from first, 300 from second 200 from third, etc. and pay 15 thru 18 300 each. i was sitting on a small stack, si i said yes, and the kid on my right, who had 3rd largest stack in tourny, says no, ut i quickly tell him that it would be too his advantage to make the deal, because it doesnt take much to take that stack away from him, and it would really suck to go out 15th and get nothing. so he if i was in his shoes, i owuld have said no, but hey, i had a small stack and wanted some money. the kids tells me this is where the big stacks get buigger stacks, by pushing people around that dont want to bubble. i agreed with him, and told him he shouldnt have taken the deal then, but it was to late to change now.

    so anyways, we are down to 15 players, and the guy on my right makes a raise, a decnt size bet to i think 18k, i have 19k, so i look down and see K/10 offsuit, so i push all in. he calls, and turns over A/3, and i hi a king and win the hand. a good beat for me. he then tells me if that deal wasnt made, i owuldnt have ade that play, and i tell him, you have no idea what i am capable of doing. wether i bubble out fo a tourny, or take second place, i am still disappointed for not winning it all. he smiles and we play on. once we are down to 12 or 13 players, i start to open up a bit, as i see people want to make the final table, the blinds were getting up there, 4k/8k with ante of 1k, that puts a bit of dead money on the table. i started stelaing like the thief i am, and built my chips up to a decent amount. somehow i make the final table......... and we go for a 45 minute break.

    after the break, we start up and i notice i have about 110k in chips, how i got them, i can not say, it is all a blur to me and i dont take any notes while in a game. there is a play i remember when we were down to 8 players i htink, i was in late positin(maybe on the button), and an early position player, big stack and very solid player, raises it to 30k, blinds were 5/10 with 2k ante. it is folded to the guy on my right who goes all in for 40k, i llok down and see AK. i think for a moment, and go all in for 110k, folds around to first raiser, he thinks for quite some time, he is sitting on about 190k, so he has me covered. after a couple minutes, he folds reluctantly. guy on my right has AQ, i have AK........ flop comes KKx/x/6........ i win the hand, and the origianl raiser said he had 66, so he owuld have beat me, that is why you have to get people out of the pot and get it heads up with AK.

    this pot puts me at roughly 200k, so i htink i am sitting pretty, two hands later, a guy raises to 25k, i look and see he has about 65k total, so i raise him all in holding 88, he doesnt hesittate, and calls with QK offsuit. he hits a king on flop and takes 65k from big deal, i still have plenty of chips......

    blinds now go to 7k/15k/ with 2500 ante. i blind down to 120k, and we have lost a couple of players and are down to 5. i have the small blind posted, and utg has only 60k in chips(4 times the blind) and goes all in. it is folded around to me, i have A8 offsuit, and i figure he is making a move, bing that 17,500 is going in next hand for him, almost a third of his stack, so he could have any two cards. i liked my hand in this situation, si i called and he held 88, i got no help and lost half my stack. i fold next hand, and then get 10/J clubs the following hand, i only have 62,500 left, so i opewn the pot all in....... the big blind(same guy who mucked the 66 earlier), is the only one left to act, and he calls. he has 55, so i am roughly even money to win the hand. i get no help at all, his fives hold up and i am out in 5th place..........i was happy to take the 3000 dollar prize, but disappointed in myself for not getting headsup at least. i really wanted to take down a tourny, but i also feel like i didnt make any mistakes. if i had to play the hands over again, the call with the A8 is the only hand i might change, but i dont even know about that. i had a blast out there, and look forward to seeing everyone again. thanks for listening, cya all at the tables!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing Mr. Muzzey and well done! I enjoyed reading your report.


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      Wow, nice finish Jason. I know you wanted top 2, but a nice take home of $3,000. WTG!!!

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      Play with fire, you get burned



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